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Best Lady Gaga’s 24 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Lady gaga tattoo

Best Lady Gaga’s 24 Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Lady Gaga, the pop queen, loves tattoos, and you must wonder why she has them all on the left side of her body. The reason is that she had promised her dad that she would not get tattooed on the right part of her body. There are numerous stories about every tattoo. Let’s find out about the best of Lady Gaga tattoos and their meaning.

1. Monster Claw Tattoo

Lady Gaga calls this tattoo “Little Monster’s Paw,” which is on her back. She has dedicated the tattoo to all her fans who have supported her in her long career and are pillars of stability. And all her fans cherish the realistic design of this tattoo.

Monster Claw Tattoo Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga fans are motivated by this ink, she got this tattoo that shows a monster claw in red color and extended fingernails, and according to Lady Gaga, the tattoo is a memory of her tiny monsters. She got this tattoo in 2014, placed on her left arm.

2. Treble Clef Tattoo

The treble clef tattoo is on the lower part of the back of Lady Gaga; she got her first tattoo when the singer was just 17. She used the fake ID to get this small black tattoo on her back. After five years, she got this tattoo modified by artist Kat Von D by adding beautiful roses. After getting herself inked, she was frightened of her parents as they didn’t like the idea of tattoos.

Treble Clef Tattoo Lady Gaga

3. ‘Peace Sign’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on her left wrist 

she got this tattoo in 2006, inspired by the English singer John Lennon, who is also a peace activist. Lady Gaga has deliberately got this tattoo upside down to remind her of what is for her in this world.

Peace Sign Tattoo Lady Gaga

4. Pattern Of Roses Tattoo

The tattoo is on the left shoulder of her back as Lady Gaga chose to alter her treble clef tattoo in the year 2008. In an interview, she stated that she felt terrible about using a fake ID to get the “treble clef’ tattoo at a “tramp and stamp” location. Hence, she visited the artist to get the design modified and add some gorgeous flowers.

Lady Gaga expressed gratitude to the tattoo artist, describing the rose pattern inked on her body as “roses representing change, emotions, love, feelings, a soulmate, and passion.”

Pattern Of Roses Tattoo Lady Gaga

5. Daisies Tattoo

She got this tattoo in 2008 on her left shoulder, just after she modified the treble clef tattoo. She got inked with three beautiful daisies. She loves flowers, and daisies are considered a symbol of beauty, purity, and innocence.

Lady Gaga Daisies Tattoo

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6. Tokyo Love tattoo

Lady Gaga got this tattoo on her left shoulder during a 2009 trip to Japan. The tattoo celebrates Lady Gaga’s collaboration with renowned Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s photoshoot starring Lady Gaga. The entire team, known as Haus of Gaga, got this tattoo.

Tokyo Love tattoo

7. German Quote Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on her left arm. On her tour to Japan in 2009, she chose to have one more tattoo. She got inked with the passage in German from “Letter to a Young Poet.”

German Quote Tattoo

8. 12/18/1974 Tattoo

12/18/1974 is inked under her German quote tattoo. It is the date her aunt Joanne left the world. Her aunt was the inspiration for lady gaga’s album ‘Joanne.’

12/18/1974 Tattoo

9. ‘Dad’ Tattoo

The dad tattoo is on the left shoulder of Lady Gaga. The singer expresses her attachment to her father with this ink. She is known to be very close to her father. She got this tattoo in October 2009, just after her father went through a successfully performed heart surgery. Lady Gaga got a heart tattoo with “dad” inked on the banner. Lady Gaga’s father was not ready for the surgery, but she convinced him to do it. 

She penned the piece “Speechless” for her father to persuade him to undergo the operation. However, her father got very emotional after looking at the tattoo.

Dad Tattoo

10. Little Monsters Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on her left forearm and under the German quote tattoo. she fondly calls her fans little monsters; she got inked in February 2010 after triumphing two Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga got herself inked soon after she won the awards.

Little Monsters Tattoo

11. Born This Way Tattoo

Born this Way, the unicorn tattoo is inked on Lady Gaga’s left thigh. The pop sensation has an album with the same name, which is also the lead track. The album is dedicated to supporting your special attributes, and it shortly evolved into the song of the LGBTQ community. It’s a symbol of perfection, kindness, and purity.

Born This Way Tattoo

12. ‘ARTPOP’ Tattoo

This tattoo is inked on the left forearm, the ‘ARTPOP’ name of her album, released in November 2013. She got this tattoo in August 2012 and hinted to her fans about the album.

‘ARTPOP’ is an expression of Lady Gaga’s career and life and not just the name of her album.


13. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has an anchor tattoo on the left of her ribcage, which she got in 2012 from renowned tattoo designer Henk Schiffmacher.


14. ‘Cherub’ Tattoo

This tattoo is inked on the backside of lady Gaga’s head. The tattoo was inked by Mark Mahoney on stage in front of tens of thousands of spectators at her perfume event in 2012. Lady Gaga posed on a big perfume container and got inked.

Cherub Tattoo

15. ‘RIO’ Tattoo

‘RIO’ tattoo is inked on the left side of her neck, which she got inked in November 2012. The tattoo featured the word RIO with ‘I’ fashioned to make it look like a cross.

RIO Tattoo

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16. ‘Mouse’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo inked on her left arm. The tattoo has a tiny rat with an ‘X’ over an eye, rope, and an arrow in its hands. The tattoo is inked on Lady Gaga to honor her little sister, whom Lady Gaga used to call ‘mouse’ as a kid.

Mouse Tattoo Lady Gaga

The ink details symbolize Natali’s life, where the needle represents her love and passion for fashion design, and the thread spells “NAT,” which is her nickname.

17. ‘Trumpet’ Tattoo

The tattoo is on her right arm, despite her promise to her father to avoid tattooing that side of her body. The inspiration behind this tattoo is the accomplished painter and music legend ‘Tony Bennett.’ The tattoo displays Lady Gaga’s gratitude for Tony Bennett.

Trumpet Tattoo Lady Gaga

18. ‘Mother Monster’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on the left of her ribs; She got this tattoo just a month after getting inked with the Monster Claw tattoo. She got this tattoo on the fifth anniversary of The Fame Monster.

Mother Monster Tattoo Lady Gaga

19. David Brownie Portrait Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on the left side of her; she got this tattoo because she was chosen to perform a tribute at the Grammy awards in 2016 for the late David Brownie, so she decided to honor the legend permanently by getting his portrait tattoo.

David Brownie Portrait Tattoo

20. Fire Rose Unity Symbol Tattoo

Lady Gaga got this tattoo on her left shoulder when 50 sexual assault survivors joined Lady Gaga on stage at an moving oscar performance. She made a pact with them, which is why she got inked with the ‘Fire Rose Unity Symbol’ tattoo by the artist Lin.

Fire Rose Unity Symbol Tattoo

21. ‘Joanne’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on her left forearm, after the name of the album Joanne, which was released in 2016, and she got inked with this tattoo a few days after the release of her album. The ink is also related to her relative ‘Joanne’ who left the world in 1974.

Joanne Tattoo Lady Gaga

22. ‘Haus’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga has this tattoo on her left arm; it is inked just above the mouse tattoo. she got it in 2016 and is related to Haus of Gaga, the creative team of her designers and stylists. She got the tattoo on the 10th anniversary of the group.

Haus Tattoo

23. ‘la vie en rose’ Tattoo

Lady Gaga got this tattoo on her back, which was inked by Winter Stone, a well-known artist based in Los Angeles, on 14 February 2019.

la vie en rose

24. Musical Note Tattoo

This tattoo is on her right forearm, inked by the artist Winter Stone. Some people filed out that the notes are read as ‘BCBC,’ Bradly Cooper’s name in bass chef. There was speculation that it was an upcoming album by Lady Gaga, but no such album has been released. Still, lady gaga has yet to have any public confirmation about this tattoo.

Musical Note Tattoo


Lady Gaga is a great tattoo lover and has more than 20 well-designed tattoos. She has honored her inspirations, her on-screen roles, and her music with her tattoos.

You can take inspiration from her tattoos to have one, so people go ‘gaga’ over your tattoos. You can change the tattoos to give them a personal touch. We hope this article on ‘best of Lady Gaga tattoos and their meaning’ is useful to the readers.

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