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21 Secrets of Tattoo Artist

Secrets Of Tattoo Artist

21 Secrets of Tattoo Artist

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Tattoos have become mainstream today. More and more people admire the art of tattooing. According to research, 38% of people have at least one tattoo. No matter how close you get with your tattoo artist, there are a lot of secrets of tattoo artists that most people don’t know. Here are 21 secrets of tattoo artists shared by seasoned experts.

1. Clients’ crying distracts.

Many clients find it really difficult to bear the pain that comes with tattooing. They literally cry loud and bad while getting a tattoo. Their loud moans and cries actually distract us. It becomes really difficult for us to concentrate on art. Of course, we try to give our best shot to each of our clients.

2. Clients who don’t follow aftercare instructions are usually the same clients who complain about their tattoos.

It is not easy to convince every client to follow aftercare instructions. More often than not, the ones who complain the most about their tattoos do not follow the aftercare routine. It really annoys us when people held us responsible for their own mistakes.

3. Tattooing business is not easy to break into.

Undoubtedly, the tattooing industry is booming, with more and more people coming forward to get inked. However, it is not easy to set your foot in the industry as there are unlimited tattoo parlors and professionals already operating in the market.

4. Apprenticeship is a must.

Any tattoo artist who has just finished his course should get an apprenticeship under a reputable artist who can teach you the technicalities of the job. Thinking to start shop just after finishing the course is a big No-No. Consistency and perseverance and years of persistence helps a lot in this sector. One really learns a lot of practical aspects while working under a reputable artist.

5. Every tattoo artist is different and has unique ways of tattooing.

Not all artists are the same. They work differently, and all of them have their unique ways of etching a tattoo. Moreover, each artist has his/her secrets that they don’t tell anyone else. One has to earn the right to gain knowledge.

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6. Tattoo artists do barter.

Not all tattoo artists look for cash; sometimes, they love bartering. It is like both the artist and the client involved get what they want. An artist can barter his art for something that he/she has been looking for. Of course, your client should also be ready for bartering.

7. A professional tattoo artist will always be honest about the tattoo.

Know that a professional tattoo artist will always warn you about the tattoo design or placement. They won’t simply work for the money. No matter what your age or employment status, professional tattoo artists just won’t do. It may be because it’s not their specialty or because they know the tattoo won’t look good or heal well. For instance, some clients come for intricate tattoo designs, like on their fingers or anywhere else. A professional tattoo artist will always warn about the potential complications related to tattoos. Some artists will even refuse to do the ink if they don’t have any idea about it, unlike unprofessional.

8. Men have less pain threshold.

According to most tattoo artists, women have more pain bearing strength compared to men. Men have less, and sometimes no pain threshold. This is quite funny, but it is true.

9. Tattooists practice on themselves.

Just like skincare treatments, most beauticians practice on themselves; tattoo artists also practice on themselves. They have to get their first shot at inking some real human skin on their own body. Often their first piece comes out horrible and messy. After practicing on themselves, they practice the art on their near and dear ones, like their friends, loved ones, etc.

10. Understanding clients’ requirements is not always easy.

Some clients are really very confused. It’s not easy for them to decide their design. Sometimes they would take hours to decide and would leave without finalizing anything. Others will come many times before making up their mind to get a tattoo. It becomes really tough to understand them. When your design is not final, it’s obvious that you are not ready for a tattoo.

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11. We cannot decide your design on your behalf.

Of course, a tattoo should be a reflection of your personality. Sometimes clients come to us and ask us to help them decide their tattoo design. Deciding a tattoo design on someone else’s behalf is just next to impossible. We cannot decide on your design for the simple reason we are not you. We don’t know what exactly you want.

12. Even when people think they know what they want, it’s pretty hard to understand them.

Some clients think they know what they want, but it’s pretty hard to understand them. They will show you three pictures in a row saying, “I want something like this.” How on earth we will know what something means to you. I mean three different designs, and somebody wants something like those designs. What shall we do in such a situation?

13. We don’t like clients bringing too many people.

It’s not we are not people-oriented. But the thing is, handling too many people at a time becomes difficult. Clients who bring too many people along with them makes the whole place crowded, and it simply annoys us. Tattooing is an intricate art that needs proper focus and concentration. Of course, when there will be too many people they will speak, it will create distractions. And sometimes, the client’s friends do not listen to anything; they will start walking around and seeing things, which is again very annoying.

14. Asking for a discount is an insult.

We really work hard to give you your favorite piece of work. It takes a lot of effort and hard work; asking for a discounted price or complaining about our price is our insult. People should understand all the hard work that we put in in a tattoo.

15. Continuous work hours take a toll on tattoo artists’ health.

The nature of our work is such that no matter what, we have to take up a lot of beating. Continuous working hours take a toll on our health. Health issues such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen knuckles, and backache are just a part of the job. Back problems are actually common in this business. And you have to learn to deal with them.

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16. We spend a larger amount on our chair.

A tattoo artist’s chair is the most crucial piece of furniture in a studio. Each tattoo artist needs to invest in the right chair. It is not a matter of showing off, but a matter of comfort and overall health. Hence, it becomes crucial for every tattoo artist to buy a specialized chair for the job. Besides, we spend on a hydraulic chair for our clients. Of course, it’s not just a good tattoo that matters, but client comfort also plays a crucial role in having more clients and repeat clients.

17. Tattoo artists make mistakes.

To err is human, and we all know that. Mistakes are part of tattooing as well. Every tattoo artist makes mistakes while tattooing. However, it’s not tough for a professional artist to fix those mistakes. A little bit of tweaking and flourishing up is enough to fix any error that hardly any client notices.

18. Investing in quality supplies is a must.

It is essential to invest in quality supplies to run a successful business. Buying some cheap stuff can take a toll on the entire career of a tattooist, which is not wise. You may get a few clients in the beginning, but getting a new client after a few complaints is impossible, let alone a repeat client. You have to be very careful when you are in the service industry. Buzz marketing is enough to make or break your name in the industry.

19. Not every tattoo artist is skilled in finger tattoos.

Finger tattoos are not everybody’s cup of tea. Not every tattoo artist is skilled in finger tattoos. A professional tattoo artist will always refuse to do a finger tattoo if he/she is not proficient in it.

20. Tips don’t hurt.

Of course, a tattoo artist won’t ask you to tip them because it is rude, but tipping doesn’t hurt them at all. It is, in fact, a common practice in some states. If you really like your tattoo, you should surely make your tattoo artist feel good and give him/her extra money. You can give any amount as a tip, but 20% of a tattoo’s total cost is considered standard.

21. Professional tattoo artists don’t like copying other artists.

By asking a tattoo artist to copy somebody else’s work, you are actually insulting them. You are trying to tell that they are not good at their work. Yeah, professional tattoo artists never like to copy any other artist’s work.

So, these are the 21 secrets of tattoo artists that you should know. Make sure you keep these secrets in mind while you go for your next piece of art. Enjoy Tattooing…..

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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