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25 Best Places To Have Tattoos For Modest People

Tattoos For Modest People

25 Best Places To Have Tattoos For Modest People

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Tattoos look awesome! Some people like tattoos so much so that they get their entire body tatted. On the other hand, some people like to keep their tattoos hidden. There could be any reason for keeping tats hidden, from workplace regulations to family pressure. If you’re one of those people who want to have tattoos but want to keep them hidden, then this post is for you.

Here in this article, we are sharing 25 places to have tattoos for modest people. Take a look…

Table of Contents

  • 1. Behind your ear
  • 2. On your thigh
  • 3. On your feet sole
  • 4. Between your toes
  • 5. On the sternum
  • 6. On your chest
  • 7. Under your boob
  • 8. Above your boobs
  • 9. In between your fingers
  • 10. Inside your lip
  • 11. On your earlobe
  • 12. On your nape
  • 13. Inside your bicep
  • 14. On your neck
  • 15. Inside your finger
  • 16. On the side of your finger
  • 17. On your spine
  • 18. On your belly button
  • 19. On your collarbone
  • 20. On your sideboob
  • 21. On your lower back
  • 22. Under your underwear line
  • 23. On the shoulder blade
  • 24. On your waist
  • 25. On your hip

1. Behind your ear

Behind the ear tattoo design

This is one of the best places to have tattoos for modest people. A tattoo in this area can be readily disguised by your hair, a headband, glasses, or even your earrings. The best part is tattoos behind the ears look stunning!

2. On your thigh

Lion thigh tattoo ideas for women

While a thigh tattoo may be visible in a bikini, it may be readily hidden with skirts, capris, and other similar clothing. The thigh is a good spot for a tattoo since you can cover it up whenever you want. Thigh tattoos can also be etched in tiny to medium sizes, providing your tattoo artist a lot of room to work with.

3. On your feet sole

Feet Sole tattoo design ideas

The bottom of your foot is yet another wonderful place for your tattoo. Tattoos there look cool, just like Billie Eilish’s Jon Boy tattoo. You can get a phrase, or a small design tattoo etched there. You might not be able to show off a tattoo on your feet’ soles. But, whenever others will notice it, it will act as an icebreaker.

4. Between your toes

Between toes tattoo ideas

Between your toes is also a fantastic site for a tattoo that can be kept hidden. However, tattoos on this location won’t survive as long as others would.

5. On the sternum

Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoos on the sternum look fantastic and are visible only when you want them to show off. This is one of the best places to have tattoos for modest people.

6. On your chest

Amazing Chest Tattoo Design for Men

Your chest is yet another perfect place for a minimal tattoo design that you can flaunt whenever you want. All you have to do is to choose a dainty design for your chest. Of course, it will be hidden under your tops most of the time, but whenever people see it, they would want to know more about it.

7. Under your boob

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you want only a few people to see your tattoo, then under your boobs is an excellent place for your favorite tattoo design.

8. Above your boobs

Above the boob tattoo ideas for women

The above-the-boob tattoo is also a great choice for a hidden tattoo. You can choose to have it placed a little outside of the bra cup to show it off with a low-cut top. If you want, you can get your tattoo just below the cup’s edge to keep it concealed.

9. In between your fingers

Rose tattoo on finger

In between your fingers is a beautiful place to tuck a miniature tattoo. The tattoo in between your fingers is easy to keep hidden. Many celebrities, including the singer-turned-beauty-mogul Rihanna, has one in between her fingers. Think outside the box while selecting a tat for that place.

10. Inside your lip

Inside the lip tattoo ideas for female

Quite a bizarre placement, but looks excellent! Only a few people, like your dentist, would be able to see your tattoo inside your lip. Many celebs, including Miley Cyrus, have one. Miley has an emoji etched on her inside the lip. You can also come up with some such snappy tattoo ideas for your inside-the-lip tat.

11. On your earlobe

Beautiful flower tattoo design on ear

Tattoos on the earlobe are permanent earrings that you never take out of your ear. People who see it will probably think it’s an earring anyway.

12. On your nape

Nape tattoo design

Nape tattoos are similar to behind the ear tattoos that you can hide under your hair or high-neck tops. The best thing about neck tattoos is that they look sexy in off-shoulder dresses.

13. Inside your bicep

Amazing Tattoo Design on Bicep

Get a tattoo on the outside of your arm if you want everyone to see it. And if you want it to be hidden most of the time, then the bicep or elbow is an excellent placement.

14. On your neck

Best Neck tattoo Design

A neck tattoo may not appear very covert, but if you want artwork that you can quickly cover up, then your neck is a great place for it. You can wear your hair down whenever you wish to cover your tattoo. And whenever you wish to flaunt your tattoo, just pull your hair up!

15. Inside your finger

Finger tattoo ideas

There is nothing to hide, as hand tattoos are quite noticeable unless you wear gloves. However, if you really want a finger tattoo, then get one on the inside of your finger. It’s easy to keep inside the finger tattoos hidden.

16. On the side of your finger

On the side of finger tattoo ideas

Try the side of your finger for a site that’s a little less hidden than underneath the finger but still fairly unnoticeable. Stack on a couple of rings if you need a little additional help keeping it covered.

17. On your spine

Spine tattoo design ideas for men and women

Before telling you how spine tattoos look, let me be open about the fact that spine tattoos are very painful. So, if you’re ready to bear that pain, then go ahead with this one. A spine tattoo will only be visible in open-back clothing.

18. On your belly button

Belly Button Tattoo Design

The belly button is one of the tantalizing places to get a tattoo that can be kept hidden. Tattoos on the belly button look awesome and very seductive. So, if you want a tattoo that you can keep covered most of the time, the belly button is the place.

19. On your collarbone

Small Tattoo Design on Collarbone

If you’re looking for a tiny tattoo design, then get it on your collarbone. However, tattoos on collarbones are visible (not always, of course) but with most of the dresses. But you can’t deny that collarbone tattoos look amazing!

20. On your sideboob

Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for a tattoo visible to only a few people, then get it on your sideboob. It’s the best place for small to medium size tattoo design. Make sure you get it placed high on your ribs.

21. On your lower back

Beautiful Tattoo Design on Lower back

Your lower back is yet another beautiful location to get an intricate and elaborate tattoo design. It is one of the most popular tattoo spots among women wishing to keep their tattoos concealed. Tattoos on the lower back look appealing. It will be visible when you wear crop tops and low waist denim.

22. Under your underwear line

Tattoo ideas for female

This tattoo lies just above your thigh’s crease, making it completely undetectable. Tattoos beneath the underwear line look fantastic, and you can show them off in a swimsuit.

23. On the shoulder blade

Gorgeous Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Get it etched on your shoulder blade if you’re seeking for charming and uncomplicated tattoo placement. Females love shoulder blade tattoos because they look great with off-the-shoulder clothes. On the shoulder blade, everything from a flower to a symbol to a phrase seems terrific. Make sure you select the appropriate tattoo design for your shoulder blade; any small design will suffice.

24. On your waist

Waist tattoo ideas

One of the sexiest areas to have eye-catching tattoo designs is on your waist. You can choose from a variety of styles for your waistband. Flowers, phrases, feathers, leaves, and other embellishments, on the other hand, look magnificent carved on the waist. The best part is that you can hide it when you want and display it with a low-waist denim and crop top when you want.

25. On your hip

Hip tattoo ideas for women

The hip is yet another place to have a tattoo for modest people. The best thing is that the hip is a fleshy and smooth area, which makes it less painful. And another wonderful part is that – only a few people will be able to see your tattoo!

Wrapping it up…

So these are the best 25 places to have tattoos for modest people. Tattoos in all of these 25 places can be kept hidden and covered up. Moreover, you can flaunt them whenever you wish to!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺


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