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Tattoo Trends 2018 & Expected Tattoo Trends 2019

Tattoo Trends 2018 & Expected Tattoo Trends 2019

Tattoo Trends 2018 & Expected Tattoo Trends 2019

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Tattoos are the creative exposures of your character, choices and preferences. The placement and the size are the major considerations for selecting a particular trending tattoo design, but it’s worth to look back at the tattoo trends of 2018 which will showcase the preferences of the tattoo getters.

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Traditional Tattoos

Traditional tattoos

It is rightly said, “Old is Gold”. Traditional tattoos with solid black bold lines and dark colors were not out-dated in 2018 too. Black & grey geometric designs, phrases, dates and symbols were the desired tattoos round the year.

Hand & Finger Tattoos

Hand finger tattoos

Though Hands & fingers are the most sensitive body parts to get the tattoo and also the place highly exposed to sun resulting into the fading away soon, they were considered as the hot favorite place for getting the small but the show tattoo.

Fine-Line tattoos

Fine line tattoos

Fine-line tattoos have emerged as one of the most preferred style in 2018 owing to its small size, convenience to carry anywhere and everywhere. It can be concealed easily when needed. Letters and numbers are the favorite choices of the tattoo lovers for this minimal tattoo.

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos

Along with the small size tattoos, there was a huge demand for large and bold tattoos too like full sleeve tattoos in 2018.

The various tattoo artists also noticed high splurge for the neck tattoos, hairline tattoos & lower back tattoos.

It is rightly said that an art has no limitations. An artist’s imagination creates splendid work. Considering the past trends, present scenario and future forecast, following trends are expected to take over the tattoo industry in 2019.

Tattoo Trends on 2019

  • Crazy & fierce looking cartoon characters will be on high demand.
  • Figures with the neon color fills are expected to take over the minds of tattoo getters.
  • Inking the pictures with 3D effect will turn the dream into reality.
  • Mandala tattoos designs will fetch the attention of traditional and orthodox art lovers.
  • Trees & flowers tattoos are expected to cater the segment of small tattoo lovers. Various types of trees will serve the masculine community while the delicate and colorful flowers will adore the females.
  • Dangerous animal designs of snakes, tigers; fox etc. for various styles and different placement areas will overtake the delicate tattoo designs.
  • Small crown tattoos are getting tremendously famous especially amongst the neo copulates.
  • Beautiful butterflies are naturally loaded with many colors. The delicacy and sensuality of the design for small & big version was considered trendy in 2018 and is expected to work for the females in 2019 too.
  • Temporary Tattoos were big hit in 2018 and are expected to hit the tattoo industry high in 2019 too owing to easy application, disposal and pocket friendly feature.
  • Face Tattoos and Watercolor Tattoos are expected to gain more popularity in the year 2019.

2019 will see a boom in tattoo industry. This will lead to a rise in demand for professional tattoo artists too creating a win-win situation for both – Tattoo Doers & Tattoo Getters.


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