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Which Tattoo Colors Fade the Fastest?

Which Tattoo Colors Fade The Fastest?

Which Tattoo Colors Fade the Fastest?

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You have to agree that all tattoos fade over time. And there is no escape! Faded tattoos look ugly, but you don’t need to worry; there are ways to minimize the fading of tattoos.

There are many reasons a tattoo gets blurry over time. Believe it or not, the type of colors used in a tattoo is one of the primary reasons tattoos blur.

Wondering which tattoo colors fade the fastest?

Read this post! Here in this post, I am going to shed light on tattoo colors that fade the fastest.

Here we go……

Undeniably, newly etched colorful tattoos look vibrant and beautiful. But, with time, the color of your tattoo starts to fade. You will be surprised to know that the lightest colors will fade the quickest, and white is the fastest to go.

What shall you do to retain tattoo colors

The white color is made from titanium dioxide. Sometimes it doesn’t even make it past the initial healing phase. White blood cells and macrophages in the body break down white pigments and bring them through your lymphatic system, making your white tattoo look faded.

The other colors that break down fast include yellow and orange. The rule of thumb is the lighter the color, the faster it fades.

Black is the color that breaks down the slowest; that’s the reason black color tattoos or traditional tattoos stay for a prolonged period.

More often than not, professionals recommend getting deep color tattoos. But surely, lighter color tattoos look brighter and vibrant. If you have a light color tattoo, you don’t need to worry about it getting blurry because you can always get a touch-up done.

What shall you do to retain tattoo colors?

Retaining your tattoo color seems tough, but it is not. No matter which colors tattoo you get, the right aftercare can help to prevent colors from fading. The best option to retain tattoo coloring is to go with the deep colors. However, if you decide to get a lighter colors tattoo, be prepared for regular touch-ups or a cover-up after a few years.

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Along with a beautiful tattoo, your tattooist also gives you some instructions. It’s imperative to follow your tattoo artist’s instructions.

Also, you have to be sure that you invest only in high-quality tattoo-friendly products. Using harsh or chemical-based products on your tattooed skin can make your tattoo get blur. Good quality products are essential for your newly etched tattoo. Good or vegan-friendly aftercare products simply expedite the tattoo healing process.

Apart from this, avoid the sun as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause lethal damage to your tattoo. When your tattoo is fresh, for the initial two weeks, avoid going out in the sun. Of course, you cannot stay all your life indoors to protect your tattoo from the sun. The best is to apply sunscreen lotion on your tattooed skin and keep your tattoo covered when out. This will provide your tattoo complete protection and prevent colors from fading.

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Avoid indulging in water sports when your tattoo is fresh. Excessive water can cause harm to your newly etched tattoo. Besides, do not use harsh scrubs on your tattoo. Prolonged use of harsh scrubs can affect your tattoo and make it look faded.

If you have a light color tattoo, then visit your tattooist for regular touch-ups. Touch-ups can help you maintain the colors of your tattoo. If your tattoo has already gotten pale or faded, then get a cover-up tattoo or get it redone.

Lastly, the key to having a beautiful tattoo for a longer period is to go to a reputable tattoo artist. Reputable and renowned tattoo artists use quality ink and equipment that also matters when it comes to having a vibrant tattoo for a longer period.


Since you know which tattoo colors fade the fastest, choose your colors wisely. In addition to this, don’t miss to take good aftercare of your tattoo as it can affect your tattoo’s appearance.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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