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Why is It a Horrible Idea to Over-Moisturize Your Tattoo

Moisturize Your Tattoo

Why is It a Horrible Idea to Over-Moisturize Your Tattoo

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Getting a tattoo is a source of pride and confidence for many tattoo wearers. However, the majority of tattoo customers take “extra special” care of their tattoos after they get them. If

you’re like those people, you need to read this. We’ll go over why it’s a bad idea to over moisturize your tattoo in this article.

Let’s get started…

Believe it or not, taking “extra” care of your tattoo can actually harm its long-term appearance. You’ve probably heard the popular adage “excess of anything is bad.” The same can be said for your new body art.

While neglecting your new tattoo is harmful, focusing too much on tattoo aftercare can be highly detrimental, with over moisturizing being the most common culprit. So, yes, applying too much healing ointment and applying it too frequently will just ruin your tattoo!

There are two main factors to consider when it comes to the aftercare of a new tattoo: healing speed and healing effectiveness.

A matter of fact is, you can significantly speed up the tattoo healing process by applying thick coats of healing ointment or moisturizer five to six times per day. However, healing quickly does not always imply healing well. Over moisturization will cause your inks to lose color and saturation in the process. As a result, while your tattoo might well scab over and heal faster, it will appear worse.

Another issue is excessive water moisturization. Most people are aware that chlorinated water is extremely damaging to a new tattoo. But what most people don’t pay heed to is – any oversaturation, including the average shower, is bad for the same reasons mentioned above: it will result in some fading.

To avoid these risks, make sure to adhere to your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions strictly. Here are some additional guidelines:

#1. Do not rub your freshly etched tattoo. If you have a new tattoo, do not wipe it off, even after a bath. Wiping your freshly etched tattoo with a towel can cause damage by tearing the treated skin. Itching is also common with tattoos; especially when bathing, you will feel itching but should not scratch your tattoo. You can pat your tattoo dry with a tissue or soft cloth, or you can let it air dry.

#2. Keep your tattoo moist. It is critical to keep your tattoo moist. However, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment four times per day, making sure not to overdo it. All you need is a thin film. Whether you believe it or not, your tattooed skin requires breathing in order to heal properly.

#3. Avoid excessive water exposure. Avoid any water sports or swimming until your tattoo has healed completely. You get to swim, no matter how much you want to. When your tattoo is fresh, it is crucial to avoid excessive water exposure. Excessive water exposure may result in infection of the treated skin. It is advised to take only short warm-water showers. Warm water hastens the healing process, but don’t spend too much time in the shower. Ideally, 15 minutes is sufficient.

#4. Use tattoo-safe aftercare products. Only use tattoo-safe sunscreen and skin care lotions that are designed for tattooed skin. It is not advisable to use low-quality skin care products on your tattoo. If you want to have a beautiful tattoo for a long time, you should only use high-quality products.

#5. Keep your new tattoo away from the sun. The sun is the main culprit after extra care for tattoo fading. It can permanently damage your newly etched tattoo. As a result, it’s best to avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun. Stay indoors as much as possible until your tattoo heals completely, and if this proves difficult, cover your tattoo when going out.

#6. Only use antibacterial soap. You must take good care of your tattoo, whether it is a cover-up or a new one. Make certain that you only use antibacterial soap. Your tattoo is a wound, and antibacterial soaps aid in preventing bacteria from entering the wound. Using regular soap is not advisable, as it may not be able to stop the bacterial infection, which can cause severe skin problems.

#7. Maintain the cleanliness of your tattoos. It is critical that you keep your tattoo clean. After removing the bandage, rinse your tattoo with lukewarm water or with the prescribed products.

#8. Scab formation should be avoided. Keep your newly etched tattoo moist by not completely drying it. Drying your tattoo completely can cause scabs, which will impede the healing process.

#9. Never use a granule scrub that is too harsh or too rough. Using rough granule scrubs on the tattooed area can cause irreversible damage. In addition, avoid using chemical-based skincare products on tattooed skin. Only use products that have been recommended by your artist or that are tattoo-friendly.

#10. Dress comfortably. Wear loosely fitting, breathable clothing until it scabs over. As previously stated, your tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal faster. Wearing loose clothing allows your tattoo to breathe and heal more quickly.

Wrapping it up…

Moisturizing your tattoo isn’t bad – over moisturizing is! Hopefully, you now understand why it is a terrible idea to over-moisturize your tattoo. Prevent this from happening, and you’ll have a good chance of having a striking and beautiful looking tattoo for quite a long time.

Also, follow the guidelines mentioned above to have a perfect balance between healing time and healing effectiveness. Once you’re able to have a balance between the two, nothing can stop you from having an amazing looking tattoo. Trust me!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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