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Why Tattoo?

From past few years, tattoos have become more and more popular, especially with the rise of trends like trending tattoo. There are lots of reasons to get tattooed and some get them just because they look awesome. Here are 6 general reasons why people tattoo themselves.

  • Remembrance

  • Special Designs

  • Show Love

  • To Look Cool

  • Decorate Body

  • No Reason Required 😉

Variety of Tattoos

Let us design the blank canvas of our body with the passionate ink of our heart to bring out the colorful expression, following the latest tattoo trends 2024 and embracing the concept of trending tattoo. Tattoo designing can be classified broadly into three categories named as Purely decorative, Symbolic, and Pictorial, each reflecting a different facet of the tattoo trend.

Purely Decorative


The tattoos with no specific meaning. Their sole purpose is to showcase the classical & modern art. They can be of several types including but not limited to floral designs, abstract designs, artistic patterns, decorative shapes, imaginary ideas and so on. These type of tattoos are generally preferred by teenagers.

Symbolic Tattoos


These type of tattoos carry a specific meaning or a message respective to the person who is skinned with the tattoo. They can involve calligraphic tattoos, tattoos with names, monograms, romantic tattoos, horror tattoos, violent tattoos, comic tattoos and so on. Symbolic tattoos are highly preferred by mature audience.

Pictorial Tattoos


Pictorial tattoos depict a specific person, object or entity. They fall in many sub categories such as tribal tattoos, animal & bird tattoos, religious and god tattoos, brand or logo based tattoos or any real/virtual character tattoos. Unlike the above ones, they are widely accepted by majority of the people.

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Tattoo Process

The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the process of the tattoo application, and that way you will be prepared and know what to expect when you sit in the artist's chair.

  • Idea

  • Sketch

  • Tattooing

  • AfterCare