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Why Tattoo?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personality, beliefs, and experiences on their skin. They can symbolize significant moments, serve as reminders, or simply be decorative. For many, tattoos hold sentimental value and serve as permanent art pieces.These are the six main reasons for self-tattooing.

  • Special Memories

  • Unique Designs

  • Showing Love

  • To Look Cool

  • Decorate Body

  • No Reason Required 😉

Variety of Tattoos

The world of tattoos is full of amazing styles! You can go new school with crazy cartoon vibes or classic with strong outlines and vivid colors (old school). Do you want something grounded in reality? Photographs of people or landscapes can be astounding. Watercolors provide a gentler touch, but black and grey are a sleek choice. There is blackwork or small micro tattoos for the minimalists.

Tribal Tattoo


Tribal tattoos are like wearing history on your skin! They draw inspiration from cultures around the world, with bold black lines and geometric shapes. Some folks choose them for their symbolic meanings, while others love the edgy, powerful look. Think sharp lines, arrows, and maybe even some cool animal influences!

Fine line Tattoo


Imagine tiny needles drawing jewelry on your skin! Fine line tattoos are super detailed and delicate, perfect for minimalists. They use thin lines to create cool designs, like nature scenes, symbols, or even tiny words. Since the lines are fine, they might fade a bit quicker, so you might need to visit your tattoo artist again for a touch-up.

Geometric Tattoo


Geometric tattoos are like puzzles for your skin! They use cool shapes, lines, and patterns to create striking designs. Think triangles, circles, and mandalas - all in bold black or with pops of color. They're perfect for people who love a clean and modern look.

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Tattoo Process

Getting a tattoo involves choosing a design, finding an artist, then prepping the skin. The artist stencils the design, tattoos the outline, adds color, and cleans and bandages the new tattoo.

  • Idea

  • Sketch

  • Tattooing

  • AfterCare


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