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160+ Realistic Horror Tattoo Designs – Horror Themed Tattoos

Horror Tattoo Designs

160+ Realistic Horror Tattoo Designs – Horror Themed Tattoos

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The first horror movie was a French film directed by Georges Méliès , named Le Manoir du Diable. This embarked the era of a totally new genre in the entertainment industry. Whether it is Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, The Exorcist, Insidious, Conjuring, etc. And not to forget the shit-scary impact clowns have had on our minds, giving us Goosebumps through those nail-biting thrillers.

The subgenre kept changing with decades from supernatural suspense, to slasher flicks, then the Psychological horrors, and the Torture porn. Each giving the audiences something to fear from, or to get fascinated and attracted.

Horror Movie Tattoo Ideas

Mens horror movie tattoo ideas

This genre has an appeal which attracts people to not only come and enjoy it but to engrave it on their body for life through a horror tattoo.

Horror movies refresh our worst fears by making us experience something unthinkable, and a horror tattoo depicting similar fearful scenes acts as a kind of symbol of those feelings who doesn’t let us sleep the whole night.

People also go for Horror tattoo drawings due to their super badass looks, and since we humans have an unknown affinity towards the dark side of everything, these horror tattoos make the wearer looks tough, dangerous, and certainly not the one to mess with.

Whether you are an extremist horror follower or just appreciative about art and appealing patterns, these awesome horror tattoos will unquestionably fascinate you.

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