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310+ Fabulous Mandala Tattoo Designs

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310+ Fabulous Mandala Tattoo Designs

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Although, the earliest evidence of Mandala artworks can be found back to the eighth century, yet their charm is not faded till now, in fact, they are getting more popular day by day in western culture as well. Mandala is a Sanskrit word, which means “circle” depicting eternity, stability, and fulfillment. In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, these mandala designs are used to depict the whole universe by using basic geometric shapes such as squares and triangles. But when the design is completed it comes out as a circle, signifying the harmonious combination of basic shapes to emerge as a beautiful pattern.

These features of the mandala designs make it a perfect choice for a tattoo. These mandala tattoos are drawn from the center towards the edges and they look stunning after completion.

Mandala tattoo designs are associated with “Life of a flower”. If you are looking for a flower tattoo, getting it through mandala patterns could be an awesome choice.

These mandala tattoo designs signify balance, eternity and femininity. Some mandala flower tattoo designs also include creatures such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies linking these designs with femininity and fertility. Also, these mandala tattoos signify spiritual spirit, strength in character and artistic preferences of the wearer.

Two of the most common flower mandala tattoo designs are:

Mandala lotus tattoo

mandala lotus tattoo

In Hinduism, the lotus flower signifies purity, wealth and creativity. Moreover, it represents chakras or the energy centers believed to affect a person’s physical and spiritual health.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment and wisdom, and how worldly filth cannot taint the soul. Apart, from this the various color shades of lotus also have their unique significance such as red signify love and passion, purple symbolizes mysticism, pink shows divine devotion, blue exemplifies intelligence, and white shows spiritual purity.

A mandala lotus tattoo is a perfect choice for women, as it symbolizes life, beauty, and spirituality. Some of the popular mandala lotus tattoo designs are Garbhadhatu Mandala, Sri Yantra, Nava Padma Mandala, Ganesha Yantra, and The Trident Yantra.

Mandala rose tattoos

Mandala rose tattoo

The mandala rose tattoo designs symbolizes affection, desire, sexuality, stability, hope, loyalty, intimacy, character, and knowledge.

The mandala rose flower tattoo can be drawn in many color combinations with each color signifying special sentiments such as, A pink rose mandala represents first love, healing, and honesty, a red rose mandala is all about well-being, eternal devotion, remembrance, love, and penance, a white rose mandala is connected with spiritualism, sincerity, and virtue, and a yellow rose mandala symbolizes happiness, older love, and security against a possessive lover.

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Mandala are circular tattoo designs arts, which preferable for men’s chest and women’s back to make them the ideal areas for having them inked. If you love ancient art and want a beautiful and balanced tattoo, Mandala tattoo can be a great choice.

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