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215 Dashing Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Skull Tattoo Designs

215 Dashing Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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Skulls are often perceived to be a choice of the bad ones, and signify different meanings, since the ancient time, the skull tattoo was seen as the symbol of celebration of life. Since they considered death as the start of a journey to the next milestone, to the land of gods and angels. Hence, they used the skull as a symbol of the next big change in life. Skull tattoo designs make for awesome body art.

Skull tattoos are famous not only because of their badass and attractive looks but also because of their prominent association with the ancient rituals of many religions and culture. Such as, in Christianity a skull shows eternal existence of the soul, through its human remains. Whereas in cultures such as Kabbalah it represents as a symbol of rebirth and afterlife.

Pirates used to have a skull on their flags, to not only intimidate the enemy, but also to depict strength, brutal force, victory, and danger. Apart, from having them on their flags, they used to have these symbols of spiritual dominance over their bodies as well.

Since skull tattoo designs are generally perceived to be depicting negative thoughts and dangerous vibes, it is not very well accepted socially. Hence, if you are planning to go for a skull tattoo, be readily available to express the meaning it signifies. Of course, if you care about what people think about you, if not, flaunt this badass design and you will love the way it looks.

Among the many designs who are popular among skull tattoo seekers, some who are most famous are,

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