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300+ Animal Tattoo Designs

Animal Tattoo Ideas on Hand

300+ Animal Tattoo Designs

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In ancient times, people believed that every human holds a particular spirit animal as their true protector through life. These imaginary animals not only guard us and keep us away from trouble but also fight for us when it’s inevitable, especially during tough moments in life. Animal tattoos are the perfect way to celebrate these comrades by symbolizing your own favourite traits that you share with them.

Animal tattoos means many sentiments such as wisdom, courage, protectiveness, agility, beauty, strength, and what not. Your tattoo is an accurate representation of what you feel of yourself after all your struggles and successes. So, let’s jump into the wilderness and bring out the animal seated inside of you by animal tattoos and look at the series of animal tattoo ideas popular among tattoo lovers.

Lion Animal Tattoo Designs

Lion tattoo

It is one of the most awe-striking tattoo ideas simply because Lions are the king of animals. They represent leadership, courage, and strength. If you’re a strong and independent person focused on absolute triumph both in business and personal phases of your life, a lion tattoo with a simple ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ ribbon would be a great tattoo idea.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger Tattoo

Tigers have always been fierce creatures. They often symbolize prowess, fearlessness, fierceness, and power. Artists often add 3D touches to bring out the ferocity in the tiger tattoo designs. whether you get a tattoo of the entire body or just the face of the tiger. This animal tattoo design is always majestic and magical.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf Tattoo design

Wolves are the ultimate symbol of freedom, living off on instincts, and signifies self-reliance and leadership. They are glorified warrior symbols in many cultures due to their sharp senses, strength, and finesse.

Cat Tattoo Designs

Cat Tattoos on arm

A cat is often pictured as candid, enigmatic, free, and mysterious being. As a lunar creature, it symbolizes the feminine, magic, night time, mysticism and paranormal powers. They are even associated with gods in Egyptian culture. The Cat tattoo design is very fashionable among women and has a broad range of design options to select from.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant tattoo Designs on Back

Elephants are not only huge animals but they are very intelligent creatures and signify power. intelligence and vigour. They are very protective and affectionate towards their family members and are always known to maintain tranquillity within them. This animal tattoo design is very popular among both men and women.

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Dog Tattoos Designs

Dog Tattoos design on leg and hand

Dogs are faithful and make a good companion hence, are great pets to have. You can have a dog tattoo resembling your own pet or just as a fashion statement. These dog tattoo designs can be made more comical and fun by adding Cartoon prints to them. Also, they are present in versatile colour and design combinations.

Snake Tattoo Designs

Snakes are considered dangerous beings and are often chosen by tattoo lovers looking for badass tattoo designs. Snakes tattoo designs, therefore, communicate danger and fierceness of spirit.

The best thing about animal tattoos is the large variety of designs available in them. Apart, from few discussed above, you can opt for Horse tattoo designs, Fish tattoo designs, Bear tattoo designs, Frog tattoo designs, hippo tattoo designs amongst many others.

If you are seeking for a cute animal tattoos, you can very well try The Tiny Dinosaur tattoo, The Tiny Panda tattoo, The Tiny Camel tattoo, The Tiny Seahorse tattoo, The Tiny Turtle tattoo, and The Tiny Bunny tattoos.

No matter whichever design you chose, the animal tattoo designs are always in fashion and are a great way to express yourself.

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