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111+ Beautiful Belly Tattoo Designs for Girls and Men

Belly Tattoo Designs for girls

111+ Beautiful Belly Tattoo Designs for Girls and Men

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If you are looking for something really sexy to have on your body, happily go for a belly tattoo. It is really great to have an awesome and sensuous tattoos on the belly if you have a flat one of course. Belly tattoos are very popular among women, who really love to flaunt their waist, wearing a crop top, and earning admiration from each and every glance, they get. For men, belly tattoos are mostly part of other tattoos and are used as the extension to connect to other tattoo designs, they go for big tattoos spreading across their bodies, rather than having a minimalistic cutie.

While deciding for belly tattoo designs you can go numerous designs, you go for bird tattoos, butterfly tattoos, cartoon tattoos, 3D tattoos, feather tattoos, tribal tattoos, star tattoos, zodiac tattoos, etc.

All these tattoos can be drawn at any place over your belly, but one of the most popular places to have belly tattoo is a tattoo on the belly button, and it is most popular among women rather than men. tattoos on the belly button are really attractive and are irresistible.

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