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30 Fascinating Rainbow Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Fascinating Rainbow Tattoo Designs And Ideas

30 Fascinating Rainbow Tattoo Designs And Ideas

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Rainbows are one of the most beautiful things. They look naturally beautiful when they appear in the clouds. The diverse colour combination of rainbows makes them look attractive and unique. Rainbows just don’t look appealing when they appear in the clouds; in fact, they look even when tattooed on the body. So, if you’re fond of body artwork and looking for an enchanting tattoo design, then a Rainbow Tattoo is for you.

Rainbow tattoo designs have become very popular in the tattoo world. Due to the different colours a rainbow has, it symbolizes diversity, love, and hope. Rainbow tattoo designs vary from Rainbow tattoo small to minimalist rainbow tattoo designs. You can even get a vibrant rainbow heart tattoo etched on your body. When it comes to rainbow tattoo designs, there are lots of options available for you to choose from. 

Just as there are different rainbow tattoo designs, so does the meaning differ. Generally, rainbow tattoos symbolize a new beginning and hope. Whichever Rainbow tattoo design you are drawn to, either small or intricate rainbow bridge designs, we’ve got you covered.

Rainbow tattoos are pretty popular among the LGBTQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer). This seems to be their pride. This tattoo design can be done in various colours, making it unique on the skin. Not only does the rainbow tattoo make for gorgeous tattoo designs, but it also makes your skin look beautiful. 

In this post, you will get to explore the different aspects of rainbow tattoos that are popular and meaningful. 

If you’re interested in rainbow tattoo designs, this post is for you. Here in this post, we shall describe different rainbow tattoo ideas along with their meanings.

So, let’s get started….

What Does Rainbow Tattoo Stand For? 

A rainbow consists of seven beautiful colours, including Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR). These colours are arranged in an arched pattern in the sky. Each colour in a rainbow signifies beauty after the storm. It is often seen as a sign of hope. It symbolizes good fortune and so on. Many people see the Rainbow as a universal sign of love and camaraderie that welcomes people of various backgrounds and orientations. 

A rainbow tattoo is a great way to show your positive side to the world. A rainbow tattoo design signifies hope, positivity, and good fortune. These tattoo designs are in trend now! They have a long history and are still highly significant for enthusiasts who are passionate about tattoos. The best thing about Rainbow tattoo designs is that anyone, including men and women, can wear them. There is no age restriction on who should get a rainbow tattoo.

This tattoo design means different things to different people and is associated with themes of LGBTQ+ pride, diversity, and inclusivity. Rainbow tattoo designs are common with those in the LGBTQ+ community. If you tend to stay hopeful in the face of adversities or are not worried about overcoming difficulties, then a rainbow tattoo is for you. 

Make sure to choose a professional tattoo artist for your tattoo designs. Your tattoo artist can be creative with this tattoo design if you want to have something unique. You can choose to have a standalone rainbow design etched on your body or can have it incorporated with any other tattoo of your choice. 

If you wish to express your support for equality, acceptance, and love, then a rainbow tattoo is a perfect choice for you!

17 Inspiring Rainbow Tattoo Designs

Rainbow tattoo designs come in different styles, ranging from playful and whimsical. These tattoo designs are filled with profound inspiration. They are ideal for people who are looking for a meaningful tattoo design. You can explore the various options that best resonate with your personal journey in this post.

Here are the top rainbow tattoo designs for you to get some inspiration from. Take a look…

1. Tattoo with Rainbows

This tattoo design is usually combined with any tattoo design of your choice. You can get a rainbow incorporated in other tattoo designs or can have any tattoo etched in rainbow colours to have a significant tattoo design. This tattoo represents diversity, inclusivity, and unity.

Tattoo with Rainbows

Tattoo with Rainbows Ideas

2. Rainbow Bridge Tattoo

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that will commemorate your lost pets or loved ones, then opt for this rainbow tattoo. Rainbow bridge tattoos make for significant designs that stand out. It is a great way of honouring loved ones (who are not in the world) or your loving pet who you lost in the process.

Rainbow Bridge Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Bridge Tattoo

The bridge in this tattoo design symbolizes the connection between this world and the other. This tattoo is a great way to honour your loved ones who you have lost. It signifies hope and eternal bonds.

3. Small Rainbow Tattoo 

If you don’t want a body art design that’s so large, you can opt for a small rainbow tattoo. This is a perfect design for you if you are looking forward to get a discreet but also meaningful way to express optimism. Small rainbow tattoos fit perfectly on any part of the body. They are specifically great designs as they are easy to conceal.

Small Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Small Rainbow Tattoo

So, if you have constraints in having a tattoo, a small rainbow tattoo can be the best pick. Whichever way it is displayed on your body, it will radiate positivity. You can get a beautiful rainbow etched on your wrist, nape, finger, and so on. Give it a shot!

4. Rainbow Heart Tattoo

You don’t necessarily need to get a rainbow etched on your body in order to show your fondness for VIBGYOR. In fact, you can get creative and come up with a unique rainbow tattoo design, such as a rainbow heart tattoo. 

Rainbow Heart Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Heart Tattoo

A beautifully etched rainbow heart tattoo looks great on your skin. It symbolizes love combined with diverse colour. This tattoo design is unique; it speaks of how important acceptance and love are in all forms. Make sure you get this tattoo etched by a professional tattoo artist only for the best result.

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5. Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo

If you want a simple tattoo design with a splash of colours inked on your skin, then a minimalist rainbow tattoo is for you. The vibrant colours look so exceptional on the skin. This is for those who want to get a simple rainbow design that looks classy and subtle at the same time.

Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo

This tattoo design can be engraved on any part of your body since it’s tiny. It also speaks of balance and calmness. This is a really sophisticated design that you can consider getting! 

6. Rainbow Colour Tattoo

The seven colours of the Rainbow are a great way to express joy and positivity at the same time. You need not to get a conventional rainbow tattoo in order to express your joyous and positive side.

Rainbow Colour Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Colour Tattoo

In fact, you can get the seven colours of the Rainbow used in any other tattoo design, such as a butterfly. This tattoo dignifies positivity, energy, and joy. It’s a beautiful and very unique tattoo design.

7. Small Rainbow Tattoo Black and White

This is yet another amazing Rainbow tattoo design that you can try on your skin. When it comes to having body artwork, there are no hard and fast rules. You can get as creative as you want and come up with your own unique tattoo designs, such as this one. This is a unique tattoo design with a striking contrast. It involves a combination of depth and complexity in its significance.

Small Rainbow Tattoo Black and White Ideas

Small Rainbow Tattoo Black and White

If want a thought-provoking contrast, then a combination of black and white with a rainbow is ideal for you. It will add more beauty to your skin. This makes for a gorgeous tattoo design; you will love this combination! You can give it a shot!

8. Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

If you want something stunning and classic, then you can try out this tattoo design. It’s an intrinsic tattoo design that you will love. The rainbow butterfly tattoo represents transformation, growth, freedom, and self-discovery. Get a butterfly tattoo filled with all the rainbow colours in it.

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

This makes for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that you can consider getting, especially if you want to feel motivated each time you look at your tattoo! Try it out!

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9. Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo

This is yet another unique and very elegant tattoo design with a different meaning to everyone. It gives the Rainbow an ethereal appearance with an elegant style that you will love. To get the best result, you should get a professional to get this rainbow tattoo design inked on your skin.

Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Rainbow Tattoo

The perfect location for a watercolor rainbow tattoo is your waist. You can even consider getting it on your neck or any other part of your choice. It is a great tattoo design for those who want to conceal any scar or mark on their body.

10. Geometric Rainbow Tattoo

Geometric tattoo designs look awesome no matter where they are etched on the body. The best thing about geometric tattoos is that you have a lot of shapes that you can use to create unique tattoo designs. If you would love to have a rainbow tattoo etched in unique shapes, then a geometric rainbow tattoo design is perfect for you.

Geometric Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Rainbow Tattoo

You can get a modern twisted rainbow tattoo design in different shapes like triangles, hexagons, or squares. It will make for an eye-catching tattoo design for sure!

11. Minimalist Line Art Tattoo

If you do not want to overdo your tattoo design, then a minimalistic line art tattoo is for you. Get a realistic minimalist line art rainbow tattoo etched on your skin.

Minimalist Line Art Tattoo Ideas

Minimalist Line Art Tattoo

You can get it etched on any part of your body, including arms, wrists, shoulders, etc. A colorful rainbow tattoo etched on your skin will make for an excellent tattoo design that you’ll love for sure!

12. Rainbow Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoo designs are known for their intricate and elegant nature. They are ideal for individuals who have a strong appreciation for convoluted tattoo designs.

Rainbow Mandala Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Mandala Tattoo

If you are seeking a truly distinctive tattoo design to be permanently etched onto your skin, we highly recommend considering a rainbow mandala. This design provides the necessary balance as it symbolizes unity and wholeness.

13. Rainbow Wave Tattoo

Here is another subtle and simple way to express your fondness for colours. You don’t need to overdo your rainbow tattoo design. It is a truly one-of-a-kind tattoo design for people who love modest body artwork.

Rainbow Wave Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Wave Tattoo

It represents emotions and the ebb and flow of life. If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is not too overwhelming, consider getting the rainbow wave tattoo design.

14. Rainbow Lotus Tattoo

The lotus is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. A lotus etched in rainbow colours will make for a unique tattoo design. The lotus flower in your rainbow tattoo will make it look stunning and attractive.

Rainbow Lotus Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Lotus Tattoo

It signifies purity and rebirth, but when combined together with the Rainbow, it stands for spiritual growth and transformation. If you’re looking for an outside-the-box tattoo design, then this is the one you can consider for sure!

15. Rainbow Cloud Tattoo

Rainbow tattoos are already beautiful, but getting a rainbow emerging from a cloud looks exceptionally beautiful. It makes for an intriguing tattoo design that stands out! It symbolizes mystery, and secrecy.

Rainbow Cloud Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Cloud Tattoo

This tattoo design is truly remarkable and can be inked on various parts of your body, such as your neck, arm, back, ankle, or leg. You will absolutely adore it!

16. Cloud, Sun, and Rainbow Tattoo

This is yet another beautiful rainbow tattoo design for those looking for a unique tattoo. This makes for a remarkable design. The symbol represents the occurrence of a rainbow when both rain and sun are present.

Cloud, Sun, and Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Cloud, Sun, and Rainbow Tattoo

You can get it etched in a variety of ways, such as in a mathematical equation form (cloud + sun = rainbow), or have all three elements etched together, forming a unique tattoo design. If done by an expert tattooist, it ends up looking so real. So, make sure to get etched by a professional tattoo artist.

17. Crude Small Rainbow Tattoo

If you are interested in getting a freestyle rainbow tattoo, you may consider this design. It makes for a very elegant and subtle tattoo design that is suitable for individuals of all ages and genders.

Crude Small Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Crude Small Rainbow Tattoo

This design is quite popular among young girls who prefer more subtle tattoo designs and don’t want anything too overwhelming. So, if you’re looking for a subtle tattoo design, then this is the one for you! 

Rainbow Tattoo Placement 

The placement of any tattoo, including rainbow tattoo designs, depends on its size and the design elements used in it. For instance, if you’re planning to get a small or minimalistic rainbow tattoo, then your wrist, finger, and back of the neck are all ideal places for it. On the other hand, if the size of your tattoo is bigger, then consider getting it on your back, thigh, chest, arms, and so on. 

When it comes to the best placement of a rainbow tattoo, they look good on the chest, upper back, lower back, sleeves, forearms, waist, thighs, or arms. Other parts of your body where rainbow tattoos can be inked include the upper arms, fingers, neck, foot, behind the ear, and ankle. 

This tattoo looks stunning and eye-catching, so make sure you get it placed in your preferred body part. Make sure to consider the size of your tattoo and other constraints (such as employment, religious constraints etc.) before choosing the placement for your rainbow tattoo design. However, we’ll advise you to choose a location that you feel comfortable with.

Putting it all together…

So, there you have it: the top 17 rainbow tattoo designs. Hopefully, you liked this article. Rainbow tattoos are not only visually appealing, but they also captivate the viewer’s attention. The best thing about rainbow tattoo design is that it holds a deep and distinctive meaning and makes for an incredibly uplifting tattoo design. Whether you choose a small, minimalist, or vibrant tattoo design, make sure to get it etched by a professional. You can proudly and confidently display your colours by getting a unique rainbow tattoo etched by a talented tattoo artist. 

Only an expert tattoo artist would be able to give you the tattoo of your dream. While rainbow tattoos may appear to be easy and simple, it is important to seek a professional who specialises in tattoo artistry. They will have the expertise and skill to create the perfect design for you. Additionally, an experienced artist can also help you with your tattoo design. A professional will always try to understand your feelings associated with a particular tattoo design because they know that every tattoo speaks of different values, qualities, and so much more. Also, he/she would offer guidance by suggesting the most suitable part of your body for a rainbow tattoo. 

A rainbow tattoo enhances the beauty of your skin. It is important to remember that the decision to get a rainbow tattoo, or any other tattoo design, is a highly personal choice. Make sure to make the best choice for yourself! 

It’s now time to take a look at some FAQs related to rainbow tattoos. Here we go…


1. How much does a rainbow tattoo cost?

The cost of a rainbow tattoo varies based on its size, its placement, the reputation of the artist, the location of the tattoo studio, details in the design, and so on. On average, a small rainbow tattoo may cost you somewhere around $50 to $100. On the other hand, if you opt for a large-size rainbow, you may have to spend somewhere around $250 to $500. It is advised to visit your tattoo artist prior to getting your tattoo for primary consultation. He/she would be able to tell you the exact cost based on your requirements.

2. Why should I get a rainbow tattoo?

Rainbow tattoos have been out for a long time, but it’s common with females. However, it is now popular with the LGBTQ community. There are several reasons to consider getting a rainbow tattoo design. If you are uncertain of why you want to get a rainbow tattoo, then here are a few reasons to help you in your decision: a rainbow tattoo looks very attractive and eye-catching as it consists of a diverse combination of colours; Rainbow tattoos make for meaningful tattoo designs; it’s a great choice for those who want to get a thoughtful tattoo. Lastly, rainbow tattoos look aesthetically appealing due to the diverse colours they contain. 

If any of the reasons outlined here resonate with you, then consider getting a rainbow tattoo design!

3. What does a rainbow tattoo signify?

The Rainbow consists of seven different colours that signify beauty after a storm. A rainbow tattoo represents a lot of meanings, including hope, positivity, faith, a new beginning, personal growth, change, and transformation. People who go through extreme challenges in their lives consider getting rainbow tattoos as they serve as reminders of their strength. They use rainbow tattoos to stay motivated at all times in the face of diversity. The coolest thing about rainbow tattoos is that they look great in any size. No matter whether you get a tattoo with a Rainbow etched on your arm or on your neck, it looks appealing.

If you have lost anyone close to your heart, a rainbow tattoo is a unique way to honour the person. In addition, a rainbow tattoo is another way you can show your support for social justice if you are being treated unjustly at any time. Rainbow tattoos are also preferred by individuals who love aesthetic appeal. If you are one of them, you can incorporate this design into your body. If you value inclusivity and diversity, then you are worthy of choosing a rainbow tattoo.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊 

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