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10 Best Tattoo Artist in Spain


10 Best Tattoo Artist in Spain

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Are you searching for a tattoo artist in Spain to adorn your skin with beautiful artwork? You’re in the right place! Most tattoo artists in Spain are passionate about tattoo artistry. They are skilled and committed to creating stunning tattoo designs for you.

Choosing an expert tattoo artist in Spain can be tricky, as each artist has unique techniques and expertise that set them apart. They can create designs that reflect your personality or can help you tell a unique story.

They are dedicated to providing each client with excellence and authenticity. You will not only admire the tattoos but also experience the unique feeling of having them on your skin. Go ahead and book a session with any of the tattoo artists listed in this post!

Let’s get started…

Top 10 Tattoo Artists In Spain

Here is our list of the 10 best tattoo artists that you can consider for your tattoo design in Spain. You can choose the one whose skills suit your preferences the most. Take a look…

1. Matias Noble

One of the highly skilled tattoo artists in Spain is Matias Noble. He resides in Valencia, Spain, and is known for his unique and creative tattoo skills. Matias is a multi-talented artist with extraordinary abilities to create different tattoo styles. You’ll be blown away by his designs at just a glance.

Matias’ talent has made him widely recognized in Spain and the tattoo industry. He specializes in black and grey and realism tattoo styles. He is one of the best artists in Spain.

Not only he gives mesmerizing tattoo designs, but also teach tattooing to beginners. If you wish to learn tattooing from Matias, he runs the Noble Art Academy. He has tattoo studios in Spain, New York City, and Zurich, Switzerland.

2. Yeray Perez

At number 2, we have Yeray Perez. If your tattoo style leans towards neo-traditional or new school, book a session with Yeray! He is renowned for his professional skill in creating eye-catching designs. Located in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, Yeray works at Malibu Tattoo Studio. He is popular for creating anime and color cartoon tattoo designs.

His skills have led to partnerships with brands like Barber DTS, Balm Tattoo, Eternal Ink, and ArtDriver Tattoo Machines. Your tattoo session with Yeray is going to be memorable.

This is because he is known to have the friendliest demeanour towards his clients. Moreover, he does all his tattoos in a very clean and hygienic environment. His is a welcoming tattoo studio you should surely visit.

3. Fred Wayne Thomas

Next on the list of the best tattoo artists in Spain is Fred Wayne Thomas. Located in the Murcia region of Spain, Fred is an expert in realism and black & grey tattoo styles. He is one of the best tattoo artists in Spain, with unique skills in creating mind-blowing tattoos. Fred’s depth of understanding in tattoo design sets him apart. He has been tattooing for over eight years.

You’ll be drawn to the stunning tattoo designs created by Fred. Specializes in realism and black & grey tattoo styles. He ensures his working environment is kept clean and well-maintained, prioritizing the safety of his clients at all times. His tattoo designs mostly feature realism portraits, and Fred goes the extra mile to bring his clients’ visions to life.

4. Viviana Calvo

If you’re searching for an expert in traditional tattoo styles, book a session with Viviana Calvo! She’s a talented tattoo artist based in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.

Viviana is a passionate tattoo artist who embarked on her tattooing journey all by herself. More often than not, her designs feature the use of bright and vibrant colors. She specializes in creating tattoo designs with bright colors, focusing on neo-traditional and traditional tattoo styles.

Viviana’s creativity shines through in her designs, making every artwork look realistic. She uses Cheyenne tattoo equipment and radiant colors to create stunning tattoo designs. If you want a neo-traditional or traditional tattoo in vibrant colors, then Viviana is your best choice in Spain.

5. Miguel Bohigues

Meet another proficient tattoo artist in Spain: Miguel Bohigues! He is an excellent tattoo artist with a passion for body artwork. Miguel is a very talented and experienced tattoo artist in the industry.

He began tattooing fourteen years ago and has earned a huge name in the tattoo industry. He prefers using the Cheyenne machine to create tattoo designs. He is based in Alaquàs, Valencian Community, Spain.

Miguel primarily focuses on black and grey realistic styles in his tattoo designs, delivering quality work to his clients. His hard work has made him popular globally. Miguel’s attention to detail is exquisite, reflecting his professional skills in body artwork. So, if you want a design that stands out, Miguel is your best bet!

6. Victor Chil

Here’s another talented tattoo artist in Spain: Victor Chil! Victor is known for his unique tattoo designs. Moreover, is an extremely talented tattoo artist. He started tattooing at the young age of fifteen. He initially started working with graffiti before transitioning to tattooing. Victor resides in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and works at the popular Family Art Tattoo Studio.

Victor has been tattooing for over eight years and specializes in new school tattoo styles, which allows him to be creative with his designs. The best thing about his personality is that he is a great learner. He always looks for opportunities to improve his skills and provides his clients with unique tattoo designs. He even helps his clients choose tattoo designs if their original ideas don’t seem to be working well.

If you want a tattoo from Victor, make sure to book your session very well ahead of time. Despite being a full-time tattoo artist, his clients often have to wait up to a year for an appointment. Victor is a very busy artist with great tattoo ideas. The good thing—you can book a session with Victor via email as well.

7. Sergio Fernández

Next on our list is Sergio Fernández. Sergio is a highly skilled tattoo artist with a unique perspective on body artwork. Based in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain. Sergio works at Seven Tattoo Studio, where he showcases his skills in a distinctive style.

He specializes in creating stunning realism and black & grey tattoos. His mastery of these styles has earned him a prominent place in the tattoo industry. Sergio pays close attention to detail and maintains a clean workspace for his clients. If you want a tattoo from Sergio, make sure to book your session on time.

8. Ezequiel Samuraii

Next, we have Ezequiel Samuraii. Ezequiel is one of the best tattoo artists in Spain. He is an extremely talented tattoo artist known for his innovative tattoo designs. He is known to create eye-catching tattoo images and bring his clients’ visions to reality with his expertise. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Ezequiel is well-recognized in the tattoo industry for his unique talent.

He specializes in realism and black & grey tattoo styles. With many years of experience, Ezequiel has maintained a high level of professionalism in tattooing. He ensures every client receives the best service. If you don’t want to miss a tattoo session with Ezequiel—book through email now!

9. Laura Juan

Here is another renowned tattoo artist in Spain who you can consider for your tattoo design – Laura Juan. Laura has earned an immense name in the tattoo industry with her unique tattoo designs.

She is renowned in the region for her professionalism in creating realistic tattoos. Based in Madrid, Spain, Laura started tattooing at age twenty-one. She has been in the tattoo industry for 29 years, since 1995, making her one of the oldest tattoo artists in Spain.

Laura specializes in portraits, color, and realism tattoo styles. Her passion for tattoos has earned her a special place in the industry. She skillfully plays with colors when creating tattoo images. Her life and passion are entirely based on tattoo artistry. Laura’s skills speak loudly about her dedication and mastery of tattoo designs. She’s friendly and maintains a clean environment for her clients. If you want a unique tattoo from a highly experienced tattoo artist in the region, then book a session with Laura.

10. Ben Banzai

Last on our list of the best tattoo artists in Spain is Ben Banzai. Ben is a renowned tattoo artist based in Alicante, Spain. He is an expert in creating new school and realism tattoo designs. He maintains a clean workspace, ensuring a comfortable environment for his clients. Ben maintains a high level of reverence for his customers and ensures that his studio is always kept in impeccable condition.

He also specializes in author-style tattoos. Every tattoo session with Ben is truly exceptional. He meticulously focuses on every detail, skillfully transforming your visions into stunning tattoo designs. You can be sure of the best tattoo design with Ben.

Putting it all together…

So, there you have it: the list of the 10 best tattoo artists in Spain. All of these artists listed above are renowned for their unique creativity. If you really want a piece that stand out, you can choose to get your tattoo from any of them. They are capable of creating unique tattoos that you will cherish all your life.

No matter who you choose from the list, you are going to have an amazing tattooing experience with them. They offer a clean and impeccable environment for their clients. And all of them are known to pay attention to details.

If any of these tattoo artists catch your interest, be sure to book ahead before visiting their studio. You can reach out to some of them via email as well. So, wait no more! Just book your session – they are all busy artists!

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Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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