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On a beautiful sunny day, lying on a lush green grass looking up in the sky to these amazing creations, flapping their wings and flying high in the skies. Taking rise and dips, making turns and flips at their free will, isn’t it fascinating? It is perhaps this attraction which fired humans to fly and it is definitely this charm which has made bird tattoos a popular choice among tattoo lovers.

A Bird tattoo not only signifies various sentiments. Such as Love, Heroism, Peace, Freedom, Beauty, and Goodness but also, they provide a large pool of exciting options you can choose from, such as:

Swallow bird tattoo

Swallow bird tattoo

Designs are Deeper meaning tattoo designs. The tattoo which was commonly used by British sailors to display their sailing expertise is now popular among tattoo lovers for their cute designs and traditional meaning. Swallow bird tattoos symbolize hope and good fortune. The swallow is a lovely bird that selects its mate for life. Hence, signify Loyalty and Love.

Phoenix bird tattoo

Phoenix bird tattoo

A phoenix is a mythological bird typically associated with fire and the sun and is a symbol of rebirth, a new start of a new life. Phoenix bird tattoo design depicts survival through tough times in life and a symbol to mark a fresh start in a personal, professional or spiritual paradigm of life.

Dove bird tattoos Design

Dove bird tattoo

Designs signify Love and are often used in marriage ceremonies to show the intense love of newlyweds to each other. In Christianity, Doves are depicted as emissaries of peace and love hence, regarded as symbols of purity, gentleness, and feminism.

Eagle bird tattoos

Eagle bird tattoo

Designs signify heroism, strength, power, wisdom, and spirituality. Perhaps, that is why it so prevalent in US Army regiments such as Airborne. These designs are uniformly common among both men and women.

Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo

Designs are considered to bestow strength and vitality to the wearer. In Caribbean culture, they often symbolize beauty, grace, and love. If you wish to paint yourself with the ink of passion, energy, and vitality, hummingbird tattoos could be a great choice.

Owl tattoo

Owl tattoo

Designs also one of the appealing and attractive choices because of the nature of this bird which is insightful and wise yet mysterious at the same time.

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There is a plethora of species of birds around us, each with their unique characteristics. Hence, apart from those mentioned above, there are many other designs you can look into such as Twin birds on wrist design, Tweety bird design, Phoenix bird design, Swallow tattoo design, and Crow and Raven designs.

Although bird tattoo designs are intriguing for both men and women. They are very popular among women because many of the bird tattoo designs are delicate, very attractive and brings out certain traits inherent to women such as nobility, beauty, emancipation, love, and elegance. No matter in whatever field she is accomplishing, when a woman wishes to express herself through a tattoo, she always fancies to keep these traits. Probably because they are the one who makes her so special, unique and distinct from men.

Not only for women there are diverse designs of bird tattoos for guys too. Not to miss the flexibility these designs provide regarding the places you can have them on your body such as bird tattoos on chest, on shoulders, on foot, practically anywhere on your body and it will look fabulous.

If you are a free spirit, full of love and passion, strive for peace and goodness, go for a bird tattoo, you will love it.

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