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Feather Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings, Culture & Religion

Feather Tattoo designs and meaning

Feather Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings, Culture & Religion

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Feather tattoos look so beautiful, they have something unique about them. Most importantly, feather tattoo can be etched on any part of the body, be it your forearm or neck, wherever, they simply make for a perfect tattoo design. Feathers always make for a unique tattoo designs. And they have always been popular tattoo designs amongst both men and women. Feathers look beautiful, and can be done in many variations and designs. Depending on the design you choose and the way your tattoo artist interpret the same.

Your feather tattoo can look like no other, and consequently, carry a unique meaning or message. Moreover, feather tattoos actually make for intimate and personal tattoo designs, if you want to associate your feather tattoo to a specific event or person that is easy with feathers. Feather tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. Some get a feather inked on their body to represent their freedom, while for some it symbolizes their strength.

Feather tattoo on arm

Women’s unique feather tattoo

Whatever be the reason, the bottom line is they look stunning. This amazingly beautiful tattoo design is highly sought-after, especially amongst those who appreciate not only body art, but also Native American traditions and heritage. The feather tattoo designs represent deep symbolic meanings.

If you are also looking to know more about a feather inspired tattoo design, then read this post till the end.

Feather depicts different meaning and message in different culture and religion:

Here is what it represents in Celtic, Christianity, Egyptian, and Other Religions and Cultures

The feather in ancient Christianity symbolizes virtue, and the same is mentioned many times in the Bible. For instance, verse four of Psalm 91, says: “He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” Three of them can be seen curved into a signet ring and each one represents something, namely hope, faith, and charity.

In Celtic also feathers are considered important as their druids wore feathered robes in ceremonial events. Whereas, according to the Egyptian culture feathers are associated with the sky gods. Like this different cultures and religions attribute different spiritual and symbolic meaning to the feathers.

Feather as a Native American Symbol

Feather Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Most Native Americans attribute to animism, the doctrine that all the natural objects including the universe itself have spirits or souls. Animists actually believe that everything that exists in the universe, which includes not only humans, animals, and plants, but also rocks, feathers, and other natural phenomena have souls. Also, they believe that every part of this nature is alive and possess an inherent quality, virtue, power, and wisdom.

Birds and feathers have always been an important symbol to many Native Americans. More often than not, Native Americans include feathers as a design in their clothing, headdresses, jewelry, Ojibwe dream catchers, tools, and even weapons.

Often Native Americans considered the gifts falling from the sky. When a feather falls to earth, Native Americans believe that it carries with it all of the energy of its former attachment to the bird, wind, and sky and it represents the power of the thunder gods, air, and wind. Also, Native American chiefs used to wear many feathers during ceremonial occasions to represent their strong connection to the spiritual realms. Also, warriors were appreciated for their exceptionally courageous and honorable performance in the battle field, by giving a feather as a special gift.

Earlier it was believed that the birds act as spirit guides, helping you walk through the different stages of life: Teaching, guiding, and offering protection. Eagle feathers are one of the most honored amongst and they hold great symbolic significance.

Feathers are also connected to the dead

In some cultures and religions, feathers are also associated with the people who have left the world or passed away. Some cultures believe that if a feather falls on your path, it is a sign that a person who has passed away or died is trying to communicate with you.

Representation of a Feather Tattoo

Different feather tattoo symbolizes different aspects of one’s personality and life. Because, feather has different meanings in different cultures and civilizations, and in each context, the meaning is slightly different. Often a feather represents; Ascension, Bravery, Courage, Dreams, Flight, Freedom, High spirit, Hope, Journey of the soul, Levitation, Lightness, Magic, Promise, Purity, Speed, Travel, Truth, Weightlessness, and Communication with the other side. But, the meaning of the tattoo varies from person to person.

Different meanings of different Birds’ feathers

Usually, feather tattoos tend to carry a variety of meanings, depending upon what the particular type of birds’ feathers depicts along with the design and style of the tattoo. Here are some of the most common meanings and symbols associated with the feather tattoos:

Blue Jay

Blue Jay feather Tattoo

Blue Jay feather tattoo represents happiness, and fulfillment in life. People who believe in inner strength and inner happiness and are content within, go for this one. This tattoo really looks super cool!!


Crow feather Tattoo

I am sure you must be thinking what special this black creature can have in particular. But trust me, Crow feather tattoos represent more than you think, they are the symbol of skill, cunning, balance, and release from the past. So, what are you waiting for… get this one!

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Dove Feather tattoo designs

A beautiful bird, everyone loves it……. A dove feather tattoo will represent peace, love, and gentleness. So, if you also possess all these traits, then this one’s for you. Believe you me!!


Eagle feather tattoo ideas on wrist

Eagle feather tattoo symbolizes sacredness, strength, courage, leadership, valor, honor, justice and prestige. If you possess all these virtues, then undoubtedly this feather tattoo is for you!! Go for it.. ☺ ☺


Falcon tattoo designs

Speed, and soul healing is what falcon feather tattoo stands for. This beautiful tattoo makes for a perfect tattoo design.


Hawk Feather Tattoo

Hawk feather tattoo stands for protection, and strength, as the bird itself. Hawk feather tattoo looks very beautiful and stunning on body. People who possess all these personality traits, they go for this one.


Hummingbird feather tattoo

Hummingbird feather tattoo depicts love, beauty, and intelligence. If you think you possess all these qualities primarily… then this is for you!!

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Owl feather tattoo designs

Owl feather tattoo will simply represent silence, speed, vision, intelligence and wisdom. Owl feathers tend to be the primary choice for showcasing these values. Because the bird is simply associated with rationality and knowledge.


Peacock feather tattoo

Peacock feather tattoo represents beauty, pride, elegance, and grace. We all know the bird is amazingly beautiful, just imagine its colorful feather etched on your body. It will look stunning.

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Pheasant tattoo

Pheasant feather tattoo stands for prosperity, wealth, and success. If you are looking for all three then get this tattoo, it will look amazing. Trust me!!


Pheonix feather tattoo

Phoenix feather tattoo represents rebirth and progress. The mythical bird phoenix and its feathers typically depict the concept of change, revival, rebirth, and getting a new chance at something.


Raven feather tattoo

Raven feather tattoos simply represents creation, wisdom, and knowledge. People who possess all this usually go for a raven feather tattoo design. And it looks splendid!!


Turkey feather tattoo

Turkey feather tattoo symbolizes abundance, and fertility in life. Who doesn’t want abundance in life…. Everybody does want and hence people who are optimistic, they believe in the universe, get this tattoo.

Besides these, feather tattoos are associated with many other things in life and hold an important place. The other interpretations associated to feather tattoos are as follows:


Color Feather Tattoo

A white feather is said to represent innocence, red feather however, symbolizes passion and love, and the yellow and orange feathers usually stand for intelligence, intellect, and judgment.

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Dream tattoo

Believe it or not, but feathers are also associated with dreams in some cultures. Perhaps that’s the reason they have been given their place in dream catchers. In some cultures it is believed that the white feather is a symbol of fresh spiritual start. The type of feather one dreams while sleeping, plays an important role while its interpretation, but generally a feather in a dream suggests a thought, a goal, or an ideal.

• Where to get feather tattoos

One of the best things about the feather tattoo is that it fits nicely in a variety of different places on your body. Such as, arms, legs, ribs, sides, ankles, upper back, lower back, upper shoulders, nape, forearms, and behind the ears, wherever you want. Feather tattoos look amazingly stunning. Also, it has nothing to with the person’s age. Anybody can get it, be it a girl aged 18 or a woman in her fifties. Feather tattoo looks beautiful irrespective of your age, and skin tone.

Best Feather tattoo designs

Also, it is very easy to personalize your feather tattoo, all you need is a bit of creativity and clarity what exactly you are looking for.

Size of a feather tattoo

Feather tattoos are very easy to carry, they make for an eye-catching tattoo design. So far the size of the feather tattoo is concerned, they can be done in any size bigger or smaller. It is up to you, what size you are looking for. There are people who want to have tattoos but want to keep them hidden, for such people feather tattoos can be done in small size. Whereas, if you are amongst those who love bigger tattoos, feather is a perfect theme to get an elegant tattoo in bigger size.

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• Why should one go for a feather tattoo design?

Well, more often than not, some people choose a tattoo not because it has some symbolic meaning but they just choose a tattoo design because they think it’s beautiful. And feather tattoo really makes for the most beautiful tattoo designs. If you also have something in mind, and you are looking for a beautiful tattoo design, then believe you me…. Feather tattoos are the most captivating amongst all.

• Number of feathers in a feather tattoo design

Mostly people prefer to go for a single feather tattoo design, but there are many who choose to incorporate more than one feather in their tattoo design. In fact, some even go for an entire wing.

However, the meaning of the number of feathers associated to the feather tattoo design actually depends on the wearer. So, the number is your choice if you are going for a feather tattoo design.

Here are some best feather tattoo designs for you to choose from…….

1. A peacock feather on your ribs

A beautiful peacock feather on your ribs will make for a perfectly eye-catching tattoo design. Especially, when you wear a crop top, the tattoo will stand out!! It will have amazing colors just like peacock feather has in real life.

2. Bluebird feather tattoo on your neck

A bluebird feather tattoos will make a beautiful tattoo design on your neck part. This one will be a little small in size and will look amazingly beautiful.

3. Blue jay feather tattoo under your boobs

Blue jay feather tattoo

The feather tattoo under your boobs will make for a seductive tattoo design. A tattoo design for the ones who really want to seduce their partners…. This one actually makes for a HAWTTTT tattoo design!! Maybe because of its placement

4. Feathers on both your forearms

feather tattoo on both arms

Well, if you want to have a pair of feathers than go for this one. You will have one feather each forearm. The tattoo will look like a pair of feathers.

5. Bluebird feather tattoo on your thighs

Bluebird feather on your thighs Tattoo

Just imagine a beautiful feather on your thigh, it will look mesmerizing when you wear a short skirt or shorts!! Paired feather tattoo on both feet. They are suitable for mini skirt.

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6. Red tailed hawk feather on your inner forearm

Red tailed hawk feather on your inner forearm tattoo

Arm feather actually looks great!! Red tailed hawk feather tattoo design is perfect for well-built forearms. Perfect feather tattoos for men, looks attractive!!

7. A cute feather on your finger

Cute feather Tattoo on your finger

If you can bear the pain which comes on getting a tattoo on a finger, then this one’s for you. Feather tattoo on the fingers looks so amazing…… Especially, if you have smooth long fingers, get it in different colors or maybe just a black feather tattoo will do the needful!

8. A white feather tattoo near your belly button

white feather in your belly button Tattoo

For a sexy belly, a perfect white feather tattoo design. Your white feather tattoo will make for a head-turner design, especially when you will wear crop tops. Let everyone notice your unique tattoo featuring your unique personality.

9. Raven feather tattoo on your back

Raven feather tattoo on your back

If you’re looking for a big feather tattoo, then go for this one as you can extend it to a bigger tattoo design. Raven feather tattoo looks beautiful and very natural as well. This one is most often done in black.

10. Pheasant feather on your ankle

Pheasant feather on your ankle

Tattoos on ankle really look beautiful, if you want to have a feather tattoo on your ankle then go for the pheasant feather. This one looks amazing. And yeah, make sure your feet are spotless… ☺ ☺

11. Feather with birds on inner forearm

Have you ever imagine cute little birdies along with a feather etched on your body. Yeah, the design looks stunning! There will be lot many small birds appearing as if coming out of the feather. Just try it out in color or black.

12. Dream catcher tattoo design on your belly

Feather tattoo on belly

If you really love dream catchers then trust me, a dream catcher tattoo looks beautiful when done on your belly. Go for it!!

13. A colored dream catcher on your shoulder

colored dream catcher on your shoulder Tattoo

A colored dream catcher will make for a wonderful tattoo design on your shoulder. People will love this cute little colorful dream catcher etched on your shoulder.

14. Turkey feather on your forearm

Turkey feather tattoo on your forearm

Turkey is for abundance, and if you believe that you have things in abundance be it love, luck, positivity, etc. then this is the perfect tattoo design for you.

15. Feather with an inspiring quote on your ribs

Rib Feather tattoo

Quotes actually make perfect combination with any tattoo design, and feather is one amongst them. If you want to showcase your true self then combine your feather tattoo with an inspiring quote. It will make for a jaw-dropping tattoo design.

16. Peacock feather with a flute

Peacock feather with a flute Tattoo

You must have seen Lord Krishna’s idol or picture, it will always have a peacock feather. You can have a beautiful feather tattoo design with flute. The design will have a flute and in place of string attached to the flute a peacock feather will be hanging. It looks really cool tattoo design. You can get it done on your wrist, forearm, or neck area.

17. Red feather to represent love and passion

Red feather tattoo design

If you believe in love and passion and want to showcase your traits, then red feather on your forearm will make for a perfect tattoo design. Just trust me!

18. Hummingbird feather tattoo on your wrist

Hummingbird Feather tattoo on wrist

Flaunt love, beauty, and intelligence with this hummingbird feather tattoo design on your wrist. Hummingbird depicts all these features and if you too possess the same, go for it!

19. Eagle feather tattoo on your forearm

Eagle feather tattoo on your forearm tattoo

Eagle feather tattoo symbolizes sacredness, strength, courage, leadership, valor, honor, justice and prestige. If you have all these qualities then think not, go for it. Eagle feather tattoos etched on forearm looks amazing.

20. Twin feather tattoos on ankle or forearm

Twin feather tattoos on ankle or forearm tattoo

Twin feather tattoo design look beautiful. This design will have two tattoos together one bigger than the other. You can get this tattoo in color, or white ink or just in black ink will also look mesmerizing.

21. A colorful feather on your shoulder

Colorful feather on your shoulder Tattoo

If you tend to wear off shoulder dress more often, then a colorful feather tattoo on your shoulder will be perfect design. A beautifully done colored feather looks stunning. It has really soothing hues and so it makes for an elegant piece all in all.

22. A black & white feather on your inner forearm

black white feather on your inner forearm Tattoo

If you are looking for an elegant feather tattoo design then this black and white feather tattoo will be perfect for your inner forearm. Black & white feathers make for a simple tattoo designs that looks amazing on anybody.

23. A rose with a feather

rose with a feather Tattoo

If you want to add some elements to your feather tattoo than nothing could be better than a beautiful rose. Rose tattoos really look amazing and if roses are combined with feather, they make for a perfectly unique tattoo design.

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24. Dove feather tattoo on your shoulder

Dove feather tattoo ideas on shoulder

Just like the bird, feather tattoo also looks cute and beautiful. It is up to you whether you want your feather tattoo in white or make it colorful. Both ways the tattoo will look stunning and gorgeous.

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25. Crow feather tattoo on your arm

Crow feather tattoo on your arm

Believe it or not, crow feathers really make for a beautiful tattoo design. And the best part is crow feathers can be used in variations for making a beautiful tattoo design. So, do not think much, go for a crow feather tattoo design on your arm, and see how people admire you for your beautiful tattoo.

26. Crow feather with small birdies on your rib or arm

Crow feather tattoo

A crow feather when combined with birds it makes for a wonderful tattoo design. You will have a big black crow feather out of which the birds will look like flying out. The design looks amazing. Get this one done on your ribs, so that whenever you will wear a crop top it will be visible to others as well.

27. Strength with feather on your shoulder

feather tattoo on shoulder

If you are passionate about some specific words such as Strength and want to get it etched, then go with a feather along with it on your shoulder and see how beautifully your tattoo design comes out!

28. Crow feather on your back

Crow feather on your back tattoo

A crow feather lying vertical on your back will make for a perfect tattoo design. It is going to be a simple yet beautiful tattoo. The tattoo will look sexy with a deep neck dress. People will love your tattoo design.

29. Arrow & feather tattoo on your forearm

Best Feather tattoo designs

Just like a paired feather design, this one has one feather and one arrow for each hand. The design looks on a nicely built men’s arms. If you too have nicely built arms then this design is for you. Feather tattoo designs on hand.

30. A peacock feather tattoo on your spine

peacock feather on your spine

Spine tattoos are a bit painful as they are done on spine, but believe you me spine tattoo makes for a wonderful tattoo design. Just get a peacock feather done on your spine starting from your neck region towards lower back. It will look amazing design!

31. A feather with a pen nib on your arm

Feather with a pen nib tattoo

More often than not, Feather tattoos symbolize different features as found in birds like truth, courage, bravery, freedom, travel, intelligence, beauty, and many more. This tattoo with a pen nip at the end of the feather will be ideal for both men and women especially when worn on the visible areas of the body like your arm.

32. Twin feathers near your ear

Twin feather tattoos

Ear tattoos make for a sensual tattoo designs. This design will look amazing near your ear. Perfect tattoo design for women.

33. A colorful peacock tattoo on the chest

Colorful Feather tattoo design

A colorful feather really looks cute when done on the chest. If you are fond of having something sensual on your body then this cute, beautiful, miniature feather tattoo will look amazing on your body.

34. Peacock feather on your ear

Peacock feather tattoo on ear

It may sound a bit bizarre to you, but trust this one is going to be the sexiest tattoo design you will ever have. And the placement is amazing. This peacock tattoo will be done on the ear, and it looks amazing.


These are just a few feather tattoo designs. If you want you can be creative and come up with your own feather tattoo design. Every feather tattoo will be an individual work of art and hence it will surely carry a very personal and intimate message.

Some feather tattoo designs are very distinct and elegant and are able to effectively reflect your character. I’m sure the list will help you finally decide your favourite tattoo design. Also, besides these, you can create your own designs. Or you can alter these designs using your favourite elements to get a beautiful feather tattoo…

Thanks for reading…..

Happy tattooing… ☺ ☺

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