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100 Creative Graffiti Tattoo Designs – Font & Art Graffiti

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100 Creative Graffiti Tattoo Designs – Font & Art Graffiti

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A Graffiti is an art in form of writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without approval and within public view. It can be a simple written statement or an intricate wall painting. they are often flashy and exciting.

Graffiti art has existed since ancient times with the earliest shreds of evidence in places like Egypt, Greece, and Rome. There these inscriptions and drawings can be seen on the walls of the ruins.

Graffiti design is a street artwork created by spraying colors through pressure color cans. The designs may consist of alphabets in different creative and flashy fonts or some graphical images using the same color spraying technique. Whatever the technique is they look cool and badass making them a great choice for a tattoo design.

Graffiti tattoos are the latest trend and men and women are happily trying these assumed vandalized designs on their body. It is illegal to draw graffiti on public places in some countries making this tattoo category more interesting and popular.

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