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130+ Attractive Hip Tattoo Ideas For Girls & Women

Hip Tattoos

130+ Attractive Hip Tattoo Ideas For Girls & Women

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If there is any tattoo design which is most intimate to us is a hip tattoo, if you want to have a tattoo design which is visible only to you or someone closest to you. Hip tattoos are very beautiful, private, blissful, and awe-inspiring.

Hip tattoos are very popular among women as they love to engrave themselves with awesome tattoos on hips, making them look more beautiful and sexier, with a blissful design on their flawless skin.

For men, hip tattoos are more like an extension to their other tattoo designs such as thigh tattoos, rib cage tattoos, chest tattoos, belly tattoos, etc. Men go for bigger tattoo designs rather than minimalistic tattoo designs, opted by girls.

People go for various tattoo designs while going for tattoos on hips, such as mandala tattoo, rose tattoo, animal tattoo, bird tattoo, dotwork tattoo, quote tattoos, Lion tattoos, bird tattoos, etc. Among all these tattoo types, the one which is more popular is:

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