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How to Choose The Perfect Piercing For Round Faces: 7 Steps


How to Choose The Perfect Piercing For Round Faces: 7 Steps

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Piercings are declarations of style and uniqueness, not merely ornamental embellishments. To accentuate your inherent attractiveness, selecting the ideal facial piercing for your face shape is crucial. People with round faces might achieve definition and balance by choosing a piercing that accentuates their features.

This in-depth guide will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting the ideal piercing for a round face, making sure that every addition highlights your distinct facial form.

Here is a Step by Step Guide for Selecting the Piercing for Round Faces

Step 1: Understand Your Face Shape

The first step in choosing a pleasing piercing is to understand the form of your face. The soft, curving lines that define a round face have almost equal breadth and length. A broader forehead, large cheeks, and a softly rounded chin are indicators that your face is round.

There are many techniques that might assist you in precisely determining the form of your face, such as measuring your face with a tape measure and tracing it in a mirror. You may start looking at piercing choices that would enhance your natural facial characteristics by determining the shape of your face.

Step 2: Research Piercing Options

After you’ve established that you have a round face, it’s time to investigate the wide variety of piercing possibilities. A round face might benefit from some piercings that provide definition and the appearance of length. The lobe, helix, and tragus are common ear piercings that may direct attention upward and give the illusion of being longer.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, nose piercings like the septum or nostril may also be a good idea. Lip piercings like the Monroe or labret can provide the face balance and symmetry. Make sure each piercing harmonizes with the characteristics of your face by carefully considering its size and location.

Step 3: Consider Placement and Proportion

How a piercing interacts with your face structure depends greatly on its placement. A more balanced appearance may be achieved by carefully placing elements to accentuate or lengthen the face. For instance, a helix piercing put higher on the ear may provide the appearance of length, and an eyebrow piercing slightly elevated on the arch can give the face more verticality.

It’s also important to think about how the piercing fits into your face; piercings that are too big or too little might seem out of place. Consult a skilled piercer who can suggest the best location for your selected piercing, taking into consideration your distinct face characteristics.

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Step 4: Speak with an Expert Piercer

When selecting the ideal piercing for your face shape, consulting a competent piercer is imperative. An experienced piercer will know how to deal with various facial shapes and may provide helpful advice on what piercings are best for a round face.


In addition to discussing your aesthetic preferences and evaluating your face characteristics, they may suggest piercings that will accentuate your inherent attractiveness. A skilled piercer will also guarantee that the procedure is carried out in a clean and safe manner, reducing the possibility of problems and guaranteeing a satisfying experience.

Step 5: Consider your comfort and personal style

Selecting a piercing that improves the shape of your face requires considering your comfort level and sense of style. Choose jewelry that complements your appearance and brightens your complexion. Whether it’s big pieces or little studs, invest in jewelry that embodies your individual taste.

Your first concern when selecting a piercing should also be comfort; seek for components that are simple to wear and won’t interfere with your daily activities. Considering comfort and style, you may choose a piercing that not only complements your personality but also improves the form of your face.

Step 6: Upkeep and Care

A quick healing process and problems with your new piercing are ensured by appropriate care and maintenance. Follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions exactly, and to prevent infection, clean the piercing often with a mild saline solution. Avoid too much touching or rotating the piercing to encourage healing and lessen the possibility of pain.


Furthermore important is keeping the piercing away from harsh chemicals or treatments that might irritate the skin. If you take proper care and attention of your piercing, you could enjoy it for years to come. Everything will heal up beautifully.

Step 7: Accept Change and Try New Things

To get the ideal piercing appearance for your round face, don’t be scared to try out various types and locations. To achieve a distinct and customized look:

  1. Think about combining several types of piercings.
  2. Recall that piercings are adaptable jewelry that may be changed out to fit various settings and emotions.
  3. Accept the chance to use your piercings as a creative outlet to express yourself, whether you choose a modest stud or a large, eye-catching item.

In conclusion, your comfort level, preferred style, and facial characteristics all need to be carefully considered when selecting the ideal piercing for a round face. You may choose a piercing that accentuates your inherent attractiveness and goes well with your distinct personality by using the step-by-step instructions provided in this article.

Always seek advice from a qualified piercer, give careful upkeep and cleaning first priority, and accept the variety of piercings as a way to express yourself. You may confidently and stylishly highlight your uniqueness and draw attention to your best features with the perfect piercing.

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