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30 Bold Black Panther Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Bold Black Panther Tattoo Designs

30 Bold Black Panther Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

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As soon as you hear the name black panther, you would imagine the dark and powerful characteristics of this animal. It is one of the reasons why people are attracted to black panther tattoos because they symbolize many things.

People also wish to get black panther tattoos due to the popularity it has gained through animated movie characters like Bagheera, cartoon characters like Pink Panther, and even the Marvel character of Black Panther.

Apart from all these reasons, Black Panther tattoos look very bold and powerful. Some people get it inked even for this very reason.

Whatever your reason might be, Here are some great black panther tattoo ideas for your next permanent ink appointment.

What Does The Black Panther Tattoo Mean?

Any tattoo has its meaning according to its characteristics. Similarly, the black panther tattoo’s meaning can be derived from the characteristics and overall appearance of the animal. If you are thinking to get a tattoo then you need to first know what your tattoo will symbolize.

Black Panther Tattoo on Elbow

A black panther has many contrasting characteristics and so your tattoo could mean many things. The black panther tattoo depicts strength, adroitness, and masculinity. This is because of the animal’s characteristics to hunt its prey.

Black Panther has a very dark pigmentation due to which it seems hidden and barely visible in the jungle. Your black panther tattoo could also depict your inconspicuous personality.

Black Panther is among the wild cats and is very ferocious so your tattoo can also show your ferocity, boldness, and courage.

As mentioned earlier, the black panther has a contrasting personality. While it may be ferocious to its prey, it is very protective of its young ones. You can get a black panther tattoo to symbolize loyalty, guardianship, and caring nature.

There are many ways to get a black panther tattoo to symbolize one of the above things. Let’s look at some of the kinds of black panther tattoos.

What Are The Kinds Of Black Panther Tattoo?

1. Traditional Black Panther Tattoo

Traditional Black Panther Tattoo

Traditional Black Panther Tattoo Design

A Traditional black panther tattoo is among the most popular tattoos since ancient times. During World War II this tattoo gained popularity and many people got it inked.

Traditional Black panther tattoo is an image of a crawling and roaring black panther. The outline is made of black color and some radiant colors like red and yellow are used to fill it up. You can even go for a completely black jaguar tattoo which looks very classy.

2. Tribal Black Panther Tattoo

Tribal Black Panther Tattoo

Tribal Black Panther Tattoo Design

Tribal Black Panther tattoo is a unique way to blend culture into what the black panther symbolizes. It can be used to show the connection with the culture and the values it carries. Tribal Black Panther can symbolize spirituality, honor, strength, and valor.

Apart from its tribal nature, the tattoo also looks very ancient and extravagant.

3. Japanese Black Panther Tattoo

Japanese Black Panther Tattoo on Shoulder

Japanese Black Panther Tattoo

A Japanese Black Panther Tattoo has many natural elements in it like colorful flowers, green leaves, and other Japanese elements. These elements elevate the whole black panther tattoo and give a great background for the main element i.e. the black panther. The Japanese black panther tattoo is very vibrant looking and depicts delicateness as well as strength in one tattoo.

4. Geometric Black Panther Tattoo

Geometric Black Panther Tattoo

Geometric Black Panther Tattoo Design

Geometric tattoos are made of geometric lines and shape such that it accentuates the main object. Geometric tattoos have become popular since two decades. These tattoos look very unique and aesthetic. The lines and shapes create a sharpness that will make the black panther look sharper and bolder.

You can get inked a geometric black panther while keeping the eyes natural. The tattoo will look strikingly bold and unique.

5. Black Panther Eyes Tattoo

Black Panther Eye Tattoo

Black Panther Eyes Tattoo Design

Black panther tattoos can be huge. But you don’t have to necessarily get the whole panther tattooed to express something. It is said that “eyes can speak a lot of things” Same goes with this tattoo idea. The black panther eye tattoo is very expressive. The eyes alone can symbolize its characteristics. Create a tattoo with eyes as the main character in the tattoo and keep some of the facial features so that it can look like a panther. Vibrant eye colors will uplift the whole look of the black panther. Blue eyes can depict loyalty, care, and guardianship while Green eyes can depict strength and ferociousness.

6. Black Panther Paw Tattoo

Black Panther Paw Tattoo

Black Panther Paw Tattoo Design

Black Panthers have some features that can alone justify what the animal’s characteristics are like its dark pigmented body, eyes, roar, and claws. The black panther paw tattoos are inked normally on the arm to signify something to the people who see it. The paw design should be chosen carefully that it should show the real meaning behind it.

Which Body Part Can You Get A Black Panther Tattoo?

7. Black Panther Forearm Tattoo

Panther Tattoo on Forearm

Black Panther Tattoo Design on Forearm

The best place to get a black panther tattoo is on the forearm. The tattoo is made for signifying something to the viewers and the forearm is the perfect body part to give full visibility to the tattoo. You can get any kind of tattoo on your forearm, it could be a small paws or eyes tattoo or a full black panther tattoo as well. Apart from visibility, this area is also lesser painful than other body parts.

8. Black Panther Chest Tattoo

Black Panther Chest Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo on Chest

A black panther chest tattoo is ideal for men. The chest tattoo has to be large enough otherwise it will neither look good nor signify anything. If you are looking to get a large tattoo then you should get a black panther on your chest. People usually get a traditional black panther tattoo on the chest. You can also go for a tribal black panther tattoo and “Keep culture close to the heart”

9. Black Panther Back Tattoo

Black Panther Back Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo on Back

Another great part to have a black panther tattoo is the back. The back acts as a whole canvas and gives space to create beautiful art. The Japanese and Traditional tattoos can suit well on the back and you can choose to include as many elements as you want in the background.

10. Black Panther Thigh Tattoo

Black Panther Thigh Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo on Thigh

Black panther thigh tattoo looks very bold on both men and women. A geometric black panther tattoo on the thigh is a very unique and modern tattoo idea that you can use. The thigh is a little painful area but the final result will leave you very satisfied. The best part is that you can get any kind of black panther tattoo on your thigh.

Unique Black Panther Tattoo Ideas

11. Black Panther With Other Animals

Black Panther Tattoo With Other Animals

Black Panther with Tiger Tattoo

Animals are beautiful creatures and each with distinct characteristics. You can get a black panther tattoo with other animals to describe you as a person. The whole tattoo can depict your soft and bold characteristics. This kind of tattoo looks very thoughtful and beautiful. It will surely leave people asking you about it.

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12. Black Panther And Woman

Black Panther and Woman Tattoo

Black Panther and Woman Tattoo Design

Black panther and woman tattoo looks very bold and feminine. It shows the ferociousness in women and how a woman can achieve anything. It shows the strength and power a woman beholds in her. To elevate the whole tattoo the woman can also be shown as a goddess. It will look incredibly mighty on whoever wears it.

13. Black Panther Tattoo With Text

Black Panther Tattoo

Natural elements go well with black panther but what expresses more than words? You can ink text with your black panther tattoo. It looks interesting and distinctive. You can write texts like “fearless”, “stay strong”, “unbreakable”, “undefeated”, etc.

14. Black Panther Tattoo With Knife

Black Panther Tattoo With Knife

Black Panther With Knife Tattoo

Is the black panther alone not enough for you to showcase your strength and virility? The black panther with a knife will look very bold and it looks artistically amazing.

15. Half Black Panther Tattoo

Half Black Panther Tattoo

Half Black Panther Tattoo Designs

This tattoo idea is for those people who love to blend two unique things and create something so meaningful and eye-pleasing. Although the black panther tattoo has been around for hundreds of years, it can still be made into something no one has seen. You can make half a black panther face and the other half could be any complementing or contrasting objects like a flower, human face, or even the marvel black panther face.

16. Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

realistic black panther tattoo


Choose the design carefully and be aware of what your tattoo signifies. Apart from being a meaningful tattoo, a black panther tattoo is also a good idea to cover up the existing tattoo. Choose from this wide variety of black panther tattoo ideas and create something which is the best suited for you.

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