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120 Best Heart Tattoo Designs with Meanings for Men and Women

Best Heart Tattoo Designs

120 Best Heart Tattoo Designs with Meanings for Men and Women

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Heart tattoos look so beautiful no matter what. These tattoos look really wonderful on any part of the body be it neck or wrist, they make a perfect tattoo design. Many people choose to have heart tattoo etched on their body. No matter how regular they sound, but they make for a perfect tattoo design.

If you are also looking to know more about a heart inspired tattoo design, then read this post till the end.

Hearts have always been popular tattoo designs amongst both men and women to get. And the reason for it is that they are a symbol of love. Heart tattoos not only represent love, but also adoration and compassion for the loved one. Some people go for heart tattoo design in order to show their love for the person, whereas some go as their heart got broken.

Heart tattoo designs for couple

Well, reason for getting a heart tattoo can be any. More often than not, heart tattoos are relatively smaller in size. However, you can get them in big sizes as well. One can associate any meaning to a heart tattoo. Each heart tattoo represents something unique and different about the person and about the design as well. Heart tattoos can be etched in any size, with or without additional elements, in any color be it red or black or white, in various shapes and styles, and in any part of the body.

Even one can get a heart etched along with a name of the loved one or with any quote or message about the loved ones. Also, a heart tattoo can be etched for anyone, not necessarily for your partner only. For instance, if you want to show your love for your mom, you can get a heart tattoo for her or for your sister or father. Actually a heart tattoo is associated with someone near and dear to your heart.

The best part of having a heart tattoo is; you can go creative to any extent! You can create your own heart tattoo design and make it as meaningful as possible. There are a lot of heart tattoo designs such as:

The Broken Heart Tattoo

Broken Heart Tattoo

These tattoos represent a broken heart due to a broken relationship or because of losing your loved one. People who want to flaunt their broken heart or emotions or are pained by the event most often go for this design. As, the design represents deep pain and sadness one goes through due to the broken relationship.

Black Heart Tattoos

Black Heart Tattoo

Black heart tattoo meaning: Black heart stands for something sad or mournful in life. People getting black tattoos are usually suffering from pain of some loss, loss of their loved ones. In fact, they can have additional elements such as name of the person, flowers or angel wings etc.

Mandala Heart Tattoos

Mandala Heart Tattoo

Too many hearts when clubbed together can make a beautiful intricate designs. Mandala tattoo designs are colorful and intricate designs which look really great. These tattoos are actually for the ones who want to have heart in an intricate manner that looks unique and different. The design looks detailed and gorgeous that has irregularities in the mandala design which differentiates it from other mandala tattoos.

Celtic Heart Tattoos

Celtic Heart Tattoo

Celtic heart tattoos symbolize strength and unity. Celtic heart tattoos not only for a beautiful tattoo design, but also they can be etched in many different shapes and styles. There are four different patterns famously associated to a Celtic heart tattoo designs namely; crosses, knots, spirals, and step work.

Dagger Heart Tattoo

Dagger Heart Tattoo

Dagger heart tattoos has always been popular amongst warriors as it simply represents courage and bravery. However, dagger heart hand tattoo also reveals the negative side of one’s personality and that is pertains to a long struggle, grief or sorrow in one’s life.

Flaming Heart Tattoos

Flaming Heart Tattoo

Flaming heart tattoos are more passionate if compared to any other tattoo design. Flaming heart tattoos simply represent the passion and love one shares with your partner. The ones who get this tattoo design actually wants to flaunt their strong passion and love for their partners. The flames on the heart tattoo simply symbolize the burning love, compassion, and desire one has for his/her loved one.

Lock and Heart Tattoos

Lock and Heart Tattoo

Well, not every heart tattoo is negative heart tattoo. Yeah, heart tattoos do have positive meaning too just like lock and heart tattoos. These lock and heart tattoos represent a very positive message to others. More often than not, people choose this heart tattoo design to represent their strong love for one another, especially when they simply want to announce that there is only one person in their lives who have the right to unlock their heart.

Realistic Heart Tattoo

Realistic Heart Tattoo

This is for those who look for badass designs for their body. More often than not, people do not choose this design, as they prefer to have the symbol for heart rather to have the realistic heart tattoo design. So, if you think you are amongst those who want to have something extraordinary on their body, then go for an original heart tattoo design. Realistic heart tattoo designs just like the original heart have colors in it, thereby making it look more realistic as a real human heart. Hand make for a perfect place to have realistic heart tattoo design. You can try!!

Sacred Heart Tattoos

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred Heart tattoos are mostly added or paired with other elements such as a pierced sword, a crown, thorns, or an angel. Usually, this design will have burning symbols around the tattoo design. This one is a symbol dedicated to Jesus Christ specifically. It simply represents faith of Catholics in Christianity. People often choose this design so as to flaunt their faith and love for their religion.

Quote Heart Tattoo

Quote Heart Tattoo

Well, this one really looks mesmerizing! Quote tattoos really make for a popular tattoo designs. And when a quote is done to make a heart, it does look unique. This tattoo design simply represents one’s feeling for his/her loved one via a quote in the shape of a heart. One can choose any quote that can represent the true feeling of yours for your partner.

Stitches Heart Tattoo

Stitches Heart Tattoo design on arm

There are several tattoo designs that are meant to flaunt the unique and different side of your personality. Stitched heart tattoos are one amongst them, they simply represent different meanings. These tattoos represent how a broken heart gets healed, no matter how hard those experiences have had impacted the person. Also, the stitches on the heart represent the loss of a loved one or may be the broken heart.

Tribal Heart Tattoos

Tribal Heart Tattoos design

However, tribal heart tattoos do not represent anything specific as such, but because these tattoos make for a beautiful design – they are widely popular amongst both men and women. It’s one of a kind tattoo design that most people love to have, as they help add a personal message to the tattoo. Adding a personal message always gel well with a heart tattoo. The best part of tribal heart tattoo design is – there are numerous tribal heart designs to choose from that can be merged perfectly with different other designs.

Peace symbol inside heart

Peace symbol inside heart tattoo

This heart tattoo has the peace symbol inside the heart. Peace and love symbol really makes for a cute tattoo design that can be etched anywhere. It can go with any skin tone.

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Winged Heart Tattoos

Winged Heart Tattoos on back

Heart tattoos along with wings really make for a perfect tattoo design, and if done on the back or nape they look really great. Well, the wings which are often used with the winged heart tattoos are bird wings or angel wings, both look perfectly fine. Wings always represent freedom and free spirit. One can have wings added on their heart tattoo just to show his/her freedom and free spirit.

Wings attached to the heart symbolizes pure joy and love. People who are free within and are bound by nothing in their lives always prefer the idea of having winged heart.

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Heart in a Circle

Small Heart Tattoo in forearm

A heart in a circle looks really cute tattoo design. This is a little heart tattoo and can be done anywhere from neck to ankle.

An Outlined Heart

Simple Tattoo Designs for girls

If you are looking for a sweet and cute tattoo design on your body, then this is the one to go with. This little outline heart looks really sweet, simple, and adorable. Perfect for those who want to have a tattoo but do not want to flaunt it often.

Heart Beat

Heartbeat Tattoo

Heart beat tattoo looks mesmerizing on your wrist, as you can have this one in the form of a bangle and the heart between the beats look amazing….. The tattoo can be done either in black color or in the combination of black and red.

A White Heart

White heart Tattoo on Finger

Yeah, hearts are not white in colors… But believe you me, a small heart filled with white ink will look stunning on your finger or on your wrist. This really makes for an eye-catching tattoo design.

Heart Beat with a Tiny Heart

tiny heartbeat tattoo

Heartbeat symbol looks mesmerizing on neck along with the heart with it. Heartbeat symbol really look cool especially if done on your neck near the ear. Heart beat simply shows your love for your partner. Let her/him know your love for him/her.

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Two Hearts Together

Two Hearts Together heart tattoo

The double hearts in this tattoo design really complement each other, this one is a great design for the ones who are looking for a small cute heart design. These two hearts can be associated to you and your significant other. ☺ ☺

A Heart with Wings

heart tattoo with wings on wrist

This design will have a simple heart that will have added wings from both sides. The design looks super cool on the nape, neck, wrist, shoulder, and thigh.

Simple Heart on Your Chest

Simple Heart tattoo on girl's shoulder

Heart tattoos on the chest area looks amazing. Girls who want to flaunt their sexy off shoulder dresses, can have this tattoo in black. It’s a small tattoo in black or you can have it in red also.

The Swirling Heart

Swirling Heart tattoo

This is a perfect tattoo design for girls… This one looks beautiful as it has swirls around the heart. The heart can be filled wither with black ink or red, it makes for a unique tattoo design, try this out!!

A Tiny Red Heart

Tiny Red Heart Tattoo on Wrist

A tiny, in fact the tiniest red colored heart looks really wonderful, and the best part is this one can be placed anywhere on the body. If you want to flaunt it place it on your wrist or finger, or want to keep it hidden then near the ear is the perfect place for it.

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The Fiery Heart

Fiery Heart tattoo

This one is a little larger tattoo design, which is not only big, but also fiery. If you are also looking for some bigger tattoo design that too which has heart, on your neck then this is the one for you to go ahead with.

A White Tiny Heart Tattoo

White Heart tattoo on forearm

This tiny white heart tattoo looks delicate and cute, one can get it on wrist, neck, shoulders and even on the leg. Suitable for all skin tones.

Infinity with a Heart in it

Infinity tattoo with Heart

Infinity on your foot that too with a heart in it, an amazing idea for a wonderful tattoo. Easy to hide tattoo because it is small in size. This tattoo will symbolize your infinite love for your partner. The tattoo is mostly done on hands, legs, waist, neck and shoulders.

Sprinkling Hearts

sprinkling Heart tattoo ideas

This one also makes for a sweet tattoo design. It is made up of fluttering hearts which look really beautifully crafted together in a unique design.

Heart with Roses

Heart tattoo with roses on back

A heart with roses around makes for a great tattoo design. This one is a bit larger in size as it has roses along with the heart. You can have roses in any color of your choice to make your tattoo more beautiful.

The Musical Heart

Musical Heart Tattoo Designs on wrist

Have musical notes ending with the heart on your wrist and just flaunt it to the world. Trust me, this cute tattoo design looks stunning… Try it out!!

Intertwined Hearts

Intertwined heart tattoo

Intertwined heart tattoo design looks perfect on the wrist. This design will have only the outline of the heart shape. It is a perfect example of the eternity heart.

Love Inside The Heart

Best Heart tattoo designs

Yes, now you love someone a lot and there is no harm in displaying the love….. This heart tattoo will have the word LOVE inside the heart that too in stylish font. It is a simple yet very beautiful tattoo design and can be done anywhere.

The Stitched Heart

Stitched Heart Tattoo on Wrist

This one really, I’m telling you really looks great. This design is simple and do not have a lot of details in it. You can get this one in any color of your choice.

Splashes of Love

Splashes Heart Tattoo designs on forearm

This heart tattoo will look like a watercolor splashed on your skin in that part of the body. This is an eye-catching design, which you will definitely love all your life. This design can be done in any color of your choice.

Half a Heart

Half a Heart tattoo on nape

Half a heart makes for an elegant and classy tattoo design. Looks really great near the ear or on the nape of the person. Placement will actually matter in this tattoo. This is simple yet beautiful design, especially for young girls.

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The Lifeline that ends with a Heart

The Lifeline that ends with a Heart tattoo

The lifeline along with the heart at the end of the heart symbolizes great love and passion. If you think you have somebody in your life, who you have dedicated your life to, then this tattoo is for you.

A Quote Ending With A Heart

heart tattoo with quote

A beautiful tiny heart that ends with a quote will be an amazing tattoo design done on the forearm. This design will make for a sober yet beautiful tattoo design that will be admired by everybody, who so ever will see it.

A Quote in a Shape of Heart

Quote shape heart tattoo on back

If you have a special quote, you can have this quote etched on your body in shape of heart. Believe you me this one really looks perfect. You will love your simple and elegant tattoo design forever.

Crown Your Heart For Being So Lovely… ☺

crown heart tattoo

This crowned heart tattoo design is a simple and a very beautiful tattoo design. This tattoo will have a crown on top of the heart that will look mesmerizing.

Heart Filled with Stars

Heart tattoo Filled with Star

A heart that’s filled with stars makes for a perfect tattoo design. Also, the best part is you can be very creative while using both the two elements the heart and the stars to make your own tattoo design. Your tattoo will look gorgeous.

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Love with Music Symbol

Heart tattoo with Music Symbol

Those who love music, will love this tattoo with a music symbol on a heart. Music with love create wonderful tattoo designs just like the love music itself.

A Dotted Heart

dotted heart tattoo design

An elegant and a very simple tattoo design… If you are looking for something classy and elegant then this dotted heart tattoo design will perfectly go well with your desire. This one is really very beautiful tattoo design.

A Heart With An Arrow

Heart Tattoo with Arrow

Well, this one is very old design, people used to draw this when they had broken heart. The arrow which goes across the heart actually symbolizes the pain one gets being in love. If you want to display your pain in love, go for it.

Origami Heart

Origami Heart Tattoo on Arm

We all know origami art right…??? But this time we have to use it in the tattoo, origami tattoos look as beautiful as the art itself. If you want something unique for yourself, then go for this one.

The Crying Heart

Crying Heart tattoo design

Up to you absolutely, if you think that is what you are looking for, then it’s good to go with. This design will have a large heart that tears in it. This design is colorful as many colors can be used to make it look beautiful.

A Message Inside the Heart

Message Inside the Heart tattoo

This heart tattoo design represents hope and love one has for the partner. One can have his/her favorite message etched inside the beautiful heart. It really makes for a perfect tattoo design.

Love Deep

Love Deep HEart Tattoo

This is a beautiful tattoo design that represents your immense love and your strong faith on love. The design will have a heart in which LOVE DEEP will be mentioned. This one looks cool.

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A Lock & Key Heart tattoo

Lock Key Heart tattoo

This lock and heart tattoos represent a very positive message to others. It represents strong love. It’s a perfect way to announce your love for that one person you love the most. The one who have the right to unlock their heart.

A Broken Heart

Broken Heart tattoo copy

This heart tattoo will be in bright red color that will look like a stitched on your skin. This tattoo design is perfect for the ones who have got their heart broken.

A Heart with the Needle and Thread

Heart tattoo with the Needle and Thread

This tattoo design looks amazingly beautiful on your forearm. The tattoo has a heart along with the needle and thread. It will appear as if the heart is stitched with thread.

A Flaming Heart

Flaming Heart tattoos

This one is on a larger side. This tattoo is done in bright red color that has flaming at the top. The flaming heart tattoo simply symbolizes immense passion and intense love of the person.

For the Love of Family

FAMILY written in heart tattoo

A heart that has FAMILY written inside will simply represent your intense love and bond with your family. This tattoo is specifically for those for whom their family really matters a lot and they want to flaunt it to the world.

Diamond in Heart Shape

Diamond in Heart Shape tattoo

Diamond tattoos already look beautiful, just imagine if your heart is made in diamond shape. This tattoo design looks beautiful on both male and female. And this can be done in large size or small size, howsoever you want.

Heart with Doves

Heart with Dove back tattoo

This one is again is outline tattoo that has outlined dove (s) appearing like holding the heart. This tattoo really looks beautiful.

Heart Initials

heart initials tattoo

If you want to be more creative and want to flaunt your love to your partner then get the heart tattoo created with your initials. A lovely design to go with.

An Anchored Heart

Anchored Heart tattoo

Whether you love sailing or not, but this tattoo will make a unique design on your body. Beautiful and elegant!!

The Heart for the Loved One

Heart tattoo for the Loved One with date

Tattoos like this simply represent the loss of a loved one. It contains the broken pieces that represents grief along with the name and date that work as reminder.

A Hanging Heart

Hanging Heart Tattoo

A hanging heart however, is for symbolizing a broken heart, especially to represent the death of a loved one. But, it can be made stunning by simply making it as an anklet or a neck piece that has a heart hanging on it. This will look good.

Two Sides of a Heart

Two Sides of a Heart Tattoo

This one is for the couples specifically, this small heart tattoo will only be complete when the two will be together as both will have one part of the tattoo.

A Ribbon Heart

Ribbon Heart Tattoos

Heart made up of ribbon will again be a simple yet beautiful tattoo design. If you think you want a bigger heart tattoo then this one is good to go with.

The Black Heart

Black Heart tattoos

Usually, the black heart represents a broken heart or the loss of a loved one. And mostly people get it etched on their body to show their pain or as a reminder of their broken heart or relationship.

The Dripping Heart

Dripping Heart tattoo

A dripping heart tattoo will appear as if the ink is spilling from the heart. It represents immense pain and ache in the heart. It can either be done in color or black ink.

Two Broken Pieces of Heart

Two Broken Pieces of Heart tattoo

This tattoo looks simple and beautiful. You can get it done in two colors. Also, the tattoo will have only outlines and no filling. The design will look good on your wrist or forearm.

Love for Mom

Love for Mom heart tattoo

If you want to display your love for your mom, then this one’s for you. It’s a beautiful tattoo which looks good on anyone irrespective of their age.

A Sun with Heart

Ssun with heart tattoo

How about having two beautiful elements together to get a beautiful tattoo design. This one is such, it has only outlines and nothing else. But the heart clubbed with sun looks mesmerizing.

A Heart with Flowers

Heart tattoo with Flowers

This tattoo will look like a pencil sketch. It has beautiful flowers surrounding the heart. This looks cool.

Heart Tattoos With Names Inside

heart tattoos with names inside


Heart tattoos really make for a wonderful tattoo designs. One can get these tattoos to simply flaunt their love and emotions for their partner, parents, siblings, friends, etc. Heart tattoos are not limited to any specific relationship in this world.

More often than not heart tattoo designs are preferred by girls and women. Also, one can easily hide or flaunt his/her heart tattoo whenever he/she wants. These tattoos can be done either on wrist, nape, na, shoulder, forearm, ankle, finger, thumb, tummy, waist, chest etc. Wherever you get it done, the tattoo will look perfectly fine in that place.

Happy Tattooing……… ☺ ☺

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