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World’s First-Ever Remote Tattoo, Drawn by a 5G-Powered Robot

World’s First-Ever Remote Tattoo, Drawn By A 5G-Powered Robot

World’s First-Ever Remote Tattoo, Drawn by a 5G-Powered Robot

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Whatever seemed impossible is becoming possible now. Can you ever imagine a remote tattoo?


Well, read this post until the end then!

With the advancement in technology, even tattoos can be etched remotely. According to the latest news, the world’s first-ever remotely needles tattoo was drawn in real-time by a 5G-powered robotic arm.

The remote tattoo was etched into the skin of actress Stijn Fransen by a robotic arm. The 5G-powered robot was being controlled by tattoo artist Wes Thomas in another location. The entire remote tattooing process was recorded and showcased in an impressive 3-minute documentary-style film.

Remote Tattoo drawn by rorbot

The video featured everything, from the moment the team took on the project, configured the robotic arm to the tattooist Thomas taking his needle and prodding a mannequin arm, thereby making a robotic arm tattoo on Fransen’s forearm remotely and in real-time. The robot first performed inking on the fake skin and vegetables to ensure the needle was penetrating at just the right depth.

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The tattooist drew the design on a mannequin arm while the robot copied his motions with a needle on Fransen’s forearm. Thomas was closely involved throughout the inking process so that the engineering and tech team could know what was needed to accomplish such a task successfully. A number of steps were to be accomplished before inking on the real arm.


Actress Stijn Fransen looked happy to receive this one-of-a-kind tattoo. It’s not easy to trust new things, especially a machine; hats off to her trust and guts! The 5G-powered robot was developed by the very innovative team of Mill’s tech.

T-Mobile’s 5G network proved to be efficient enough in the process – as there were no delays between Thomas prodding the mannequin’s arm and Fransen, in a remote location, receiving her minimalist tattoo from the robotic arm.


Speaking about his experience of remote tattooing, Tattoo Artist Wes Thomas said, “It’s skin it’s not plastic. It’s alive. So when you touch it with a needle, there’s a chance you’re going to cut it up.”  

In a statement, Noel Drew, who developed the tattooing robot arm, said, “Firstly, we needed to work out how to track the tattoo artist’s movements and detect when he was making contact with the surface of a fake practice arm and transmit this data over the 5G network. Secondly, we had to develop a robotic platform that could receive this data in real-time and control the robot’s movements in relation to the human arm. Thirdly, we needed to develop a deep understanding of the fine details of tattooing.”

WOW!! Technology is making the impossible possible ☺ ☺ 

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