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How to get rid of Tattoo Scarring & Tattoo Blowouts?

How to Get Rid of Tattoo Scarring and Blowouts

How to get rid of Tattoo Scarring & Tattoo Blowouts?

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Tattoos have become style statements in the present scenario. These are the permanent marks revealing your choices, thought process and your life style. Henceforth it becomes very important to take extra care and consider the minute intricacies related to the entire Tattoo process from selecting a Tattoo design, its size, placement & and of course last but not the least selecting the Professional Tattoo Artist. Minor look out can land you in deep troubles and you may end up getting a Tattoo Scar and Tattoo Blowouts. Are you aware of what is tattoo Scaring and Tattoo Blowout?

Hold On Let us brief you!!

  • Tattoo scars are basically the condition which shows the symptoms of inflammatory tattoo lines, reddish patches on the tattooed skin, distorted tattoo colors during or after the healing process of getting a tattoo.
  • Sometimes a tattoo gets blur and the ink colors merge unintentionally making it a spoil spot. This is known as a tattoo blowout making it desirable for you to get rid of.

But what are the reasons that lead to a Tattoo Scarring & Tattoo blowouts? Let’s check out!!

  • The Major reason for both the unwanted conditions is the negligence on the part of tattoo artist during the tattoo process when the tattoo artist inefficiently needles deeply into the skin layers or needle at the wrong angle causing the tattoo ink disperse undesirably through the skin layers.
  • When the tattoo is drawn on certain body parts which has a very sensitive and thin skin like fingers, toes, wrist, ankles etc.
  • Unnecessary Stretching and pulling the skin too much while tattooing and also during the healing process may lead to Tattoo Scarring & blowouts.

Since tattoos are the lasting marks, it is difficult to fix up a scar or a blowout. Though there are some ways which can be a savior for you for avoiding the baggage of carrying the mess forever.

>> Cover-up Tattoo with Merging design & Background

Cover up Tattoo with Merging design Background

Once you have a blowout, catch hold of a professionally expert tattoo artist who will skillfully adds up the designs, colors and background to the blow out tattoo hiding the blur lines and the merging colors tactfully. Though this alternative will be sort of re-tattooing which will cost on pockets and time.

>> Conceal with Cosmetic Make- up

Conceal with Cosmetic Make up

Though this is a temporary alternative but it can be handy to hide a blowout tattoo where the ink has not been dispersed immensely and which can be easily covered up by primer, Corrector, concealer and foundation which matches the skin tone.

>> Have patience & let it fade

Have patience let it fade

At times, there is a minor blowout and the ink dispersal is less. Such blowouts will be negligibly noticeable. With the passage of time, it will fade leaving the tattoo clean and clear. Again, sometimes bruises after tattoo are taken up as blowouts by some people. In this case bruises will heal up with the passage of time making the tattoo a clear one.

>> Medical Removal

Medical Removal

The scars & blow outs can also be medically treated by laser removal treatment. Consult the Dermatologist or best professional in the very field for the best results.

But Prevention is always better than cure.

So Always approach a professional tattoo artist to avoid such situations!


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