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Inner Lip Tattoo: All You Need to Know!

Inner Lip Tattoo & Everything About It!!

Inner Lip Tattoo: All You Need to Know!

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Are you shocked or skeptical on hearing the about the inner lip tattoo? Well, don’t be!! And don’t consider it to be the weird place to get inked too. Because it one of the place trending to get inked at the moment. Not only the inner lip tattoo but the lip liner tattoos are trending up as well. And by the way, let us confront you with the fact that though the process of inking the tattoo is same but they are not the permanent ones!! Yes, you heard us right!! They are not the permanent ones and last from 1 to 5 years only.

So if you fall into the category of the people who love to get inked as a piece of remembrance of a memorable moment or dedicate the tattoo to the loved ones but do not want to regret to carry it for a life-time, it is the right place for inking. Again, this is the safe place to hide the ink from the world and the tattoo is never a spot light unless shown purposely.
But there is lot of intricacies involved related to tattooing one of the most sensitive places. And you should know it all before going ahead for inking. Check out the pro & con of getting the Inner lip tattoos:


  • Easy to Hide:

Easy to hide

Inner lip tattoo can be easily hided from the people. So if you are a shy away personality who is willing to get the tattoo, this can be the best placement area. Again, you need not to worry about the professional commitments too as the tattoo will never be showcased unless you do the favor.

  • Easy to heal:

Easy to heal

The oral environment facilitates the cells to repair naturally which helps the inner lip tattoo to heal fast comparatively.

  • Temporary:

Temporary inner lip tattoo

The healing characteristics of the inner oral environment makes the tattoo last only for 1-5 years naturally. It’s a good deal for the people who do not want to take the baggage forever.

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  • Inner-lips are one of the most sensitive and painful area to get a tattoo.
  • The temporary nature of the tattoo might be the con for few people who want to go through the painful process of tattooing just for once in a lifetime.
  • Under-lip Tattoo is risky one from health and hygiene point of view since the mouth harbors and is exposed to many bacteria.
  • There are very few proficient artists ready for this placement area owing to the health & hygiene risk while tattooing.
  • Small designs, symbols, letters or short words can only be tattoo mandatorily in the inner lip area.
  • Repeat over-tattoos or the touch-ups are required resulting into frequent investments costing heavy on pockets.
  • Eating acidic food like tomato, vinegar, citrus fruits etc may react with the ink and cause irritation while eating.
  • And it might sound peculiar but you need stretch and pull out your inner lip completely while tattooing and any bluff in it will result in a mess!!

Consider wisely & go ahead for an Inner lip tattoo!!

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