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100 Ultimate Medical Tattoo Symbols and Designs

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100 Ultimate Medical Tattoo Symbols and Designs

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A medical tattoo is used to communicate a condition, information, or mark a body location. It was first started by Galen in 150 CE. When he tried to fix the corneal issue by using a medical tattoo technique. Around the 1870s this medical tattooing starts gaining popularity due to the efforts of Louis Von Wecker.

Medical Tattoos serves a variety of medical purposes, such as medical alert tattoos, radiotherapy tattoos, post-mastectomy tattoos. For example, in case of an emergency a medical tattoo indicating that the patient has a medical diabetic condition, because sometimes patient fall into a diabetic coma and is unable to communicate to the responders.

In the US Military, soldiers are inked with their vital information on the side of their rib cage,┬ábeneath their armpit, which helps in identification when needed. These tattoos are known as “Meat Tags”.

Medical tattoos also act as a solution for skin injuries by giving visual improvement. For example, restoration of areola and nipple, reducing scars, and scalp treatments, yielding natural and appealing results. Hence, acting like a big boost for the person both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Medical tattoos generally have two broad categories namely

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