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What is the best time to get a tattoo

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What is the best time to get a tattoo

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Having a tattoo is one of the coolest things that people think about. When it comes to having a tattoo people get excited and hurry up without even thinking whether it’s the right time to get a tattoo or not?

We create our calendars and define the number of hours that we have to devote to a particular thing during the day. There is a direct relationship between getting a tattoo and time. For instance, how much time will the artist take to complete a set of designs? If in this perspective we see that there is a relationship between tattoo and time then let us know what is the best time to get a tattoo.

Factors which determine the best time?

Say a specific time of the week: The best day to get your tattoo is obviously whenever you’re free but there are a couple of things to be kept in mind. If you’re a gym person or an athlete then you should take at least one or two days prior to getting a tattoo. When it’s done take a break for a day or two more to have your tattoo at the correct place without stretching your muscles much. The healing process will take time so it’s best to take rest after the completion.

What time of the day? Wait what? At what specific time should I get my tattoo done? Nothing astrological here for sure. The best time to get your tattoo is within two hours of eating a meal. This is really important as getting a tattoo would cause some pain. If your stomach is full at least 2 hours prior to your tattoo appointment then your body can produce enough adrenaline to reduce any pain that one may have.

What time of the year? (Season) This is the most important deciding factor for your healing process as well as the pain. Suppose it’s a hot summer day, you’re sweaty and the sun is really frying you up. Summer is the worst time to get your tattoo done. The best time to get yourself tattooed is either in winter or autumn as you have enough time for recovery. Also, having your tattoo done in winter or autumn will make you less prone to pain.

What time of your life? This also matter? Yes! It does. In many countries getting inked under 18 years old is not allowed unless you have your parent or guardians permission. Once you’re at your legal age you can get your tattoo done. The best age to get your tattoo done is obviously between 20 to 30 as your body is more flexible in terms of the skin’s elasticity. If you’re doing a tattoo in your late 40s then you might experience more pain.

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Lastly, it varies from person to person. We have many different perspectives roaming around in the world. The only thing that should be taken into consideration is that you should not feel forced in getting yourself a tattoo. Get it according to your lifestyle.

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