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Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Pens in 2024


Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Pens in 2024

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In the past few years, wireless tattoo machines have changed everything in the industry. These tools give tattoo artists a new level of freedom when it comes to movement and flexibility. The market is full of high-quality wireless tattoo machine pens from well-known brands in 2024. We present to you our top 10 best choices list for finding your ideal cordless friend for all your tattooing requirements.

Top 10 Wireless Tattoo Machine Pens

1. FK Irons ONE

FK Irons ONE, a wireless tattoo machine pen that is affordable and also of high quality made by the famous US manufacturer. It gets its power from rechargeable Panasonic lithium-ion batteries where each battery can give you work for approximately 8 hours.


The ONE has an LED that shows voltage with colors, and two buttons for adjusting the voltage from 5 to 12 V in increments of 0.5 V. The special quarter-turn battery hatch makes it quick and simple to change batteries. The cap also includes a feature which separates the battery when you remove it, making sure power cannot be used by mistake.

2. FK Irons Flux Max

The FK Irons Flux Max shows the best in wireless technology from this company. It is a pen-type wireless tattoo machine that uses the enhanced PowerBolt II battery pack, providing an OLED digital screen, working for as long as 6 hours and having voltage versatility of 4-12V.


Artists can easily move around the menu, adjust settings, and alter screen orientation for those who draw with their left hand. The Flux Max comes in three versions having 3.2mm , 4.0mm or 4.5 mm of stroke length to accommodate different types of tattooing methods according to preference of artistes.

3. Stigma-Rotary Force

The Stigma-Rotary Force, a pen-like tattoo machine, has no wires and includes an exceptional dual drive system. It comes with a special Faulhaber brushless motor from Germany that has two shafts. The Force can push cartridge needles with accuracy and strength because of this custom-made component.


The detachable Power Pack has a display, controls and can run 6-10 hours on one charge. It is also equipped with Bluetooth for linking to Stigma’s Pilot footswitch or phone application when they are ready soon. The Force comes in 2.8, 3.7 or 4.5mm stroke lengths to suit various tattooing requirements.

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4. Peak Solice Pro

The Peak Solice Pro is a very flexible and the best wireless tattoo machine pen. It can be adjusted for stroke length over 7 pre-set settings, from 2.4 to 4.2 mm each time you change it up with the twist of a dial at its top end. It can function both wired or wirelessly because of the PowerPack battery included in the package and RCA connection module that comes with it too.


The PowerPack gives power to this machine, lasting up until seven hours while offering voltage range from four volts all way through twelve volts plus having jumpstart of nine volts which helps when using heavier cartridge configurations on your skin artistry journey ahead The PowerPack is also adjustable for use with other tattoo machines, making your setup more versatile.

5. Critical Torque

The Critical Torque is the premiere wireless tattoo machine pen from the famous maker of power supplies and battery packs. It carries an improved Critical Connect V3 battery pack, provides 15 hours of power, a color LED display measuring 1.5″, along with Bluetooth 5.0 capacity.


For quicker, smoother and better outcomes, the custom German brushless motor has Precision Strike Technology; while Vibration Dampening Solution reduces unwanted movements. You can select from 3.5 or 4.2 mm stroke lengths as per your requirements.

6. Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited, the best wireless tattoo machine pen by the brand, is an advancement from the SOL Nova rotary which has been very successful. It is operated using two rechargeable batteries and provides a minimum runtime of five hours.


Frequency adjustment is easy, just hold the button and tilt the machine up for more or down to lessen. The frequency range is from 25 Hz until 140 Hz. This wireless tattoo machine pen can be used in different tattooing styles and it has two operating modes: Steady Mode which gives a hit that’s controlled and consistent, Responsive Mode where you get an experience that adapts more flexibly.

7. FK Irons Spektra Flux

The Flux Max comes after the FK Irons Flux, which was their initial wireless tattoo machine pen. The power of this device is from a detachable PowerBolt battery that can make it last for about ten hours without needing any wires to work correctly – how long exactly depends on what kind of cartridge or voltage you use.


The PowerBolt has three buttons for turning on/off and changing voltage by 0.5 V steps starting at 5 up to 12 V. Flux is equipped with Bluetooth to pair it with Darklab’s app and Hoover power supply, making possible wireless firmware updates. It performs greatly in lining, shading and color packing thanks to its stroke of 4 mm and direct drive feature.

8. Equaliser Neutron

The Equaliser Neutron by KWADRON is a wireless tattoo machine pen made of aluminum. It has a clear digital display and three buttons for operation. The digital screen shows voltage (5-12 V, which can be adjusted in 0.1 V steps), battery level, and time that has passed since the machine was switched on.


The Neutron has two batteries that can be taken out, giving you up to 8 hours for working and a charger which does double duty by charging both batteries at once. The new Printed Circuit Board in the Neutron is better for stability and resistant to damage compared with its previous version.

9. Inkjecta Flite X1

The Inkjecta Flite X1 is certainly the best wireless tattoo machine pen, filled with features that give you the most freedom of movement. It has two changeable and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries which can offer as much as 8 hours running time for continuous use.


The voltage (4.5 to 16.5 V) and needle depth can be smoothly changed by artists through the user-friendly on-board controls. This best wireless tattoo machine pen contains two special nanotechnology motors: one for driving it and another motor to adjust needle depth; it perfectly works well with cams and needle bars from Flite Nano range.

10. Dragonhawk Mast Archer

Dragonhawk Mast Archer, it is one of the best wireless tattoo machine pen that gives strength without noise. The Mast Archer has a direct drive motor with no give, which means it can handle the largest liner and shader cartridges. The advanced gear system helps to implant ink smoothly and quietly for best healed results.


This wireless tattoo machine pen is offered in two stroke lengths, either 3.5 or 4.2 mm. It includes two detachable grips, an LCD screen for displaying information such as voltage and battery life; its working voltage range spans from 5 to 12 V and it can run on a single charge for up to eight hours before needing recharging again.

Bottom Line

In making a decision about which is the best wireless tattoo machine pen for you, look at things like voltage that can be adjusted, how long the stroke is, battery life and general performance. The ten machines shown above are among some of the very best available in 2024. They cover different tattooing styles and tastes.

If you are new or already experienced with tattoos professionally, buying a top-quality wireless tattoo machine pen will greatly improve your tattooing experience and outcomes too. As the technology keeps growing, we can anticipate a rise in creative and effective wireless solutions.

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