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10 Best Tattoo Artists in France


10 Best Tattoo Artists in France

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Are you in search of a professional tattoo artist in France? If yes, you’re reading the right post! There are several tattoo artists in France who create stunning body artwork. They possess immense talent and are known to create tattoos in numerous styles, including realism, black work, tribal tattoos, traditional tattoos, and so on. Most of these artists are known as body artwork gurus! Each tattoo artist is creative and unique in etching a tattoo design. From traditional to contemporary tattoos, these tattoo artists will make your preferred design a reality.

If it’s your first time getting a tattoo design in France, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of the best tattoo artists in France for you to choose from. They are well-experienced and skilful in creating unique and outstanding tattoo designs. So, keep reading this article as we delve into the best tattoo artist in France!

Let’s get started…

Best Tattoo Artists in France

Here’s our list of the best tattoo artists in France, along with their unique tattoo specialties. Take a look…

1. Miguel Taguet

At number 1, we have Miguel Taguet. He is one of the best tattoo artist in France, and he is famous for his unique tattoo ideas. He’s from Saint Chamond, Loire, France. He’s an expert at creating stunning tattoo designs.

He specializes in colour tattoo styles, realistic portraits, and black and grey styles. He’s a passionate tattoo artist who pays attention to every detail to provide his clients with the best tattoo designs. Miguel travels around the world doing what he loves the most. The beauty of his tattoo designs shows his professionalism as a tattoo artist. His body artwork is largely recognized. Feel free to book your tattoo session with Miguel, even if it’s your first time.

2. Sandy Riffard

Sandy Riffard is another tattoo artist in France who has been tattooing for over fifteen years. He’s a very talented tattoo artist who specializes in macabre hyperrealism, color, black and grey, and horror tattoo styles. He is also known for creating horror-inspired art.

His skill in creating unique tattoo designs has made him popular in the world. He’s now known as one of the most talented tattoo artists across the globe. He’s also an expert in creating stained glass-inspired tattoos. He is known for his exceptional talent for crafting captivating tattoo designs; He carefully selects his clientele to create unique tattoo designs. Most of his clients travel from afar to get a tattoo design etched by Sandra.

3. Veks Van Hillik

He’s a highly skilled tattoo artist known for creating stunning body artwork. He is based in Toulouse, France. He’s an expert in creating amazing tattoo designs around folded limbs on the body. He uses different techniques to create a tattoo design.

Veks specializes in black and grey, color, surrealism, freehand, and blackwork tattoo styles. He is known for giving his tattoo designs a magical touch. He’s talented in creating unique tattoo designs. Veks uses the natural folds of the body limbs to hide some parts of the tattoo. He’s skillful in using freehand techniques to create eye-catching tattoo designs. He gives close attention to his client’s choice of tattoo. If you want a tattoo around folded limbs, then Veks is your best bet.

4. Laura Satana

Laura Satana is a talented tattoo artist based in Lyon. She’s been tattooing since 2003. She owns a tattoo studio named Pointe Noire. She specializes in neo-traditional and illustrative tattoo styles. She often incorporates bold colors and intricate details into her tattoo designs.

Laura’s unique artistic vision and technical skills have earned her recognition in the tattoo industry. She keeps a clean and conducive environment for her clients. She always prioritizes her clients’ safety and overall health that’s the reason she follow all the measure required to create a tattoo. She gives attention to every detail of the tattoo design she creates on the client’s skin.

5. Maison Métamose

Here’s another talented tattoo artist with uniqueness in creating modern designs from modern to classic tattoos. He is based in Paris, France. He’s an expert in creating captivating tattoo designs from the life stories of his clients. He brings life to every tattoo design that he creates.

Maison specializes in color, black, author style, surrealism, linework, and abstract tattoo styles. He ensures you are relaxed and comfortable while getting your tattoo design. He is passionate about his job, so he pays attention to every detail.

6. Mathilde Coq

Mathilde Coq is another highly skilled tattoo artist based in Paris, France. She has a studio named La Bête Humaine in Paris. She is known for creating beautiful tattoos using clean lines and a striking contrast technique. She specializes in blackwork and linework tattoos. In addition, she also specialises in creating bold and graphic tattoo designs.

If you love nature-inspired tattoos, animals, and mythology tattoos, book your tattoo session with Mathilde. Her tattoo designs look very real and attractive. She also maintains a clean and welcoming environment in her studio.

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7. Eliot Kohek

Next on the list of the best tattoo artist in France is Eliot Kohek. Kohek has earned a huge name in the industry for his unique tattoo designs. He is known for his expertise in creating timeless designs, demons, zombies, and horror tattoo styles. Most of his images created using black ink look incredibly luring and lifelike.

He has been tattooing for over ten years, and his passion for body artwork keeps him going. Kohek’s tattoos often pay homage to classic tattoo imagery like skulls, horror, and anchors. If it’s your first time getting a tattoo and you want a skull tattoo, book a session with Kohel. He is one of the most sought-after tattoo artist in France.

8. Rémy B

Rémy is yet another wonderful tattoo artist in France. He is one of the best tattoo artist in France. He is based in Marseille, France. He is an expert in creating breathtaking tattoo designs. His tattoos feature intricate linework, subtle shading, and a sense of depth and atmosphere.

He specializes in ornamentals, black, and author-style tattoos. Often, his name appears at the top when it comes to Japanese tattoo patterns. In addition, he specializes in creating floral-inspired tattoos that look so attractive. He has a large tattoo studio that’s clean and attractive.

9. L’oiseau (Franck Solers)

Another highly skilled tattoo artist in France is Franck Solers, popular as L’oiseau. He’s based in Collioure. He has been tattooing for over 10 years, and his unique skills speak for him. He specializes in black, author style, and sketch tattoo styles.

He is a very passionate and dedicated tattoo artist. When it comes to selecting a tattoo artist who specialise in black, author style, and sketch tattoo style, Franck is your best bet. Most tattoo lovers travel to France for a tattoo session with Franck. Don’t hesitate to book a session with him!

10. Jordan Corneil

Last but not least is Jordan Corneil. The guy is known for creating incredible tattoo designs. If you’re searching for a tattoo artist whose expertise is to ink tribal and botanic tattoo styles, Jordan is an expert! He is based in Lyon, France. He is popular in the tattoo industry.

Jordan specializes in black, blackwork, botanic, and tribal tattoo styles. He is friendly and also welcoming. You won’t regret having a tattoo session with him. His tattoo designs are eye-catching!

Wrapping it up…

So, these are 10 highly skilled tattoo artists in France that you may want to consider for your tattoo design. These are just a few examples of the many talented tattoo artists working in France. Each tattoo artist brings their unique style, vision, and expertise to their craft. Choose the artist who is an expert in creating the type of tattoo image you want. To begin, you can visit their website and read reviews. A little bit of research and advanced work can help you get a design that you will cherish all your life.

EXPERT TIP: Choose your design and placement very well in advance prior to picking your tattoo artist in France. Based on your design and the artist’s specialization you can pick the right tattoo artist for your design.

Happy Tattooing… 😊😊

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