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35+ Inspirational Buddha Tattoo Ideas

Small Buddha Face tattoo on Back

35+ Inspirational Buddha Tattoo Ideas

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Buddha tattoo is the representation of Buddhist symbols, deities, and mantras. Buddhist tattoos are not merely a piece of decoration; they are sacred symbols that replicate the great spiritual leader’s teachings of all time. Besides the followers of Buddhism, countless other people who believe in Buddha and his teachings, get a Buddhist tattoo done.

There are many Buddhist symbols to choose from, like Parasol, two Golden Fish, Dharma Wheel, Conch Shell, Lotus, Banner of Victory, Vase, and Eternal Knot. Besides, you can also get Tara, eight spokes, Mahakala, mantras, Zambala, mandalas, laughing Buddha, etc. etched on your body

Since Buddha tattoos are considered sacred, make sure you get it etched anywhere above the waist. Getting it etched below your waist can hurt Buddhist people’s sentiments, which is not wise. You can have a Buddha tattoo sleeve, upper back Buddha tattoo, etc. But below your waist is not permissible.

Meaning of Buddha tattoos

Buddhism is one of the largest and renowned religions in the world. It attracts millions of people from around the globe and has followers from different parts of the world. Buddha tattoos are directly linked to Buddhism.

Buddhist tattoos not only represent the path to enlightenment but also give positive value to an individual’s life. The spiral symbols represent the twists and turn in life, and the straight lines symbolize the state of enlightenment, peace, and harmony. And the dots at the end of each symbol represent death — the complete cycle of a person’s life from nobody to becoming a mindful and enlightened soul.

Buddha Tattoo Ideas

Here is the list of the best Buddha Tattoo Designs for you:

Small tattoo designs

face of Buddha tattoo

Cherry Blossom Buddha Tattoo Designs

floral with buddha tattoo for guys

Realistic Buddha Tattoo

  • The Parasol Tattoo – A traditional Buddhist symbol that represents both protection and royalty.
  • The Conch Shell Tattoo – The conch symbolizes the awakening.
  • Two Golden Fish – This is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. The two golden fish, Ganges, and Yamuna represent swimming freely and crossing the ocean of problems
  • The Lotus Flower – It represents the purity of the body, mind, and spirit.

Smiling Buddha with lotus tattoo

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  • The Victory banner – This symbol signifies Buddha’s enlightenment as he conquered over lust, passion, pride, and the fear of death.
  • The Endless Knot Tattoo – This is one of the most famous symbols in Tibetan Buddhism, also referred to as the ‘Mystic Dragon.’ It represents the infinite wisdom and compassion of the Buddha for all living organisms.
  • The Treasure Vase Tattoo – Also known as the ‘wealth vase,’ represents the wealth of Buddha’s teaching and his never-diminishing generosity and compassion.
  • The Dharma Wheel Tattoo – The wheel of Dharma or Dharmachakra represents the eightfold path.
  • Laughing Buddha – It represents good luck.

beautiful Buddha and lotus half sleeve tattoo

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The Bottom Line

Buddha tattoos are sacred symbols, so don’t look at them as only a decorative thing. And if it is just for the look, get some other tattoo design. But if you wish to have Buddha tattoo design, then don’t get it below your waist. You can get it etched on your arms or upper back so that you are not hurting anybody’s sentiments.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺


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