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Can Tattoos Cause Cancer

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Can Tattoos Cause Cancer

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The art of tattooing is quite popular today. Nearly 3 in 10 people have a tattoo; as yet, most people disparage the art. There are myriads of the reason people stigmatize tattooing; the most popular reason amongst all is tattoo causes cancer.

Well, if you also feel so, then you need to read this post until the end. I will walk you through all the possible health risks; besides, I will tell you whether or not a tattoo causes cancer.

Here we go…..

Does tattoo cause cancer?

People worldwide associate tattoos with severe illnesses, like cancer. If you also think the same, then let me tell you that tattoo doesn’t cause cancer. Yes, you read it right; tattoos don’t cause cancer. Moreover, there’s not enough evidence to make any claims about tattoos causing cancer.

The application of a tattoo or if a tattooist does not follow hygiene standards may transmit other diseases, like skin infection, HIV, Hepatitis B virus, etc., but tattoo being the cause of cancer is the rarest of the case.

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That is why people stress more on getting inked by only reputable tattooists. Going to some random tattooist may increase the chance of getting an infectious disease. Always make sure that you go to a salon that follows safety standards religiously.

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Of course, tattoos don’t come cheap, but going to a reputable tattooist can save you from many problems in the future.

Yes, it is right that tattoos come with health risks of their own, but these risks are mild and manageable.

Health Risks Associated With Tattoo Art

More often than not, people encounter redness, soreness, and some swelling in their newly etched tattoos. All these reactions are normal after you get a tattoo. However, not every person who gets a tattoo gets these reactions. Every person will react differently to tattooing.

All these are harmless symptoms. These reactions are common as your skin is pricked with a needle multiple times. Usually, these reactions disappear in 3 to 7 days. But, if you do not get rid of these reactions in this time frame, it’s good to visit your skin specialist or a tattoo artist.

Sometimes these reactions take time to go if you do not follow the aftercare routine. So, it is important to follow your aftercare routine religiously. If you don’t listen to your advice, you may develop severe skin problems, like rashes, blisters, bumps on the skin, chills, fever, or pus on the tattoo.

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People Developing Bad Reactions

Then, there is another category of people who develop infections or allergic reactions in the days, months or even years after getting a tattoo. This could happen because of some already existing medical issue or any skin problem.

Tattoo New Swollen reactions

If you think you fall in this category or have some skin disease, then the best way to avoid bad allergic reactions is to get tested before getting a tattoo. Meet your dermatologist before you plan to get inked. Remember, “Prevention is always better than cure.” Follow this rule to have a healthy life!

Avoid Getting Tattoos From Unhealthy Salons

A salon that practices unsafe tattooing or uses dirty equipment is not your go-to for the tattoo. You never know how complicated the whole thing gets later, or you may be at the risk of developing severe illnesses. You may consider a cheap tattoo parlor for your ink; what if the tattooist there uses tainted tattoo ink? Inks tainted by bacteria can cause severe illnesses, including skin reactions and blood-borne diseases.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a reputable tattoo parlor. Doing so will always help you have peace of mind.

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What To Do In Case Of A Tattoo Reaction?

The first thing that you should do in case of a bad reaction is calm down. Do not panic. Panicking over the situation won’t help you much.

Secondly, immediately visit your dermatologist or tattooist. As said earlier, these reactions are normal when the tattoo is new. In case of an old tattoo, you should not delay visiting a specialist.

The third step that you should take is – follow your doctor’s advice religiously.

Lastly, be relaxed and happy that you took the right action at the right time!!

Bottom Line

No, tattoos don’t cause cancer. Some symptoms like redness, soreness, etc., are normal after a tattoo. You don’t need to worry about them. However, if they continue to stay the same, you should visit a specialist. Also, it’s always good to keep a check on your tattooed skin for any allergy or reaction.

The tattoo is a beautiful way to represent your personality. All you have to make sure is get it done by a reputable tattooist. Doing so will make you avoid any complications in the future. That’s all!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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