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Why Tattoos Are Expensive?

Why Tattoos Are Expensive - Tattooed Girl

Why Tattoos Are Expensive?

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Tattoos are expensive because they simply meant to be like that. This means there are several reasons based on which tattoos prices are determined. If you’re wondering how much tattoos cost, and why they cost so much, then you are on the right platform. Here we are going to share with you the reason why tattoos are expensive.

Here we go…….

Just like hairdressers, tattoo artists also set their own rules and guidelines for setting tattoo pricing. However, it majorly depends on the type of tattoo, location, and number of hours involved in the artistry. Almost all tattoo artists price their work based on the time, skill, and products needed to perform the service you have requested.

No tattoo studio can give you pricing beforehand unless your tattoo is pre-designed and sized there. Each tattoo artist will need to understand your requirements before determining the cost of your tattoo. Instead of having doubts about tattoo cost or compromising on an artist just because of the prices, it’s better to consult with the artist and understand the level of involvement the work will take along with the expense.

Primary Considerations

The following are the underlying considerations placed into account while quoting the final cost of your tattoo.

1. Result: The primary reason why tattoos are expensive is that the results are permanent. Yes, your tattoo is going to stay for a more extended period on your body. Hence, it becomes essential that it should be etched by a professional with a good reputation and work experience.

2. Location: Of course, a tattoo can be placed on any part of your body; however, some locations are more difficult to ink; based on that, your artist may raise the final price of your tattoo.

3. Size: Another critical factor that affects the final pricing of the tattoo is the size of your tattoo. Larger the size of the tattoo, the more the price will be. Yes, your tattoo artist will decide the price based on the size of the tattoo. Larger tattoos take longer, which means you will have to pay more as the time taken will also increase.


4. Colors: Tattoos can be done in either black, grey, white, or colorful ink. However, if budget is a constraint for you, then it’s always good to go for a black tattoo. Tattoos that involve a lot of colors cost high. Colorful inks are expensive than the black one, and that’s the reason prices are raised based on tattoo color. The more unusual the tattoo, the more it will cost.

5. Design: Tattoo design plays a vital role in deciding the cost of a tattoo. An intricate tattoo design will always cost you more than the one with simple detailing. For instance, if you go for a simple symbol or shape, like heart, it will cost you lesser than an intricate mandala design. A simple piece of flash art will not require as much detail as an intricate tattoo design does. So, make sure you choose the size of your tattoo wisely.

6. Flash or Customized Design: A simple piece of flash art will always cost you lesser than the customized tattoo design. For a customized tattoo design, you will have to pay more as the artist will be investing time to create a customized tattoo design for you. If budget is a constraint for you, then be sure you already have a piece of flash that you love.

7. Quality: Last but not least, if you are looking for quality work, then definitely you will have to pay more. Know that quality work doesn’t come cheap! Yes, good and reputable tattoo artists will always charge higher than other artists.

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Besides, the money that you give for a tattoo, only a portion of it goes to the artist for his/her work. And rest of the money goes to the shop to cover things like rent, utilities, insurance, licensing, spore tests, sterilization, supplies (both medical and office), and all the other stuff it takes to run a tattoo shop.

Of course, you can get a tattoo for a much lower price by going to a less reputable tattoo artist. But keep in mind that such a tattoo artist hardly follows the laws regarding the requirements to run a licensed tattoo studio. This means they are highly unlikely to be following the letter of the law in regards to cleanliness as well. Moreover, there is no guarantee of good and quality work as well. You may end up having a disappointing piece of body art that you may regret later. Remember that removal of a tattoo is not that easy, so there is no point going to some random tattoo artist.

When it comes to the cost of a tattoo, it is simple – the better the job, the more its worth, and the more you pay. If budget is a constraint for you, then it’s always good to avoid getting inked sooner and at a lower quality than required just to save a few dollars. Your tattoo is going to stay for a more extended period than you can imagine; hence it’s better to save for quality work and get it done when you have money for good work.

So, these are the reasons why tattoos are expensive. If you want, you can also consider changing the location or details of your tattoo if you think prices are high because of these two. And if that seems impossible, then the best to save money.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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