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Face Tattoo: A Forthcoming Trend

Face Tattoos A Forthcoming Trend

Face Tattoo: A Forthcoming Trend

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Tattoos are the everlasting stains engraved beautifully on the various parts of the body. I repeat – On the various parts of the body!! But have you ever thought in the wildest of your dream to get a tattoo on the face? Face – A part of body which can never be concealed or covered with clothes too!! Yes. U heard us right!! Face tattoo are going to be a new sensation with the tattoo lovers.

Are you the one whose body is totally masked with tattoos and still want to get one more? Are you the one who care the damn for others and want to makes a bold statement? Then, gear up yourself for the Face Tattoos – A new trend in the tattoo industry.

Face tattoo

Rock-stars, rappers, musicians and big shots of the entertainment industry are the trend setters for the Face tattoos. The reason is crystal clear- Their popularity, riches and fame permits them to experiment the face tattoo show without fearing to lose a job in the corporate. Did you had a glimpse of Post Malone’s forehead tattoo – STAY AWAY & tattoos under his each eye saying ALWAYS TIRED? And Justin Bieber’s tiny under-eye Cross? Many artists like them have opened up a new era of face tattoo in the tattoo industry.

Do you want to join the trail of trendy face tattoo: Give a second thought for a while before going ahead!!

  • The face tattoos are difficult to cover up by any means. You need to be bold enough to carry it throughout your life without any hesitation. People might stare you, judge you and ask you questions – but you should have the guts to keep your head high audaciously under any circumstances.
  • Your profession should permit the showcase of face tattoos. Corporate world and the white collar jobs will not entertain the painted face and you might have to lose the job keeping your pockets empty.
  • If you are a first timer, we would suggest you to get the tattoos on the other parts of the body first, get accustomed with the stains and then go for the bold face tattoos.
  • You must consider people’s perception towards face tattoos if you are a social animal. Earlier, face tattoos were considered as a taboo and the sole right for it rested with the famous gangsters or the celebrities. Though the scenario is changing now and even the common people are getting into it.
  • Though it started with few, many famous names like Mike Tyson & Charles Manson have also joined the league and it’s not a big deal for neo rappers, musicians & the sports celebrities to spot their aggressiveness in the form of face tattoos. Undoubtedly, there is a rising trend of FACE TATTOO in the tattoo industry.

Ponder well, Ink your FACE and join the trendy league!!

Happy Bold face tattoos!!

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