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30 Sexiest Garter Belt Tattoo Designs for Women

Garter Belt Tattoo Design for Women

30 Sexiest Garter Belt Tattoo Designs for Women

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Whenever a tattoo bearer picks a tattoo design, he or she is looking for visual appeal as well as significance. While males choose tattoo designs that emphasize power and virility, women prefer designs that emphasize sensuality and grace. Garter tattoos are a type of design that has both of these characteristics and may make a lady seem and feel attractive.

The garter belt, an item worn by a lady to support her stockings or underwear, is the foundation of a garter design tattoo. Garter belt tattoos aren’t as common as other tattoos because they’re positioned on the thigh. Sorry, guys; this is mostly a female phenomenon, though males have used them as well.

From the eighteenth to the early twentieth century, there were no elastic fabrics, therefore stockings had to be kept up by a solid’ material garter. This was donned below the knee at the time. Garters were fashionable throughout the Victorian era and were popular until the early 1900s. Garter tattoos have taken their place nowadays.

You might be shocked to learn that garter belt tattoos are far more common than many female tattoo designs. This is not only due to the fact that garters are regarded as fashionable and attractive, but also due to the fact that the tattoo design appears much better than actual garters.

The reason behind getting the Garter Belt Tattoo:

The fact that the garter tattoo can be made in so many various ways is one of the key reasons for its popularity. You may purchase one that appears like a garter you already possess, one that you created, or even one that is made to look like a garter but has an entirely different aesthetic. With garter patterns, you can be as imaginative as you want.

Garter Belt Tattoo

Women sometimes select garter tattoo designs based on their particular fashion preferences, which has the extra bonus of complementing the majority of what they wear. This might be one of the reasons why these tattoos are so popular. It’s fantastic to be able to get a fashion tattoo that you know you’ll love for the rest of your life. It not only ensures that you have complete control over the design process but also considerably reduces the likelihood that you would regret getting the tattoo later in life.

One of the reasons why some ladies get garter tattoos is to feel sexy all of the time. Even when they aren’t feeling particularly sexy, knowing that the artwork is on their leg provides them that additional push of confidence they require. A garter tattoo might be a terrific option for you if you’re seeking a tattoo design that will brighten your spirits when it feels like the whole world is trying to drag you down.

Garter tattoos are popular among women not only for their sensual appearance but also to demonstrate their pride in being female. Because they are usually worn by women and offer them a true sense of power, the garter might be considered one of the finest emblems of femininity. Garter tattoos may also be readily blended with other feminine tattoos by including those components into the garter design.

The garter tattoo is often misunderstood to imply that the person who has it is promiscuous. While this may be true in certain situations, the garter merely indicates that the lady is at ease in her own flesh and enjoys the sensation of being seductive. It doesn’t mean anything other than what the tattoo’s owner wants it to mean. You should not be afraid to get a garter tattoo because you are concerned about what others will think of it.

Women get garter tattoos for a number of reasons, but one that appears to be quite popular is the ability to hide them during the day and “let loose” whenever they want. They usually go high up on the thigh, so they will only be visible when their owners want them to be visible.

Garter Belt Tattoo Designs:

1. Simplistic Garter Tattoo Design

Simplistic Garter Tattoo Design

For those who appreciate the classic style, a classic, original, and unmodified garter will always be stylish. The basic garter design is identical to the original garter in that it wraps all the way around the thigh and is uniform in pattern, shape, and color.

2. Lace Garter Tattoo Design

Lace Garter Tattoo Design

The first garter belts were made of delicate and elegant lace, and the lace pattern is still popular among ladies who want to seem more appealing. Lace has always been linked with sensuality, which is just what a lady seeks in a tattoo design. Lace garter tattoos are often quite complicated, and only a skilled tattoo artist can successfully execute such a design.

It might be done in traditional black or the artist could use brilliant colors; either way, the lace garter patterns are sure to be attractive.

3. Derringer Tucked in Garter Tattoo Design

Derringer Tucked in Garter Tattoo Design

This was a frequent practice in the untamed west when females had to be capable of protecting themselves against harsher conditions. The juxtaposition of the feminine garter vs the lethal rifle lends a particular spark to the design.

4. White Colored Garter Tattoo Design

White Colored Garter Tattoo Design

A lovely white garter belt tattoo is a feminine and lovely tattoo. The ribbons and jewels add a great finishing touch.

5. Garter and Ribbons Tattoo Designs

Garter and Ribbons Tattoo Designs

A ribbon was added to the garter material to offer some individuality and to boost the efficacy of the garter belt. This increased the tension in the garter while also breaking up the monotony of the basic colors; you could do the same with your tattoo.

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6. Knife and Garter Tattoo

Knife and Garter Tattoo on Thigh

Some ladies carried a derringer in their garter belts, while others carried a knife instead. This is another amazing design option among garter-style tattoos that ladies of substance adore.

7. Scarlet Band with Garter

Scarlet Band with Garter Tattoo

The addition of a charming red ribbon wound around the pistol and tucked into the garter makes this tattoo design much more fascinating.

8. Tight Lacing Garter Tattoo Design

Tight Lacing Garter Tattoo Design

This pattern is popular because the tattoos are smaller and consequently less complicated, making them simpler to conceal. Lacing is used to tie a corset into place in fashion, emphasizing the female body; as a result, the lacing garter belt tattoo may be utilized to represent absolute femininity. The meaning of these tattoos has developed to be more provocative as they are generally put on the thigh.

9. Jewel with Garter Tattoo

Jewel with Garter Tattoo

Some ladies who wish to add a feminine touch to their garter designs might do so by adding jeweled features such as colorful gemstones to original garter designs.

10. Black Garter Tattoo Design

Black Garter Tattoo Design

Black is a terrific color for garter belt designs, and you can make it even more special by incorporating white into the pattern and adding a charming bow. To make a larger effect, make the bow wider.

11. Knot Design in Garter

Knot Garter Tattoo Design

Because the original garters were entire and continuous, no knot was required. Garters, on the other hand, were embellished with knots that tied either end of the garter and drew emphasis to the knot rather than the garter itself. The same could be said of the garter tattoo since it makes the tattoo stand out even more.

12. Wand in Garter Tattoo Design

Wand in Garter Tattoo Design

A wand hidden under a lovely purple garter thigh tattoo reveals a woman’s secretive and whimsical side!

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13. Pink Garter Tattoo

Pink Garter Tattoo

A lovely feminine pink garter belt intended to seem slightly scary, complete with a little cute but deadly derringer, elevates this design above the usual.

14. Garter Belt with Accessorise

Garter Belt Tattoo with Accessories

As the garter belt became increasingly popular in the past, women began to employ it for a variety of purposes. If you’ve ever seen a spy movie featuring a female agent, you’ll notice that they utilize the garter belt to holster their weapon, and oddly enough, this is the most prevalent attachment in any garter belt. There is absolutely no limit to what you may put on your garter belt, and you can put anything on it, from a crucifix to a dagger.

15. Suspender Clips Garter Tattoo Design

Suspender Clips Garter Tattoo Design

The separate suspender clips are perhaps the simplest variant of the garter belt tattoo. Suspenders fastened to the cloth around the waist can also be used to hold up a garter belt. Because we can’t employ all of the complicated components in a tattoo, simple suspender clips are used instead.

Because the tattoo’s placement makes it highly personal, you should pick the colors, accessories, and knotting that you enjoy most. Remember to consider the location; if it’s too low, it’ll be exposed every time you wear a short skirt unless that’s the look you’re going for.

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