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How Tattoos Are Represented in Online Gaming Industry

Tattoos Are Important to Players of the Online Gaming Industry

How Tattoos Are Represented in Online Gaming Industry

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For thousands of years, people have painted their bodies and celebrated the concept of tattoos. Permanent drawings have been used as amulets, status insignia, professions of affection, emblems of religion, ornaments, and even penance. They can be simple, complex, or anything in between. Not much has changed in people’s perception of tattoos, and most of these things are applicable even today on many different occasions. Today, huge parts of our lives are happening online. Socialization, self-promotion, business, and even hobbies have shifted online. One of the fastest-growing hobbies is online gaming and tattoos found their place even there.

The Significance of the Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming is generating a huge income, having people join the fun every day and beating records in growth annually. If you are interested in video games, you can find different titles released every month on gaming platforms. If top online casinos in Canada pique your interest, make sure to explore the options on Bestonlinecasino.com, as you will be amazed by the offer. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about video gaming or online gambling at the top online casinos Canada has to offer. They are both important for people.

Both aspects are elevating the industry and offer players something that wasn’t on the table before – a chance to play the content from anywhere you want while interacting with people placed all around the world. That aspect of having fun while socializing is bringing many subjects to players, and an important topic is tattoos for sure. So many people are deciding to color themselves with a tattoo that is either important to them or to look better. And the people from the gaming industry, especially from Canadian online casino sites recognized this.

The Gambling Community Is Superstitious Sometimes and Tattoos Help

You certainly heard or seen some gamblers talking about lucky charms or other superstitious beliefs in a movie or while you are playing at Canadian online casinos. The unlucky number 13, the position a player has at the table, the lucky color red, or even the specific numbers such as 7 for example in some cultures. Online Casinos Canada offers are full of players with similar beliefs. And how are bad omens beaten in many cultures all around the world? With good luck charms. Throughout human history, in every tribe on every continent and at different times of our civilization tattoos were used as lucky charms.

Which Are Lucky Tattoos in the Gambling Community?

Defining one’s luck is both a personal and general concept. Numerous symbols are personally important to a player, bringing some memories or experiences that a person finds lucky himself. But there is also a widespread acceptance of symbols that bring luck to a person wearing them. Depending on what your preferred games at Canadian casino sites are, you can make your selection of the appropriate tattoo. And tattoo artists are getting more original and creative with various options for a beautiful choice for your body.

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Players who love card games, and there are so many of those on the top Canadian online casino, love the Ace of Spades. The iconic card, also known as Death Card, is recognizable as the strongest one in the deck. Poker players are inviting Royal Flush with a tattoo on their body. Others love the dice, as the symbol of taking a risk, most often as a part of the beautiful sleeve tattoo. Lady Luck has a special place on the body of gamblers of the best online casinos Canada offers, as the beautiful woman invites good fortune to players. Fans of slot games can have red cherries tattooed to invite the jackpot, but they should be aware that the origin of cherries dates back to winning the big prize on lotteries.

Characters Optimization in Video Games With Tattoos

So many developing studios recognized the chance to attract players with a chance to create and design an avatar at the start of the game. It makes the gaming experience a little more personal and the connection to the game title more intimate. They included changing the color of the eyes, different hairstyles, and body shapes but soon everyone recognized tattoos as an integral part of a player’s wish to present themselves. The oldie classic Skyrim from 2011 has recognized this preference by the players, the same as GTA: San Andreas, God of War, Dragon Age: Origins, Sims, and many more that still nurture this fetish of the players.

God of War Character - Characters Optimization in Video Games With Tattoos

Developing Iconic Characters in Big Video Game Titles That Are Recognizable by Their Tattoos

Besides allowing the players to create their characters with some cool ink on them, game studios went a step further and defined their main characters in the video games by their tattoos. And the gamers love it! One of the most anticipated games, God of War Ragnarök, and its leading character Kratos couldn’t be imagined without his red tattoos in memory of his brother Deimos. Desmond Miles, the main character of the first titles in one of the most successful games franchises Assassin’s Creed bears cool ink on himself. And who can forget the discreet and awesome bar code on the neck of Agent 47, The Hitman himself? The older generations will certainly remember the tribal tattoos of Jin Kazama from the Tekken 3 game, symbolling the devilish version of himself.

AR Tattoos Are a New Hit

You may add more significance and fun to your tattoos by superimposing virtual objects with augmented reality tattoos. This is accomplished by integrating sophisticated computer vision abilities into a certain app that utilizes a specific gaming engine, which is used to build augmented reality applications. It can recognize items and find its way about in physical conditions as a result. All that is required once the augmented reality tattoo software has been developed is a picture that the app can quickly recognize. The image is then uploaded into the gaming platform Unity and all that is left is to choose a marker and display a tattoo.


The best online casino Canada has for players is understanding the fact that tattoos are a part of the gambling world. Video games have accepted the importance of them by incorporating tattoos into popular titles. All that is left is to pick the ones that suit you the most and enjoy having fun as the gaming industry now establishes tattoos as an important detail in their products.

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