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How To Choose Permanent Or Temporary Tattoos

Permanent Vs Temporary Tattoos - Which Is Best

How To Choose Permanent Or Temporary Tattoos

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Body artwork is in the mainstream today. The availability of skilled tattoo artists around the globe has made more and more people get inked.

Tattooing, in technical terms, is a type of pigment implantation procedure. It is a type of body modification that involves inserting indelible or temporary ink, dyes, and/or pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. In general, there are two methods of body artwork, namely

I. Permanent Tattooing

II. Temporary Tattooing

Some people opt for permanent body artwork, while others go for temporary tattoos. They believe that having the same tattoo on their body for the rest of their lives is never a good idea.

So, let’s understand both the two methods and how they differ.

Here we go…

Table of Contents

  • I. Permanent Tattooing
  • II. Temporary or Impermanent Tattooing
  • Distinctions Between Permanent Tattoos and Temporary Tattoos
  • 1. Effect
  • 2. Pain
  • 3. Designs
  • 4. Bleeding
  • 5. Cost
  • The Bottom Line
  • Pro tip: Choose the Right Artist

I. Permanent Tattooing

It goes without saying that this type of body art is permanent in nature. Permanent tattoos look awesome! That’s the reason more and more people opt for these tattoos. In fact, some people get more than one tattoo on their bodies.

Sure, they fade with age, but they will never be gone entirely unless you treat them. Often, the cost of removing them far outweighs the cost of applying them. As a result, it’s critical to think things through before getting them. Also, it is crucial to get your tattoo done by a professional and skilled tattoo artist.

II. Temporary Tattooing

As the name says, these tattoos are temporary in nature. This implies that these tattoos stay on your body for a few days or weeks.

In this form of body artwork, the color is implemented only on the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. These tattoos gradually fade away; this is due to the fact that we all lose skin cells. Usually, these pigments last 1-2 weeks. However, if they are exposed to hot water and soap frequently, they start to fade even before a week.

People who cannot tolerate the pain of permanent tattoos frequently opt for temporary body art. Some people get a temporary tattoo before getting a permanent one to see how their permanent tattoo will look.

There are numerous distinctions between permanent and temporary tattoos, some of which we’re going to describe here.

If you’re wondering whether you should opt for a permanent tattoo or a temporary tattoo, then this post is for you. You can utilize these distinctions to determine and make the right choice.

Let’s take a look…

Distinctions Between Permanent Tattoos and Temprary Tattoos

1. Effect

Unless you are allergic to paints, there is no problem with getting a temporary tattoo. After a few weeks, you can simply wash it off completely. But, permanent tattoos take time to heal, at least two to three weeks. During this time, you need to take a lot of precautions, such as:

Avoiding sun exposure.

Take good aftercare of your newly etched tattoo.

Avoiding water sports, taking a long bath, etc.

2. Pain

This goes without saying that an impermanent tattoo comes with no pain. It is because only paints, brushes, and stickers are used while doing the impermanent tattoo.

However, in the case of permanent body artwork, you must have a high pain threshold. Yes, permanent tattoos are painful procedures. However, the intensity of pain varies depending on one’s threshold, tattoo location, and tattoo design. The amount of pain caused by this process will, of course, depend on how much you can tolerate.

3. Designs

Of course, you have limited options to choose from when it comes to impermanent tattoos. More often than not, these are stickers that are applied to the skin. But in the case of permanent tattoo artwork, you can opt for any tattoo design that you desire. All you need to do is to find an experienced and skilled tattoo artist for the job.

4. Bleeding

As said earlier, impermanent tattoos are stickers or paints applied to the upper layer of the skin. So, there is no risk of blood gushing from your skin as a result of temporary tattooing. But, this is not the case with the permanent body artwork. Tattoo wearers experience some bloodshed while getting the permanent tattoo. But there is nothing to worry about.

5. Cost

Of course, we all know that permanent tattoos are costlier than temporary ones. It is simply because a permanent tattoo needs a lot of time and effort. Getting a permanent tattoo is an expensive procedure that can cost several hundred dollars.

The size and design of the body art you get also play a role in determining the price. Large, colorful ones are usually much more expensive than smaller and single-color tattoos.

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The Bottom Line

So, this is all about permanent vs. temporary tattoos. Hopefully, these pointers will help you determine whether you should get a permanent body artwork or a temporary tattoo.

Of course, whether you want to choose a permanent tattooing or a temporary one is your choice. But, you can always consider the pointers mentioned above before making the decision. Moreover, deciding on a permanent tattoo design in advance is also very important. Make sure you do enough research before you get a permanent tattoo.

Pro tip: Choose the Right Artist. If you decide to get a permanent tattoo, make sure you hire a professional tattoo artist. Understand that removing a permanent tattoo is a difficult task and that your tattoo will remain on your body for the rest of your life. Laser treatment is an option for removing these pigments from your skin. However, the pain associated with this process is excruciating, and these tattoos are pricey. Choose wisely!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺


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