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How to Get a Watercolor Tattoo

How to get a watercolor tattoo

How to Get a Watercolor Tattoo

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A tattoo speaks the language of art & love. They are already an obsession with the major ones. And now it’s the time for Watercolor tattoos. Watercolor tattoos are the latest addition to the tattoo Menu. This technique is quite new in the tattoo industry. Though, it is gaining popularity gradually. Unlike the solid black tattoo, these watercolor tattoos are the most colorful and subtle art which is mainly exhibited in the form of beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies, birds and even the abstract designs like rainbow with black highlighting base or without black highlighting base. Both these types of watercolor tattoos have their own set of beauty.

Watercolor Tattoos without the black base are more vibrant and colorful and watercolor tattoos with black base gives a solid touch to the tender colorful beauty. Though the technique is comparatively new, the process to get the watercolor tattoo is almost similar to that of getting the traditional tattoos. Let us brief you how to get a Watercolor tattoo?

Consider the placement of the tattoo wisely

After considering your profession, it is important to keep in mind that watercolor tattoos tends to fade fast when exposed to sun specially the ones without the black base. Again these watercolor tattoos looks amazing on the lighter or clear skin (without tanning). So select the body part which is covered and less exposed to the sun.

Choose the design

Different set of designs can be considered for watercolor tattoos. Considering the placement & size of the tattoo, select a design which has a wide scope of colors. The wide range of butterflies, flowers, birds and colorful abstracts like rainbows are the most commonly considered designs for watercolor tattoos. Still Confused??? You can brainstorm your choice & preferences with the Professional watercolor tattoo artist.

Locate the best professional watercolor tattoo artist

Since this technique is relatively new, there are very few expert artists with good experience. Make a good research; check out their previous work, take the opinions of kith & kin, shortlist them and approach them.

Check the budget

Ask for the quotes from the tattoo artists that best fits your choice. Check on it and select the one which fits your budget and fix an appointment with that watercolor tattoo artist.

Do keep one thing in mind: Do not compromise on quality for quantity. Quality comes with the prices.

Advice for the tattoo day

Healing Tattoo girl

Take good rest; eat healthy and full before heading to the tattoo studio. Make sure you carry all your essentials for the session along with a companion who will help to distract the boredom and pain produced during the long tattoo session.

Aftercare of the Watercolor tattoo

Follow the aftercare tips religiously given by your tattoo artist. Though avoiding exposure to sun is mainly to be taken care off for watercolor tattoos.

It’s the time to SHOW vibrant colors on your body!!

Happy watercolor tattooing!!

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