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How to keep a Tattoo from Fading?

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How to keep a Tattoo from Fading?

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Whether you believe it or not, the tattoo fades over time. And if you do not take care of your tattoo during the process of healing, it will fade in no time. Of course, nobody wants to have a faded tattoo, simply because they don’t look good! Tattoos look good when they are fresh, crisp, and bright. Unfortunately, many people notice their tattoos have faded over time, and the colors are as vivid as they used to be. It’s normal for tattoos to fade over time, especially on areas exposed to direct sun.

But some people find their tattoos fading in just a matter of weeks or months. It may be because of two reasons – firstly, tattoo artists didn’t apply the ink correctly (which is a rare case if you go to a professional), and secondly, if you do not follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist. Here is how to keep a tattoo from fading so quickly:

1. Follow the aftercare directions religiously

First things first, if you really do not want to remorse later, then better follow the aftercare directions that your tattoo artist provides you. Your tattoo artist will suggest you some creams or lotions, make sure you apply them only. It is because your tattoo artist knows what is best for your skin. Sometimes people under their friend’s influence buy cheaper products or they just ignore the advice of their artist. Doing so is not wise, trust your tattoo artist. They are knowledgeable professionals who have tried and tested several different aftercare products before they choose one to offer to their clients. If you still do not want to use the product that your artist recommends, then talk to him/her and tell him/her about the alternative that you wish to use.

2. Don’t miss to remove the bandage

After your tattoo is done, your tattoo artist will put a bandage over it. It is to protect the new artwork from dust and dirt when you go back home. Make sure you remove the bandage within the allotted time he/she specified to you. Once you remove the bandage, wash your hands and then wash your tattoo with an antibacterial soap. Make sure you use only antibacterial soap to wash your hands and tattoo. Let your tattoo dry, then apply a lotion/cream that your tattoo artist suggested to you.

3. Avoid scratching

It is normal to have the feeling of itching in a new tattoo. However, you have to refrain from scratching, as it can affect your tattoo adversely, and you will end up having a distorted tattoo design.

4. Wear loose clothing

It is imperative to wear loose clothing when your tattoo is healing. Wearing tight clothes during the healing process can result in a faded or distorted tattoo design.

5. Keep it moist

Don’t let your new tattoo dry. Keep applying the aftercare lotion/cream throughout the day, as and when needed. But do not overdo anything. The idea is to keep the tattoo moist; however, making sure that the tattoo is not saturated. Remember, overdoing the lotion/ointment can pull the color out of your tattoo. Also, your tattoo needs to breathe during the healing process. Apart from this, it is crucial to keep the area where you have got the tattoo clean. Wash your tattoo at least two to three times each day with antibacterial soap. Washing it will rid your tattoo of old ointment and flaking skin and ink. Moreover, regular moisturizing keeps the color vivid and bright.

6. Avoid direct sun

No matter how important it is to go out, avoid going out during the day time if, you have a new tattoo. Yes, at least for two weeks after you got your tattoo, you should avoid direct sun. The sun rays can damage your tattoo. Even if you cover your tattoo, the damaging UV rays can still soak through the material and affect your tattoo. Even after the healing time is over, you need to apply sunscreen lotion before you go out of the house. The sun’s rays can even damage your old tattoo. Make sure you use a strong sunscreen with at least a 35 SPF. It will protect your body artwork from harmful UV rays and help maintain vivid colors.

7. Avoid pulling scabs

Know that tattoo healing is similar to wound healing, scabs develop while your tattoo is healing. However, you have to refrain from pulling off those scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Scratching scabs from your tattoo during the healing process will simply lead to distorted tattoo colors. So, avoid pulling off scabs, let your tattoo heal naturally.

8. Touch-up tattoo

If your tattoo fades even after proper care, then consider getting touch-ups. Many tattoo shops guarantee their work, and you can get a touch up done free of charge. But if you do not follow their aftercare instructions, and they find out, you will have to pay for the touch-up.

9. Take good care of your tattoo.

Even when your tattoo is healed, it is essential to take good care of your tattoo. The healthier your skin, the brighter your tattoo will be over time. Never use harsh products on your skin, buy only skin-friendly products. Also, if by chance, your tattoo gets infected, do not take it lightly. In fact, immediately consult your tattoo artist. And if he/she is not able to help you with the right cure, visit your doctor. Also, let your skin where your tattoo lies breathe. Keep it clean all the time. And cover your tattoo while going out during the day time. Doing all this will ensure a healthy and fresh tattoo for a more extended period.

10. Avoid swimming or all kinds of water games

Do not indulge in any water activity for at least two weeks after you get your tattoo. Of course, you can take showers, but make sure you don’t stay in water for more than 10 minutes during showers. Submersing your tattoo in water can pull the ink out, which in turn will result in a faded tattoo. It is important to avoid swimming, whether it’s in a swimming pool, ocean, or hot tub. Swimming in hot tubs or pools can bleach out your tattoo’s color as pools tend to have chlorine water. While swimming in lakes and other water bodies can lead to infected tattoo, these water bodies are full of micro-organisms and germs that will attack an open wound. Again bathing in hot water can lead to fading in your tattoo and an infection.

Summing it up……

So, this is how to keep a tattoo from fading. Take very good care of your tattoo if you really want it to look fresh and vibrant all the time. Trust, faded tattoos don’t look good, especially when they are easily visible. They can affect your mood severely. So, it’s better to follow the directions that your tattoo artist provie you, and do as he/she says.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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