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Importance of Tattoo Touch-Ups

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Importance of Tattoo Touch-Ups

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Not many tattoo wearers know that their new tattoo needs to be touched up after the original artwork is completed. Of course, tattoos are permanent, but touching up your tattoo is essential. Even when you get your tattoo etched by a reputable artist and take very good care of it, the importance of tattoo touch-ups cannot be ignored at all. If you still doubt, then read this post until the end. Here we are sharing with you the reasons why tattoos need to be touched up.

Let’s get started……

What is a tattoo touch up?

You may not be aware that your tattoo needs to be touched up. However, before you know that you should know what exactly tattoo touch up is? Well, your tattoo is a permanent artwork that remains on your body for a more extended period. Of course, you would not want to have a piece of work that looks ugly or faded or imperfect. Therefore, the details of a tattoo are essential to get the desired look. However, sometimes even when you go to a reputable artist, you end up having disappointing results. A few imperfections, like uneven shading, dull lines, patchy colors, etc., can be fixed by tattoo touch-ups. The process of tattooing over the existing one to fix the problem is called tattoo touch up.

The process of touch up is different from getting the new one. Your tattoo artist will just add small details to make your tattoo look perfect and fix problems. Touch-ups don’t take much time, but they are a great option to correct the imperfections in new tattoos and give a new life to your old one. Even when you take very good care of your tattoo, it starts fading gradually. However, regular touch-ups can make your tattoo look new and fresh even after a very long time.

Reasons to get your tattoos touched up

Tattoos need to be touched up for a myriad of reasons, such as when your tattoo color looks washed-out or patchy, or when it starts to fade away or when cloudy lines start to appear, or when you see uneven shading on your tattoo.

Even when your tattoo is etched by a reputable tattoo artist, you will need to get it touched up after a few months of its completion. As you all know, your tattoo takes time to heal, and during the process of healing, it leaves behind a few imperfections. These imperfections need to be taken care of by a professional.

I take care of my tattoo, do I still need a tattoo touch up?

Undoubtedly, you will need to get your tattoo touched up after a certain point of time. Yes, even when you follow all directions provided by the tattoo artists, or when your tattoo heals perfectly. It is because your skin changes, with that tattoo ink, start to fade, that’s when you need to touch up. With time your tattoo becomes less buoyant. But a tattoo artist can make your tattoo look new, fresh, and vibrant.

How much a tattoo touch up costs?

Each tattoo artist charges differently for tattoo touch-ups. When you go for a touch up of your new tattoo, some tattoo artists do not charge extra for that. However, if you do not follow their aftercare instruction carefully, you may have to pay for that. Some tattoo parlors offer complimentary touch-ups within six months to one year after the completion of your new artwork. If you go to a new tattoo artist for a tattoo touch up, then you will need to pay for sure. So, check with your tattoo artist before you plan to go for a tattoo touch up.

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How many years after I need a tattoo touch up?

Well, it varies significantly from client to client. Some may need immediately after getting their new tattoo, and some may want to get it touched after 6 months or a year. Generally, the touch time for tattoos with imperfections after healing is one to twelve months after the new artwork is completed. However, if you follow all the aftercare instructions and take good care of your new tattoo, then you may need to touch up after a few years. And if it has been decades since you received your tattoo, then you surely need a touch-up.

Before you decide to get a tattoo touch up, make sure you consult with your tattoo artist. Your artist will inspect your tattoo and can fix the problem areas quickly.

How will I know when my tattoo needs to be touched up?

Many tattoo wearers do not realize that their tattoo needs a touch-up. Some clients wait for 6 months to one year to get a touch up after getting their new artwork. How long you should wait for a touch-up actually depends on the level of detail in the tattoo design, its size, and the time taken by your skin to heal.

However, you can always check out for any patchy colors or dull lines, etc. Doing so will help you know whether you need a touch-up or not. Sometimes your newly healed tattoo may look patchy or dull in certain areas or may appear cloudy; in such cases, it’s good to see your tattoo artist for touch up.

And if it has been a long time since you received your tattoo, it is recommended to visit your tattoo artist and get it inspected for a touch-up. If your tattoo artist sees some imperfections, he/she can fix the problem areas.

How long does it take to tattoo touch up heal?

Just like the original tattoos, the healing time for a touch up is also the same – 2 – 4 weeks. It is because during touch up also, your skin will go through the same process, receiving ink via a needle. However, the healing time varies from client to client. Some may find their tattoos healing faster than others. Also, the healing time will depend on the size of the tattoo design, small the size of the tattoo, faster the healing.

Is the level of pain similar to the original tattoo or lesser than that?

Well, the level of pain also varies from one client to another. Also, the placement of your original tattoo will impact the level of pain. Clients with tattoos, particularly on stomach, ribcage, knees, elbows, nape, hips, ankle, top of the foot, and the insides of the thighs reported a higher level of pains even during touch-ups. Many tattoo clients claim that the pain from a touch-up tattoo is similar to the pain from the original tattoo. It is because the tattoo process is the same, so they feel a similar level of pain while touch-ups as well. While some clients have a different opinion as they feel their touch up hurt more than the original one.

The level of pain will always be different for each individual, it basically depends on the level of your tolerance. Some clients cannot tolerate even a smaller level of pain, while some don’t react to even severe pains. Each client experiences a different level of pain based on their tolerance.

Summing it up…..

Remember that the process for a new tattoo and a touch up will always be the same. Whether you go for a new tattoo or a tattoo touch up, it is essential to take care of your tattoo. You must follow all the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist carefully. It will help you minimize the chance of infection and tattoo flaws. If you do not follow aftercare instructions, you may end up paying more for a tattoo touch up. So, make sure you avoid sun exposure as it also leads to tattoo fading. Also, for making your tattoo look vibrant and fresh always, make sure you use sunscreen and keep your tattoo moisturized. Remember that the proper healing of your touch up is as essential as the original tattoo.

So, if you feel that your tattoo needs a touch up, then do consult your tattoo artist and get it done!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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