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How to Remove Temporary Tattoo?

Removing Temporary tattoo

How to Remove Temporary Tattoo?

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Temporary tattoos give a super instant joy of having an art on the body. And believe me, it is a good option when you want a show on special days or want to look temporary creepy for the Halloween parties. Just as applying a temporary tattoo is a child-play so is the process to remove the temporary tattoo. They can be easily removed by rubbing, scrubbing, massaging, waxing or taping the various products over the tattoo. There are many ways to remove a temporary tattoo. Let’s check out one after the other.

Remove the temporary tattoo with Oil

Remove the tattoo with oil

Temporary tattoos can be easily removed with the help of oil. No specific oil is required. In fact any oil that is handy and available at your home can do the job. Mostly common ones are: Baby oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil, or olive oil. Once you are ready with your product, apply it on the tattoo and gently start massaging in a circular motion. Oil massaging will gentle the stickiness, and will be instrumental in removing the tattoo pigments. Once the tattoo fleck starts leaving the skin, it can be easily washed or wiped off.

Use Cosmetic or home-made scrub


You can use any skin-friendly cosmetic scrub or can make a homemade scrub using gram flour, honey, yogurt & turmeric. Gently rub the scrub for a minute in a circular motion on the tattoo. After a minute of rubbing, the tattoo will break up and the fleck will start leaving the skin. This method of tattoo removal is effective and cheap as well as the products required for the same are generally available in-house.

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Usage of chemical Remover

Chemical for tattoo removel

Various chemical removers like make-up remover, nail-polish remover & rubbing alcohol can be used for removing the temporary tattoos. Gently rub the tattoo to be removed with a cotton ball soaked in these chemicals. After rubbing for a while, tattoo will start leaving the skin. Once the tattoo is removed, wash the tattoo area with water and pat dry it with a paper towel. Moisturize the area to nullify the effect of the chemicals used. Make sure the quality of the products used is good and skin-friendly.

Adhesive Tapping & pulling off

Adhesive Tapping pulling off

This might sound weird, but placing the simple adhesive tape on the temporary tattoos and pulling it off for a number of times will help to reduce the visibility of the tattoo after each pull. Keep on repeating this process till you have completely removed your tattoo.

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Wait & Watch

Wait Watch

Wait & watch is by far the best way to remove the temporary tattoos. No matter how well it is pampered, the temporary tattoos will come off from the skin within a span of 10 days on a higher side. Once it begins to break apart, you can simply rub or peel using your figures to remove the rest.

Happy!! Get ready for the new Temporary One!!

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