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How To Make A Fake Tattoo?

Fake Tattoo or temporary tattoo

How To Make A Fake Tattoo?

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There are people who are ready to take any pain for flaunting a beautiful artwork on their body, then there are those who want to have a tattoo but are not ready for the pain that comes with a tattoo. We all know how beautiful the artwork looks in our body, but tolerating the pain of needle is not everyone’s cup of tea. Now the question is – how can the latter category have a tattoo but without any pain. Well, I read somewhere that “every problem comes with a solution” and that’s true actually. People who are scared of going through all the pain of permanent tattooing, can fake it! Yeah, a fake tattoos is the solution for such people.

Fake tattoo or a temporary tattoos are meant for those who are not ready to sign on the dotted lines. Making your own fake tattoo is easier than one can imagine. And the best part is – for faking a tattoo you don’t have to go out, in fact everything is available at home. Yes, believe it or not, fake tattoos can be made using eyeliner, henna, or just writing on someone with a marker, but there is a proper technique for a fake tattoo as well.

Usually a fake tattoo can stay from four days to 2 weeks, depending on the after care and the location of your tattoo.

If you’re also considering a fake tattoo, then this is the post for you. Here I will tell you a few techniques to get a fake tattoo. And I am sure, once you will practice DIY fake tattoo skills you will be able to make body art for your friends and family. But before that let’s know how to do it…..

Let’s get started……..

Make Your Own Fake/Temporary Tattoo

I. Making a fake tattoo with a permanent marker

Hope this reminds you of your childhood, when in class you used to create some artwork on each other’s hands with a pen. And a fake tattoo is a kind of adult form of your childhood game. Everybody has a permanent marker or a sharpie at home, and even if you don’t have you can buy it from the stationery close to you, but make sure you get non-toxic permanent markers, as, some permanent markers aren’t safe to use on your skin. So, be wise! However, a temporary tattoo with a sharpie is the quickest method of getting a fake tattoo. Here is how to make a fake tattoo with a permanent marker or a sharpie.

permanent marker pen

Material required:

  • Permanent marker
  • Stencil

Here we go…….

  1. First things first, you need to create a temporary tattoo stencil. For that you can simply take a piece of paper and carve out the shape or design that you want to place on your body with an X-Acto knife.
  2. Now take the markers of your choice (you can choose any color of your choice, just make sure it is non-toxic and not unsafe for your skin).
  3. Now, clean the area where you want to place your fake tattoo thoroughly. Once cleaned make sure that the area is completely dry.
  4. Once you have cleaned and dried the area, you are ready to place the tattoo. To apply your tattoo, just hold the stencil tight against your skin and press it. And you are done!!

Permanent marker tattoos fade away with time, but they don’t vanish simply, and you would definitely want to remove them before they start looking ugly. The simplest way to remove fake tattoos is – wet a cotton ball with alcohol and rub it over the tattoo, it will go away!! That’s it!

II. Making a fake tattoo with an eyeliner

Making a fake tattoo with an eyeliner is possible only for those who are able to draw freehand. As for them designing a freehand fake tattoo with eyeliner will be relatively easy. For getting a fake tattoo with an eyeliner, you will obviously need an eyeliner pencil, so either use the one that you no longer use on your skin, or maybe you can buy a new eyeliner pencil from the store close to you. But, before you move ahead, it is recommended to first finalize your design and practice it using pen and paper. It will make your task a bit easier. Here’s how to make fake tattoos with eyeliner that too in just two steps.


Material required:

  • Eyeliner Pencil (s), you can choose any color eyeliner pencil for your eyeliner pencil fake tattoo
  • Hairspray, for splashing your tattoo or a matte nail polish

Here we go…….

  1. Take your eyeliner pencil and draw your design directly on the area where you want to have the design on your body. You can use any color eyeliner pencil for creating a fake tattoo on your body. You can even make a colorful tattoo on your body using different color eyeliner pencils. The color of eyeliner is absolutely your choice, but make sure you are not using a liquid eyeliner pencil, as, it will simply make your job difficult and tedious.
  2. Now, once you have made the fake tattoo, simply splash it with hairspray. Make sure you use hairspray in moderation, just a light coating of it will do. Using hairspray on your fake tattoo will seal in your tattoo for a couple of hours. If you want to have a fake tattoo that’s not shiny, then replace the hairspray with a matte nail polish top coat. And you’re ready to flaunt your tattoos!!

Well, it is super easy to remove a fake tattoo made with eyeliner. All you need to do is – scrub your fake tattoo with soap and warm water. Also, for removing nail polish top coat you’ll need nail paint remover. And that’s it, it’s gone!

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III. Making a fake tattoo with a tracing paper

Making a fake tattoo with a tracing paper is also very easy. It is more or less similar to making a tattoo with a sharpie. Tattoo with tracing paper can stay three to four days on your skin, and then you can make another design on your body. I think this is the benefit of having a fake tattoo that you can change your design and tattoo’s placement every time you make a new piece. Well, here’s how you should make your fake tattoo with a tracing paper:

Tracing Paper for how to make fake tattoos

Material required:

  • Tracing paper
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Wet washcloth
  • Drawing pencil
  • Talcum powder
  • Liquid bandage spray

Here are the steps……

  1. First things first, trace the design that you want to have on the tracing paper using a pencil and cut it out.
  2. Now scrub the area where you want to place the design with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Now just place the tracing paper on your skin. Make sure you place the drawing pencil side down on your skin. Cover it with a wet washcloth.
  4. Remove the paper, you will have a light outline of the image on your skin. Now you need to draw the lines of the tattoo either using eyeliner.
  5. Once you have drawn the lines with eyeliner, apply a bit of talcum powder to the design so that there is no smearing.
  6. Finally, spray your fake tattoo with liquid bandage spray. This step will simply make your tattoo waterproof.

For removing your fake tattoo all you need to do is – scrub your fake tattoo with soap and warm water. And that’s it, it’s gone!

IV. Making a fake tattoos with a printer

Fake tattoo with a printer will help you have a temporary tattoo that will be as close as possible to the permanent one. And this is the best option for those who want to have something for a little longer period. Here’s how to make a fake tattoos with a printer.

Tattoo Printer for Fake tattoo

Material required:

  • Water slide paper
  • Wet paper towel or cotton balls
  • Computer for scanning or making design

Let’s get started……

  1. First things first, you will need to buy water slide paper. A water slide paper is the paper that traditional temporary tattoos come printed on. You must have seen it during your childhood days where you get this with a tattoo printed on it and you simply have to place it on your skin and soak it with water. Same way we will make a fake tattoo with printer. Water slide papers are easily available online or you can even get them from a craft store close to you.
  2. Now, design your tattoo. You can create something either on Photoshop or you can scan your design into the computer. Once you have the design, print it. Remember everything you see in your design will be mirrored in the tattoo, so, if there are some words or any name, make sure you have reversed them in your design.
  3. Now, it’s time to print your tattoo. For printing your tattoo – cut out the tattoo. Make sure you cut close to the actual design so there is no wastage of paper, but don’t cut too close also otherwise you will risk your tattoo design. Basically, you need to cut in a way that it is not affecting your design and also there is no wastage of paper as well.
  4. Now, you need to apply your tattoo. For applying your tattoo the similar process that was used in fake tattoos with tracing paper will be used. You will simply place the scanned side down on your skin. Cover it with a wet towel or cotton ball and press it on the fake tattoo until the paper slides off your skin. And your tattoo is ready to be flaunted!!

For removing a fake tattoo with printer – you’ll need to use the same method that you used for permanent marker tattoos. Like a permanent marker tattoo, a fake tattoos with printer will also disappear over time. But if you want to remove it before it gets fade, simply use rubbing alcohol and it will go!

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V. Making a fake tattoos with household items

It is the easiest method of all. It is specifically for those who do not want to do a lot of things to make a fake tattoo. This can stay for a longer period compared to other methods. Here’s how to make a fake tattoos with household items.

Baby powder and permanent marker pen

Material required:

  • Permanent marker
  • Baby powder
  • Hairspray

Let’s get started……

  1. Collect all your materials such as, permanent marker, baby powder, and hairspray.
  2. Draw your design using a permanent marker directly on your skin.
  3. Now take baby powder and rub it gently on your fake tattoo.
  4. Now you need to coat your tattoo with the hairspray. And your tattoo is now ready…….

Fake tattoo with household items will be visible for about a month. And if you want to remove it before that you can simply remove it with rubbing alcohol and scrub it.

Thanks for reading…. I hope the list will help you have a great fake tattoo!!

Happy tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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