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Megan fox’s Tattoos & Their Meaning

Megan fox’s Tattoo Back Tattoo

Megan fox’s Tattoos & Their Meaning

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Who doesn’t know Megan Fox? She is one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses that has earned both name and fame in the industry. With her mesmerizing beauty and acting abilities, American actress and model has already touched millions of hearts.

She has appeared in a number of major film franchises, most notably the Transformers franchise, as well as numerous magazines, including Maxim and Rolling Stone. It’s not just her beauty that stuns her fans. The gorgeous actress has an incredible collection of body arts, which only adds to her allure.

The Megan Fox Tattoos aren’t just for show; each one has a story behind it. Megan Fox claims that all of her tattoos are a commemoration of who she is and are most deeply committed to the things that are important to her.

If you want to get some ideas from Megan Fox Tattoos, check out this post. We’ve compiled a list of her 9 tattoos that set her apart, along with the Megan fox back tattoo meaning.

Let’s take a look at Megan Fox’s stunning tattoos and know what does Megan Fox tattoos say.

Here we go…

Table of Contents

  • 9 Megan fox’s Tattoos with Their Significances
  • ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Tattoo
  • ‘Shakespeare’s Quote’ Lettering Tattoo
  • ‘Yin Yang’ Tattoo
  • ‘Chinese Strength Symbol (力)’ Tattoo
  • Ex-husband ‘Brian’ Tattoo
  • ‘Poem’ Tattoo
  • Friedrich Nietzsche Q
  • uote Tattoo
  • ‘Crescent Moon and Star’ Tattoo
  • ‘el pistolero’ Tattoo
  • Conclusion

9 Megan fox’s Tattoos with Their Significances

1. ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Tattoo

Megan Fox has a Marilyn Monroe Tattoo on her forearm

Megan Fox has a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Tattoo on her right forearm. This is the very first tattoo that she got she was 18. She got a black and white portrait of Marilyn Monroe tattooed on her forearm. Despite her admiration for Monroe, she explained that she got the tattoo as a “warning” for her career, to remind herself not to let the film industry treat her the way it treated Monroe. And in 2011, she decided to get the tattoo removed because she didn’t want such a tragic figure on the front of her body.

Megan decided to have this tattoo removed because she believed that the Marilyn Monroe portrait was attracting negative energy in her life, which would lead to depression and a tragic lifelike Marilyn Monroe. “I just feel like there are better things to have inked on your body than someone who has suffered so much,” she explained. So, as I grew older, I simply decided that was something I wanted to get rid of.”

Meaning of Megan’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Tattoo: Megan has admired Marilyn Monroe since she was a child, and she claims to have cried every time she heard Marilyn’s voice when she was a child. That’s why she got this tat at such a young age.

2. ‘Shakespeare’s Quote’ Lettering Tattoo

Shakespeares Quote Lettering Tattoo'Shakespeare's Quote' Lettering Tattoo

One of Megan’s lettering tattoos includes a quote Tattoo on the right side of her back from William Shakespeare’s play “King Lear” that reads: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” which she received before June 2010.

Megan Fox’s Back Tattoo Meaning: The quote “We will all laugh at Gilded Butterflies” from Shakespeare’s play “King Lear” etched Megan’s right shoulder blade. It is inked in the Victorian font. In the play, the line can be interpreted as indicating that Lear has come to accept the futility of his own struggles or of his previous life in some way. However, in reality, it’s pointing out those who believe that value can be created simply by wrapping something in an outer layer to give it the appearance of being valuable.

3. ‘Yin Yang’ Tattoo

Yin Yang' Tattoo on Wrist

The “Transformers” star has a black yin and yang symbol etched on the inside of her left wrist. It’s a lovely piece of body art that the actress has been seen flaunting quite frequently. Megan previously stated that she is dissatisfied with her tattoo and plans to have it removed soon; however, the actress still has the tattoo, and there is no news of her having it removed in the near future.

Meaning of ‘Yin Yang’ Tattoo: The tattoo depicts two interlocking waves in the shape of Yin Yang. Yin Yang is a Chinese spiritual symbol that represents the balance of good and evil. Perhaps the actress got it to have a complete balance as good and evil both are inseparable parts of human life.

4. ‘Chinese Strength Symbol (力)’ Tattoo

Chinese Strength Symbol Tattoo on Nape

The stunning actress has a ‘Chinese Symbol for Strength’ tattoo etched on her nape (a reminder to stay focused and in the present moment). Megan Fox’s neck tattoo looks stunning.

Megan claims that (力) gives her strength by motivating her to stay focused and centered at all times. Megan stated in an interview, “I’m a hermit because I have a great fear of Hollywood, just watching what it does to people.” To survive it, you have to be a really strong human being, especially as a girl.”

Meaning of ‘Chinese Strength Symbol (力)’ Tattoo: The small Chinese symbol (力) etched on Megan’s nape simply denotes ‘strength.’ It lets her be motivated and focused.

5. Ex-husband ‘Brian’ Tattoo

Ex-husband Brian Tattoo

Megan has her ex-husband Brian’s name etched on the right side of her hip bone. The actress had his name etched on her hip bone to express her feelings for her childhood sweetheart. There is a significant age gap between the two. Megan began dating Brian Austin Green when she was 18 years old, and Brian was 30 at the time. Throughout their 14-year relationship, the couple experienced ups and downs. They married in 2010, and they filed for divorce in 2021.

Meaning of ‘Brian’ Tattoo: Megan got the first name of her childhood sweetheart, Brian Austin Green, tattooed on her hip bone. The tattoo was intended to represent her love for her childhood sweetheart and husband.

6. ‘Poem’ Tattoo

Megan has a 'Poem' tattoo on the left side of her rib cage

Megan has a ‘Poem’ tattoo on the left side of her rib cage. “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart,” the tattoo reads.

The poem is said to be written by herself, which is etched in the Victorian font on the left side of her rib cage. She had this tattoo done by Mickey Rourke, with whom she allegedly had a fling while working together on the film ‘Passion Play,’ which was released on May 6, 2011.

Meaning of ‘Poem’ Tattoo: Fox had not stated when she added the design to her collection or what it represents to her. However, we can deduce that it has a deep connection to the poem because the actress wrote it herself.

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7. Friedrich Nietzsche quote Tattoo

Friedrich Nietzsche Quote Tattoo

The ‘Rogue’ star has a Nietzsche quote etched on the right side of her torso. The tattoo reads: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.” She attributed her quote tattoo to Friedrich Nietzsche, a 19th-century German philosopher, and cultural critic.

In an interview, Fox said that she got the tattoo “sort of” in honor of her “Passion Play” co-star Mickey Rourke, but that it’s “not necessarily an homage to him.”

She said, “That was not the case. I have a tattoo of a Nietzsche quote that basically says to march to the beat of your own drummer and not be afraid to do so. I was saying that it reminded me of Mickey because he clearly isn’t marching to the beat of anyone else’s drummer, drumbeat, and that’s all.”

Meaning of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Quote Tattoo: Megan appears to be heavily influenced by Nietzsche, the German philosopher, poet, and composer. The tattoo was intended to pay tribute to the “Passion Play” co-actor Mickey Rourke, as both of them had an affair while they were both working on the film.

8. ‘Crescent Moon and Star’ Tattoo

Beautiful Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

Megan’s ‘Crescent Moon and Star’ tattoo, which is etched near her right ankle, is also very beautiful. She has an orange crescent moon that overlaps with blue stars. The Crescent Moon and Star tattoo is the only colorful tattoo she has on her body.

Meaning of ‘Crescent Moon and Star’ Tattoo: The crescent moon with a star symbolizes wisdom, optimism, protection, divine powers, and blessings.

9. ‘el pistolero’ Tattoo

Megan Fox's collarbone tattoo looks amazingly beautiful and sexy

Megan’s most recent tattoo, which was first noticed in November 2020, is said to be for Kelly. She has got a phrase “el pistolero,” which translates to “gunfighter,” tattooed on her collarbone. Megan Fox’s collarbone tattoo looks amazingly beautiful and sexy.

In Kelly’s “Banyan Tree (Interlude)” from his Tickets to My Downfall album, Fox said, “Like you just got my initials tattooed on you, and I got your nickname tattooed on me.”

Meaning of “el pistolero,” Tattoo: According to reports, the actress is dating actor Machine Gun Kelly. Months after divorcing her husband of over a decade, Brian Austin Green, the actress has found new love with musician/actor Machine Gun Kelly, and her latest tattoo is said to be a tribute to him.

Wrapping it up…

So this is all about Megan Fox’s tattoos and their meaning. Whether it’s Megan Fox’s back tattoo or Megan Fox’s tattoo on her ribs are all significant to her. All of Megan Fox’s tattoos are stunning.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some ideas for your next tattoo design as well from our list of Megan Fox tattoos. Cheers!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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