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Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs And Meaning

Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs And Meaning

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Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo For centuries Chinese culture has fascinated the world with its rich history, philosophy, and symbolism. Chinese culture has the most mystical symbols, making perfect tattoo designs. So, if you are looking for a unique tattoo design to commemorate your association with Chinese culture or are looking for a meaningful tattoo design that resonate well with your personality, mystical Chinese symbols are your best bet.

These characters, charged with great meaning and vivid imagery, have defied barriers in language to find themselves etched forever on human skin in tattoo parlors from Shanghai to New York. If you are thinking about a tattoo that will look like an embodiment of wisdom, luck, or something linking you up with the Chinese culture, then here are some mystical symbols for your consideration.

Let’s dive in…

Meaning of Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Chinese characters are symbols that are used to represent words or meanings. There are over 3000 characters taken from the Chinese language. These characters usually consist of radicals and strokes. The foundation of characters lies in radicals, while strokes form the structure of these characters. Chinese symbols often represent positive meanings, such as good fortune, happiness, and human virtues. The four most popular Chinese symbols that make for great tattoo designs include the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise, symbolizing strength, power, and good fortune. Aside from that, Chinese symbols like the mystic knot, double happiness symbol, and lotus are widely embraced to convey the essence of love and relationships. You can choose to get any Chinese symbol etched on your body, provided you know how it resonates with your personality.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best Mystical Chinese Symbol tattoo designs. Here we go…

10 Best Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas For Wisdom And Fortune

Here is our list of the best tattoo designs that get their inspiration from Chinese mystical symbols. All of the tattoo designs listed here represent positive meanings and make for beautiful body artwork. Scroll down to find your favourite tattoo design in the list. Here we go…

Fictional Creatures: Guardians and Symbols of Transition

1. Dragon

Dragon : Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo

The dragon is an undeniable king of Chinese mythology which transforms into a perfect bold and fearsome tattoo too. It is often represented as a snake-like creature that is scaly, clawed, bearded, etc. This kind of tattoo would suit those people who want to show their ambition, and bravery while overcoming any challenge.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix is yet another very popular mystical Chinese symbol that makes for an excellent tattoo design. This is a perfect pick for people who have overcome challenges in life. This is because the phoenix represents rebirth, recovery, and resilience. A phoenix tattoo could be employed as an emblem that life is cyclical and thus open to one’s own growth.

3. Koi Fish

Koi Fish : Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo

Koi fish are famous for their persistence while swimming upstream. This symbol represents determination, overcoming obstacles, and achieving targets. This is an ideal tattoo design for those who are determined and never give up. Consequently, when placed in black waves or cherry blossoms with the fish gracefully swimming upwards, this becomes one of the most vibrant and colourful tattoo designs available on the market.

4. Yin-Yang

Yin-Yang : Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo

An iconic symbol that illustrates two interlocking swirls, one black (Yin) and the other white (Yang). This tattoo design represents opposing forces’ balance in life. It also reminds us how everything is connected together thus we should accept all sides whether good or bad.

5. Fu (福)

Fu (福)

Fu is yet another popular mystical Chinese symbol, which makes for a great tiny tattoo design. It is a simple character that represents “luck” or “grace.” A Fu tattoo serves as an easy way to draw good fortune and wealth. When done in black ink, it makes for a bold statement on its own or could be part of a larger pattern with other symbols, such as gold coins and fish.

6. Shou (寿)

Shou (寿) : Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo

The Shou character, which means ‘longevity’ in English, is a very famous sign in the Chinese language. It is associated with long life and health. You can consider getting a Shou tattoo to reflect on the significance of good health in life. Give it a shot!

7. Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

This flower, which grows in mud, represents purity, illumination, and spiritual growth. Lotus flower tattoo may imply that a person has overcome serious challenges or has come from difficult situations. If you have overcome several challenges and want to showcase them via thoughtful tattoo design, then Lotus Flower Mystical Chinese Symbol tattoo design is apt for you.

8. Bamboo

Bamboo : Mystical Chinese Symbol Tattoo

Bamboo tattoos represent the best manner of adjusting to all life situations and carrying on growing without giving it away or quitting. These tattoos represent the best way to adapt to any life situation and grow without giving up or stopping. If you want a design to showcase your “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude, then Bamboo Mystical Chinese Symbol is your best bet.

9. Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese zodiac signs make for stunning tattoo designs. Each of the twelve years within a cycle is represented by an animal sign in the Chinese zodiac. There are 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. Each symbol is named after an animal in the following order: rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

These animals, according to the astrology zodiac, have a great influence on human destinies and personalities. To personalize your tattoo, choose an animal from your birth year or an animal that speaks to you. They can be done in a thoughtful or stylish way, depending on what you like.

10. Eight Trigrams (Bagua)

The eight trigrams, also called Bagua, represent the central concepts of Taoism and the movement of force through the universe. This mystical Chinese symbol makes for a meaningful tattoo design. Despite its complicated nature, the Bagua can be a powerful image for anybody who desires to remain in harmony with the power within.

Top Tips To Finding Your Perfect Symbol

Undoubtedly, mystical Chinese symbols make for great tattoo designs. However, it is advisable to pick your design carefully. Before getting inked, consider thinking about its meaning and selecting something that resonates well with your beliefs and goals. Here are some more tips:


Dig deeper! There is so much information available both online and in libraries regarding various meanings of Chinese symbols. Gaining a deeper understanding of their historical development and cultural significance is crucial to get the right tattoo. Their value becomes even more apparent if you choose to acquire any.

Consider Placement

Placement matters, trust that! Where do you want this tattoo? Is it going to be on your arm, where others will see it, or in some other private area like your back? For some symbols, they may fit better in certain locations due to their size or complexity. For instance, a large bamboo Chinese symbol tattoo fits well on the back, whereas a FU symbol can be etched on your wrist or nape in small size.

Size and style

Will the symbol you decide to get one your skin be a small, delicate design or an outspoken statement? Take into account how the size and style will affect the overall look and feel of your tattoo. However, there are different kinds of Chinese art that one can go for or have an artist create a modern version of.

Finding the Right Artist

It is vital to find a practiced tattooist who has expertise in Asian-influenced tattoos, including Mystical Chinese Symbol tattoo designs. Find a professional artist whose portfolio shows cultural tattoo designs. Look how they have captured fine details and the cultural meanings behind those designs. Once satisfied, visit your tattoo artist. At this point, share your vision with him/her so as to make sure the meaning comes out clearly. It is crucial to have an open discussion with your artist and share your goals with them.

The Bottom Lines

With careful thought and research, getting a Mystical Chinese symbol tattoo becomes a breeze. These designs are more than just having beautiful artwork created on one’s body. Choose your Chinese symbol tattoo designs carefully. Not only does it last forever, but it also represents values, dreams, aspirations, and a strong bond with culture and heritage. Please remember that this is permanent. Take all the time you need, choose wisely, and let your tattoo become a deep expression of yourself from within.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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