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30 Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo

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30 Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo

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Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers that make for amazing body artwork. Lotus flower tattoos look fantastic. The best thing is there are myriads of lotus flower tattoo designs. One can get anything from Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo to Geometric Lotus tattoo.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get a lotus tattoo, then read this post. Here we are sharing everything about the lotus flower tattoo that you need to know.

Let’s get started…… 

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

Lotus flowers are also known as Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn, symbolize different things in different cultures. It is the National Flower of India and is considered sacred in India. The Lotus flower occupies a unique position in ancient India’s art and mythology and has been an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial.

Lotus flowers are cited as the Padma in Hinduism. They symbolize beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes rising above the material world. It’s said to be a way to reach a new level of union with the spiritual universe, known as enlightenment. Lord Buddha used the lotus flower to symbolize how the soul remains untainted by the bad things in life.

3d lotus flower tattoo on back

Different cultures have different lotus flower tattoo meanings. However, at large, the flower is said to represent rising above temptation and becoming a better person.

Whatever a lotus flower means to you, the matter of fact is – they make for unique and intensely personal tattoos. If you’re looking for a unique tattoo that symbolizes something important to you — whether love or spiritual awakening — a lotus flower is good to go with.

We have handpicked the 30 best lotus flower tattoo designs for you; take a look……

  1. Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you’re looking for an intricate tattoo design, then a Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo is a perfect choice. You can get this tattoo anywhere on your body, but Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo makes for a perfect tattoo.

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo on arm

Arm is a great place for lotus flowers, as it allows you to add a lot of delicate detailing. You can get this tattoo either in black ink or add beautiful colors to it. It looks gorgeous either way.

  1. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Neck

If you’re tempted to get something small on your neck, then a minimal, fine line lotus tattoo design will do. Minimal lotus flower tattoos are quite popular amongst females. And your neck is the perfect place for a tiny lotus tattoo.

Lotus flower tattoo with semi colon on neck

You can get this one in black ink or red ink. A small-sized lotus flower etched on your neck will make for an eye-catching tattoo design. Try it out!

  1. Geometric Lotus tattoo

Customize your lotus tattoo with beautiful elements, like geometric shapes. You can get a lotus flower tattoo etched along with a triangle or any other geometric shape of your choice.

best Geometric Lotus tattoo designs on arm

The geometric lotus tattoo looks amazing. It can have as many elements as you want, from a triangle to vertical lines, along with circle detailing. You can get this one in black ink, or if you want, you can get it in color ink as well.

  1. Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Wrist tattoos look awesome! The wrist is a perfect place for a small lotus tattoo design. You can get a simple small-sized lotus tattoo etched in red, or for a personal touch, consider adding a phrase you love.

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoos ideas

You can even get other elements, like dots, lines, shapes, etc., to your lotus tattoo on your wrist. These tattoos simply make for appealing tattoo designs.

  1. Red Lotus Tattoos on Back

If you want a tiny tattoo design just to add to your personality, then a red lotus tattoo is apt. These minimal, delicate line lotus designs look awesome and are very popular.

Red Lotus Tattoo on girl back

You can get this one either on your nape or inner wrist. A tiny lotus flower etched on your inner wrist or nape makes it feel intimate. Moreover, red ink is a great alternative to a black one, especially when you want to make your tattoo pop.

  1. Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo for Girl

Another wonderful place to have a minimal tattoo design is your ankle. Trust me; ankle tattoos look gorgeous. And the best part is they can be kept hidden as and when you want.

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo on women

You can get a simple lotus flower tattoo in basic black etched on your ankle. It will make for head-turning tattoo placement.

  1. Finger Lotus Flower Tattoo

Get a Lotus Flower tattoo on your finger. A tiny lotus flower tattoo etched on your finger will look awesome! Once you have it, you need no rings at all!!  

tiny Finger Lotus Tattoo ideas

You don’t have to overdo your finger tattoo; just the outline would do the needful. If you’re looking for a bold tattoo design, then have a shaded lotus flower. A shaded lotus flower on the finger looks interesting.

  1. Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoos

If you don’t like stand-alone lotus flower tattoo designs, then get a stem etched along with it.

Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo women

A lotus flower doesn’t have to stand alone! Utilize negative space in your design by adding a long and spindly stem to your lotus tattoo. Even adding a small leaf can bring in a lot of detailing to your minimal lotus tattoo design.

  1. Buddha Lotus Flower Tattoo Design

If you want to have a Lotus Flower tattoo on back, then Buddha Lotus Flower Tattoo Design is a perfect choice. The lotus flower symbolizes rising above the material world in Buddhism. Lord Buddha used the lotus flower to suggest how the soul remains untainted by the bad things in life.

Buddha Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs on back

This large-sized lotus tattoo design is an amazing choice for those who firmly believe in Lord Buddha’s teachings and are on the path of enlightenment. Having Lord Buddha sitting on Lotus Flower makes the tattoo feels realistic.

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  1. Hindu Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

In Hinduism, the Lotus flower is considered sacred. They are offered to a number of gods in temples throughout India. If a lotus is religiously significant to you or if you feel inspired by it, then a lotus flower tattoo is for you.

Hindu Lotus Flower Tattoo designs

You can get a Hindu lotus flower tattoo etched on your back, chest, or on your neck. It looks gorgeous no matter placed on which part of your body.

  1. Lotus Flower Tattoo with Quote

Quote tattoos are a great way to represent your personality. The best thing is you can incorporate your favorite quote along with your lotus flower tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo with Quote on back

You can personalize your Lotus flower tattoo with a quote. An excellent way to have a tattoo that stands out! You can have your favorite quote incorporated into the stem design of the flower. Lotus Flower Tattoo with Quote makes it feel dainty.

  1. Rib Lotus Flower Tattoo

Another place for a big-size lotus tattoo is your rib. Your tattoo artist will have enough space to showcase his/her creativity. You can go as creative as you want with your rib lotus flower tattoo.

Rib Lotus Flower Tattoo

There are numerous elements, like geometric shapes, mandala, leaves, etc., that you can consider adding to your ribs lotus tattoo. You can get it in basic black ink or consider getting a giant red lotus for an outstanding tattoo design. Also see amazing rib cage tattoo ideas.

  1. Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoos

Forearm tattoos are believed to be among the least painful tattoos. Besides being one of the most popular placements and among the least sensitive, the forearm is perfect for long, narrow lotus tattoos. You can consider getting series of lotus tattoos on your forearm. Or a dotted lotus tattoo would be perfectly fine for your forearm.

Best Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo designs

You can get a medium-sized lotus tattoo to a large-sized lotus tattoo on your forearm. Forearm tattoos look excellent and make for eye-catching pieces. You can fit any lotus flower tattoo design here and allow your creativity to shine.

  1. Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Go with a watercolor lotus flower tattoo if you’re looking for a design that makes it look realistic. Get a colored lotus flower tattoo with a watercolor effect.

Best Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus tattoo with beautiful colors and simple black outlining will look elegant. You can get it in a decent size placed on your forearm or neck, or back.

Pro Tip: Watercolor tattoos are not easy to make. Hence, it is imperative to go with a tattoo artist who is skilled in watercolor tattooing. Going to some random artist for a watercolor lotus flower tattoo can be remorseful later.

  1. Thigh Tattoo Lotus Flower Tattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo that can be kept covered as and when you want, then a Thigh Tattoo Lotus Flower Tattoo is a perfect choice. Your upper outer thigh is the best place for your lotus flower tattoo. Moreover, this is among the least painful body parts in your body.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on women Thigh

You can get a giant lotus tattoo etched on your thigh; not only will it be stunning but also intimate. Whenever you want you can show it off with your short dress.

lotus with triangle tattoo ideas

flower tattoo on arm

cute lotus flower tattoo on female back

Pink and Purple Lotus tattoo designs

lotus tattoo on leg


Closing Thoughts…

So, these are the 30 lotus flower tattoo designs for you. You can consider any of these; all these tattoos look beautiful and can be customized according to your needs.

Happy Tattooing….  

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