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Nail Art Temporary Tattoo Ideas

Nail Art Temporary Tattoos

Nail Art Temporary Tattoo Ideas

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For the past few decades nail art has gained immense popularity. And the simple reason behind nail arts popularity is the beautiful looking nails after getting nail art. Nail art is not common amongst college girls and teenagers, but also office going women love to apply nail art. However, doing art on nails require skill and practice as it is very delicate kind of art, and the nail is very small part on which art has to be done. There are many professionally trained artists who do nail arts, but they are pricey.

There are many women who want to get beautiful nail art but due to several reasons they just avoid getting it. But now you don’t need to resist your temptation to get a nail art as in this post we are going to share with you how you can use temporary tattoos for a nail art, that too easily.

Yeah, now you can create wonderful nail art with temporary tattoos and it looks stunning and gorgeous! You will definitely love the idea and it’s so easy that you can apply whenever you wish to have different nail art.

There are many ways you can get a look of nail tattoos, such as:

I. By using water slide temporary tattoos. It doesn’t matter whether they are made specifically for nail art or not. Temporary tattoos look stunning when done on nails. Also, they look their best in colors or if they are in dark shades.

II. Another wonderful way is – use full-nail sticker decals to get a look of nail tattoos. Believe you me, it also look amazing.

III. Third method to get a look of nail tattoos is to use Tattly temporary tattoos. They look mesmerizing!

If you are also looking for beautiful nail art, then you have definitely landed on the right page. As we are going to share with you the method to apply temporary tattoos nail art, which you are going to love for sure…..

Okay… no more talking now, let’s get to work and see how easy it is to apply temporary tattoos nail art.

Here we go……

I. Water Slide Temporary Tattoos

Nail art Water slide temporary tattoo

First things first, list of things that you will need to make beautiful nail art:

  • Nail Polish or Nail Paint: Base Coat and Clear Top Coat (More often than not, the edges of temporary tattoos have a translucent, filmy border, so it is better if you go for a white or light-colored polish. It will make for a canvas for good contrast with your tattoos. However, some water slide tattoos, which are specifically made for nails can be used with any color.).
  • Sewing Scissors or Nail Scissors
  • Your Favorite Temporary Tattoo: (Make sure you choose temporary tattoos with dark or colored shades or details, to contrast with your nail lacquer.)
  • Water & Sponge

Steps to follow….

1. First of all you need to have neat and clean nails. So, for that you can get your manicure done a day before. As nail art looks amazing on clean nails. Dirty nails do not make for a great art work.

2. Start by applying a base coat and nail polish, just brush on a clear base coat. And wait until the base coat gets fully dry. Once it’s dry, brush on one to two coats of nail polish (let the nail polish dry between coats). Once you get satisfactory coverage you don’t need to apply nail polish.

3. Now, cut your favorite temporary tattoos with nail scissors or sewing scissors to fit on your nails. A curved blade of sewing scissors or nail scissors will help you cut the temporary tattoo finely.

Once you have cut the temporary tattoos into pieces, pick up the pieces of the tattoos you like best. Make sure that each piece you pick fits on your nails without any overlap. Part of your nail plate should be visible around each tattoo piece.

Also, it is not necessary to cut perfectly around the tattoo. All you have to do is just cut small squares that fit onto your nails. That’s all!

Make sure your nails are fully dried before you do this step, as it will avoid smudging of your nail polish.

4. Now, wet the tattoo face-down on your nail and remove the plastic sheet from the tattoo. Place your temporary tattoo in a way that it touches your nail only, and not your skin. Now take a wet cotton swab or sponge, paper towel, or cloth to dampen the back of the tattoo.

Some water slide nail tattoos require you to soak them first for five to ten seconds each. Then, you can remove tattoos from a bowl of water with tweezers, after soaking them for a required time.

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Let your tattoo be soaked until it loses the backing.

5. Make sure you hold the damp cloth against your nail for at least 30 seconds. Keep pressing down firmly and evenly. And if your tattoo has some specific instructions that recommend holding the moist tattoo for even a longer amount of time, then follow those instructions. Avoid moving the tattoo while it sets.

6. Once your tattoo is settled, remove any excess (if any). If you find your tattoo overlapping the edge of your nail, just snip it off with scissors.

7. Finally, apply a topcoat, it will help your tattoo to stay longer. While applying a topcoat, try to dab a little bit of top coat onto one of the tattoos first, just to make sure that it’s not smudging.

II. Applying Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers


Another easy temporary tattoo nail art is Nail Sticker tattoos. They are very easy to apply and they look beautiful as well.

Things that you need for this nail art:

  • Cotton or Cotton Pads
  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Nail Sticker
  • Sewing Scissors or Nail Scissors
  • Blow Dryer
  • Glass file

Steps to follow….

1. As usual you need to clean your nails first. Take a cotton pad dabbed with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and start cleaning on and around your nails. In this step we will not apply a base coat as it can prevent nail stickers from properly adhering or sticking.

2. For applying nail stickers, first of all you need to prepare the nail sticker:

  • First you need to find a nail sticker that matches perfectly to the size of your nail.
  • If you don’t find a sticker that matches the size of your nails well, then better to choose a sticker that’s larger than your nail. As you can trim it down with sewing scissors or nail scissors to fit your nail.
  • Before applying the stickers on your nail, rub the sticker in your hands and warm it up a bit. This will simply improve its flexibility and longevity.

3. Now, it’s time to apply the sticker on your nail. To apply:

  • First, remove the backing from the strip.
  • Then, place the sticker on your nail plate, close to your cuticle (make sure it’s not overlapping).
  • Now, start smoothing the sticker down from your nail bed to the tip.

4. Now take your blow dryer and use it on the nail for some time. (Make sure you use the warm setting on your blow dryer. And if your blow dryer runs quite hot at close range, then hold it a little back ensuring that your skin is not hurt by the hot dryer.)

Heat of the dryer will help nail stickers smoothly adhere to the nails.

5. Once your sticker is adhered, file off any excess decal, if needed. Hold a large-grit file (specifically glass file) perpendicular to the nail. Make sure you file the nail downward and detach excess strip from the free edge of your nail. First you file it roughly and then finish up with a finer grit.

Using a glass file is better as it smoothes the edges perfectly.

6. Once your sticker is adhered properly, now is the time to maintain your nail tattoos. You can maintain your nails by doing following things….

  • You can simply add a top coat for gloss.
  • Avoid any kind of pressure and moisture.
  • Treat your nails gently.
  • Completely avoid using any lotion or oil-based products on your nails, as it can separate your sticker from the nail.
  • Also, make sure you keep your nails away from heat.
  • If you find the decal starts to come off, use a blow dryer on your nail to smooth the sticker back down (as you did while applying the sticker).
  • If possible, cover your hands or wear gloves while doing dishes or other household task, it will help you protect your nail stickers from coming off.

III. Applying Tattly Temporary Tattoos

The method for applying tattly tattoos is same as water slide temporary tattoos. The entire procedure and required material in both the process is the same.

To pan out….

I hope you liked the post, and you are going to love the nail art as well!

Now you know how to get beautiful looking nails with temporary tattoos…. What are your waiting for??? Go, get everything ready and start doing the nail art!

You are going to enjoy it, believe you me!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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