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Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Top Twenty Pete Davidsons Tattoos

Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

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Are you glancing for the latest trends in body art? Look no further than Pete Davidson’s tattoos and meanings. From inspiring quotes to meaningful symbols, this actor and comedian have unique inkings that will turn heads. In this blog post, we’ll be counting down the top 20 Pete Davidson tattoos giving you an insight into his creative take on tattoo culture. So what are you waiting for? Check out these unique pieces and get inspired!

1. 11 Tattoo

The inspiring story of comedian Pete Davidson’s tattoo behind his left ear is one for the books – as a tribute to his late father, Scott Davidson, who was killed in the 9/11 attack on New York City World Trade Center Twin Towers back 2001.

11 Tattoo

As a way to remember and pay homage, he had an eleven tattooed above it, symbolizing not only that day but also serving as a reminder of resilience and courage through loss & tragedy we all face at some point in our lives. It’s one of the Pete Davidson tattoos stories.

2. Hillary Clinton tattoo

Pete Davidson, a well-known comedian and actor known for his hilarious comedy sketches, got inked with an iconic tattoo of former US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on his right leg. He revealed that this tattoo was done to support her candidacy during the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton tattoo

His gesture shows admiration and loyalty as he stands by his beliefs, even when it takes a creative expression, such as getting something permanently etched onto your skin! It demonstrates how art can be accepted through various forms – informative yet entertaining simultaneously! This is a unique example of Pete Davidson tattoos and meanings.

3. Tiger Tattoo

Experience the power of symbolism with Pete Davidson’s tiger tattoo on the internal part of his left arm. It perfectly symbolizes strength, fearlessness, and courage in a professional frame – all three attributes revered since ancient times are still relevant today.

Tiger Tattoo

This beautiful piece is designed to inspire motivation within us; we can be reminded daily to strive for our goals, undeterred by any obstacles or challenges ahead. Discover what this incredible ink masterpiece embodies – a potent image that becomes part of your identity!

4. SMD Tattoo

Pete Davidson is honoring his late father, Scott Matthew Davidson (SMD), in a special way that will remain forever – an SMD tattoo on the inner portion of his left arm. This unique and meaningful tribute displays love and loyalty for the man who raised him, marking this personal expression as one he’ll carry throughout life’s journey.

SMD Tattoo

Through its permanence, it carries along sentiments such as never-ending dedication to family values, being committed to respecting roots no matter how far away they may be and upholding remembrance through times when words are not enough. This poignant gesture truly speaks volumes about what kind of person Pete is today – someone whose heart remains devotedly connected to their past while continuing into future successes! This is one of the best Pete Davidson tattoos design.

5. Eagles Tattoos

Pete Davidson made headlines when he unveiled his stunning new tattoo of three eagles flying side-by-side on the right side of his back. Intricate piece design is exquisite in realism, with each eagle taking flight with impressive depth and detail.

This bold statement will turn heads across the globe as symbols of freedom, courage, and strength – all qualities that define Pete’s life journey. It’s an iconic reminder for everyone aspiring towards greater heights while they take a courageous leap into their destiny! It’s one of the unique Pete Davidson tattoos design.

6. Gloves Tattoo

Pete Davidson has put more than cookies in the oven, as he revealed a unique boxing glove tattoo on his back. The two gloves have impressive detail that only true experts can recognize at first sight.

Gloves Tattoo

It is unknown what inspired this piece or why Pete chose it for himself, but some argue that it could symbolize fighting through tough times and emerging victorious out of adversity. Whatever its meaning, one thing remains clear; anyone looking to make a statement should consider getting a pair of customized boxing glove tattoos!

7. Astronaut Tattoo

Pete Davidson has boldly made a statement of support for NASA with his latest tattoo – an astronaut on his left wrist. The famous comedic actor is known to make daring fashion and lifestyle choices, demonstrating that he takes great pride in the achievements of America’s space program.

Astronaut Tattoo

This bold move will likely draw the attention of many who admire the work done by astronauts worldwide, showing public admiration and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to exploring beyond Earth’s atmosphere. With this gesture, Pete sends a strong message of solidarity with those striving daily towards new accomplishments in science, technology research & development, as well as discoveries they hope to unlock while embarking beyond our world into outer space. It’s one of the best Pete Davidson tattoos stories.

8. MOMTATTOO: A Permanent Expression of Unconditional Love

As a tribute to his late mother, Pete Davidson had “MOMTATTOO” tattooed in red ink on his right chest. While the gesture has sparked conversations across various platforms, one thing is clear: it expressed unconditional love and admiration for someone who left this world too soon. His mom’s tattoo is a permanent reminder that although she may no longer be with him physically, he will always carry her spirit close to his heart.

By sharing this story through social media posts and interviews, perhaps more people will feel inspired by today’s modern expressions of emotion – showing just how powerful these visual gestures can be when celebrating those we have lost but never forgotten. Pete Davidson’s tattoos and meanings are truly amazing.

9. Shaolin Tattoo: A Symbol of Ancient Kung Fu Style.

For a valid symbol of ancient kung fu style, look no further than Pete Davidson’s unique Shaolin tattoo on his waistline. This iconic design features the classic black-and-white pattern associated with traditional Chinese martial arts.

Shaolin Tattoo_ A Symbol of Ancient Kung Fu Style.

Through it is an unmistakable sense of timelessness – paying homage to some five thousand years’ worth of culture that continues to shape our lives today. Whether you find yourself inspired by this visage or enjoy the aesthetics, one thing remains certain: there’s nothing quite like Pete’s Shaolin tattoo!

10. Little Heart Tattoo

Pete Davidson, from the hit show Saturday Night Live, and his tiny heart tattoo on his left pinky finger gained much attention. The small ink design symbolizes hope for many that love can overcome any obstacles in life.

Little Heart Tattoo

This piece is simply genius, providing people worldwide something to connect to emotionally without ever having met Pete personally! This ultimate expression of love will continue inspiring us now and into the future.

11. A Giant Unicorn Tattoo

A giant unicorn tattoo on the right hand of Pete Davidson is an intricate work of art that perfectly encapsulates Pete’s larger-than-life personality and unique style. This one certainly stands out as something special for anyone looking to make a statement or show off some serious ink skills.

A Giant Unicorn Tattoo

Not only does it look amazing, but it also speaks volumes about Pete’s willingness to take risks when expressing himself through tattoos – making him truly stand out from the crowd! With so many copycat designs flooding these days, seeing someone brave enough to go all out for such an eye-catching piece makes us appreciate originality like never before!

12. Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Pete Davidson became the talk of the town due to his extraordinary style statement. His left wrist is adorned with a lightning bolt tattoo, an homage to Harry Potter’s iconic scar. According to reports, Pete claims he’s a big fan of the series, and this unique gesture speaks volumes about it! Petersen’s dapper body art calls for attention and conveys how seriously he takes his fandom’s dedication, simultaneously maintaining its fashionable aura at all times.

It also inspires those budding fans who want something cool yet subtle enough in honor of their beloved HP books – courtesy of Pete’s new fashion trendsetter moves!

13. Shark Tattoo

Pete Davidson’s left-side chest tattoo of a shark is one of his most striking pieces. Its vast size and detailed design create a striking effect on anyone who notices it. The intricate detailing in its eyes shows Pete’s commitment to getting this piece done right – something few people can achieve with such precision.

Shark Tattoo

With its sharp teeth and menacing look, this truly unique work of art captures all facets of the creature’s ferocity while still managing to retain an airy feel due to skillful curving lines around it, which gives the whole artwork some added dimensionality — showcasing enough talent for any professional body artist or enthusiast alike!

14. Verrazzano Bridge Tattoo

This uniquely detailed Verrazzano Bridge tattoo is on Pete Davidson’s left shoulder. Its vibrant colors and intricate design command attention in any setting. The bridge represents more than just an iconic NYC landmark to him; it is a homage to where he grew up and his family’s Italian-American heritage—profoundly personal elements that connect with many others experiencing similar themes in their lives today. It’s one of the best Pete Davidson tattoos design.

Verrazzano Bridge Tattoo

15. Shamrock Tattoo

Pete Davidson’s left arm is adorned with a stunning shamrock tattoo. This classic symbol of luck and good fortune pays homage to the comedian’s Irish roots in an eye-catching design,

The unique shading technique employed by the artist ensures that each leaf on this vibrant piece appears vivid and realistic from every angle — providing Pete with a timeless reminder of his heritage. Whether you’re looking for some lucky charm decor or want to show off your cultural pride, get inspired and explore what creative designs like these can do for you!

16. Rubber Ducks Tattoo

Pete Davidson is making a statement with his inking: three rubber duck tattoos on his left arm. Expertly crafted by one of the top tattooists in the industry, these ducks are sure to make heads turn as they appear realistic and detailed. Each symbolizing something significant from Pete’s life, this unique design stands out for its intricate detail and vibrant colors that come alive from any angle.

Rubber Ducks Tattoo

From afar, it looks like an iconic work of art; up close, you can appreciate how much thought went into creating each feather or quack line! Perfect for anyone looking for a bold way to express themselves without fear – don’t forget your mini-flock of rubber ducky forever etched on your skin!

17. Giant Forest Of Tress Tattoos

This detailed and eye-catching tattoo on Pete Davidson’s right forearm is a stunning representation of the giant forest. The art piece consists of countless trees in varying sizes, some reaching up to his elbow and others rooted firmly at the wrist.

This sophisticated composition beautifully demonstrates Pete’s appreciation for majestic forests while capturing our attention with its intricate details, such as vibrant foliage, mossy trunks, and more – all lovingly crafted by skilled artists using premium color tones that resist fading over time.

In short, this unique design will become one of Pete’s signature tattoos, expressing his personal beliefs without sacrificing style! This is one of the Pete Davidson tattoos stories.

18. Rings Tattoo

Pete Davidson’s left hand is adorned with a stunning three-striped ring tattoo. This detailed design stands out from the crowd and holds significant meaning for its owner, likely representing fidelity in love or friendship.

Rings Tattoo

The tattoo around his finger symbolizes infinite commitment – not only to relationships but also to life goals, dreams, and ambitions. With each line extending outward beyond what appears at first glance, this cleverly designed piece is an inspiring reminder of how far one can go when one fully believes in oneself!

19. Order Of Phoenix Tattoo

Pete Davidson’s Order of the Phoenix tattoo is a tribute to his love for Harry Potter, and what better way to show it than with an iconic symbol from the popular fantasy series? This impressive forearm ink stands out against Pete’s skin as a permanent reminder that allows him to proudly display his loyalty—a nod both to fans everywhere and those closest to them who share this same passion.

Order Of Phoenix Tattoo

With its meaningful symbolism, this eye-catching design makes quite an impactful statement about one’s fandom!

20. Light Up the Dark

Pete Davidson’s right arm staff tattoo is a unique and truly eye-catching piece of body art. Combining creative elements with the lyrics from his favorite song, Light Up The Dark, this robust design captures the essence of meaning behind what it means to be alive in our modern world.

This striking tribute stands out amongst other tattoos with its dynamic use of light, shadows, and soft lines reminiscent of classic Renaissance works yet boast contemporary appeal.


Pete Davidson is one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, and his unique tattoos have gained him a lot of attention. His many tattoos include words and phrases. He has also been known to use references from pop culture when deciding on designs for his body art. With so much detail put into each design, it can only be concluded that Pete takes pride in showcasing his style through these works of art.

Even professional tattoo artists appreciate the creativity he puts into every piece found all over his body. Each Pete Davidson tattoos design tells its own story – offering fans insight into who this star is and showing them an artistic side they never knew existed until now! We hope this blog on the top twenty Pete Davidson tattoos is useful to the readers.


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