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Unique Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Design & Their Meaning

Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo

Unique Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Design & Their Meaning

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Philadelphia 76ers tattoo designs are quite common among fans who are devoted to the team. If you are an ardent supporter of the Philadelphia 76ers, express your passion through unique body art. This tattoo design serves as a badge of loyalty for dying hard fans.

This tattoo design is more than just a body artwork! It’s a symbol of your passion and loyalty to this world-famous game, basketball. It encapsulates the spirit of Philadelphia. It’s a perfect choice of tattoo design, especially if you’re a sports enthusiast or history lover. Every tattoo design here beautifully captures the stories of strength, the city’s unwavering pride, and its triumph.

So, if you want to prove your loyalty to the Philadelphia basketball team using a unique tattoo design, then this post is for you! Join us as we dive into the world of Philadelphia 76ers tattoo designs that best describe your loyalty to the team.

This article covers all you need to know about Philadelphia 76ers tattoos, including the meanings and different Philadelphia 76ers tattoo ideas.

So, let’s get started…

Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Meaning

The Philadelphia 76ers tattoo has a lot of meanings. It signifies passion, sports history, and pride. The tattoo design beautifully captures the journey of triumphs and challenges of the basketball franchise. If you want to show off your deep connection to the team, the Philadelphia 76ers is the best option.

Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design also signifies patience, resilience, and trust in the team’s journey. You can get this inked in crimson and blue, which resonates well with the colours of the team logo. No matter which tattoo design you choose, it will always symbolize your connection to the iconic history of the 76ers.

Let’s now take a look at the top Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo designs. Here we go…

Top 10 Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Ideas

Here are some popular top 10 Philadelphia 76ers tattoo ideas for you to get inspiration from. Take a look…

1. Team Logo

Team Logo : Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo

The team logo makes for a beautiful Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo design. Also, it is a great way to show your support for the game. You can get a beautiful team logo of the Philadelphia 76ers etched on your arm or shoulder area. You can even add a basketball to the logo for a more captivating look. Ask your tattoo artist to ink it in the team colours – red, blue, and white.

2. Liberty Bell Incorporation

Liberty Bell Incorporation

For a more stunning design and a distinctive Philly touch, add the Liberty Bell to your tattoo design. The Liberty Bell symbolizes the city’s history. You can either get it etched alongside the 76ers logo or incorporate it into the logo. For a perfect result, ensure you get it from a professional tattoo artist.

3. Benjamin Franklin Tribute

Benjamin Franklin Tribute : Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo

If you want to pay homage to the city’s founder and polymath (Benjamin Franklin), you can choose this unique design. Get a portrait of Benjamin Franklin dribbling a basketball etched on your skin. This tattoo design carries the spirit of the team’s resilience and courage. This tattoo design can be etched on any part of your body, but it’s perfect on the arms, shoulder, or thigh.

4. Court and Hoop Elements

Court and Hoop Elements

If you want to express your connection to sports, you can get basketball court hoop elements etched on your skin. You can even get the team’s colours and logos incorporated into the design for a stunning look. It’s a unique tattoo design you should try out!

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5. Philadelphia Skyline Tattoo

Philadelphia Skyline Tattoo : Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo

Get your Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design in style by having it with the Philadelphia skyline. This tattoo design symbolizes the city’s vibrant energy. Add iconic buildings paired with a basketball image for a visually striking tattoo design. Make sure you get an expert tattooist for an excellent design.

6. Basketball and Flames

Basketball and Flames

If you want to flaunt your dying passion for basketball games, opt for this tattoo design! It carries the intensity and fervour of the Philadelphia 76ers fandom. Ask your tattoo artist to draw a basketball engulfed in flames.

7. Philly Phrases and Script

Philly Phrases and Script

Opt for a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design with phrases incorporated inside the logo or any design. There are numerous phrases to choose from, including “Trust the Process.” Make sure you choose the one that fits well with your preferences. You can opt for this design if you feel a deep connection to the basketball team. Your tattoo artist can add team-centric quotes to this tattoo design.

8. Player Portraits

If you have a favourite player in the 76ers that you want to immortalize, you can get it inked on your skin. If it’s Allen Iverson, Julius Erving, or Joel Embiid, you can express your love for either of the players. Getting this tattoo design is a unique way of celebrating the historical figures who left a memorable mark on the franchise.

9. Victorious Sixers Mascot

If you want something playful for a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design, get a victorious Sixers mascot design etched on your arm. This tattoo design depicts the team spirit. A victorious Sixers mascot tattoo design etched on your skin will look beautiful! Try it out!

10. Jersey Number Tribute

Last but not least, a jersey number tattoo design is perfect. If you have a favourite player, you can opt for a jersey number tattoo design. Consider incorporating a few other elements like basketballs, team logos, or any iconic symbols to the jersey number for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design. This tattoo design is a unique way of paying tribute to your favourite player. Give it a try!

Cost of Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Designs

Philadelphia 76ers tattoo designs demand exceptional skill and precision. Hence, it is crucial you pick a professional tattoo artist for your tattoo design to have no regrets later. A tattoo done by a professional tattoo artist will always look breathtaking. Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Design is a perfect way to showcase your passion for basketball. The cost of a Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo design may vary greatly based on its size, intricacy, and placement. It is worth noting that Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo designs come in a wide range of sizes, from small to large and elaborate. Also, the reputation and location of the tattoo artist will influence the overall cost of the tattoo. On average, a small-sized Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo design will cost you somewhere around $80 – $150. Meanwhile, a large-size Philadelphia 76ers tattoo will cost you somewhere around $250 – $500 or more.

Placement of Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo

Philadelphia 76ers makes for the best tattoo designs. As said earlier, they come in varied sizes. The size plays a significant role in the placement of a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design. However, the best places for these tattoo ideas include your chest, upper back, lower back, sleeves, forearms, waist, and shoulders. Whichever size you want, either bold or small, is your personal choice. Remember to choose a professional tattoo artist to get the Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design etched on your skin. This tattoo design is eye-catching, so make sure you get it etched by a professional artist in the right location.

Best Colours For Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo Design

These tattoos are typically inked in crimson red, blue, and white with a circle around the designs. However, you can get it etched in black or grey ink if you don’t want your tattoo flashy. You have the option to select a design that is minimalistic and subtle or opt for something intricate and visually captivating. When it comes to getting a stunning Philadelphia 76ers Tattoo design, finding a reputable and experienced artist is crucial. Make sure you look for an artist who is skilled and experienced to bring your desired design to life.

Wrapping it up…

So, there you have it: the top 10 Philadelphia 76ers tattoo ideas for your next body artwork. Getting a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo is a personal choice. When considering these tattoo designs, make sure you have a deep connection to the design that you choose. It’s important that the design not only aligns with your preferences but also demonstrates a strong connection with the game. Philadelphia 76ers tattoo designs are specifically meant for the diehard fans of the game. Your tattoo design should express your passion as a fan of the basketball team from the franchise.

Expert Suggestion: When you consider getting a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo, make sure to speak to your tattoo artist in detail. Know that effective communication with your tattoo artist is essential for a gorgeous body artwork. Every tattoo tells a unique story. Feel free to express your thoughts, your unique story to your tattoo artist prior to getting a Philadelphia 76ers tattoo design. In addition, provide your tattoo artist with any relevant sources and discuss your preferences while seeking expert guidance. Expert tattoo artists possess a deep understanding of both styles and can assist you in making a well-informed decision that perfectly matches your unique vision. A professional can create an exquisite tattoo design that you will love flaunting around!

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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