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50 Simple Tattoos for Women

50 Simple Tattoos for Women

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Tattoos are one of the best body artworks that are embraced by both males and females. There are many designs which are common to both the genders. However, some are absolutely different to both. There was a time when only males used to have tattoos, but today even women are equally interested to adorn their body with trendy artwork. Some do not even hesitate to get a large body artwork, while some choose to opt for a simple tattoo for women.

Each tattoo, whether big or small signifies something unique and unusual about itself. Some women choose to have tattoos just to flaunt their body art, and some simply choose to represent their true self. Whatever be the reason, a tattoo is a great way to express a feeling, or an emotion. And the best thing is – you do not need to opt for something big and complicated in order to express your feelings. Even a small, simple and an intricate tattoo design is enough to explicitly send the message.

If you are looking for some simple yet unique and unusual tattoo design that will reflect your personality, then read this post until the end. In this post we are sharing with you 50 best women tattoo designs in 2023..

Here we go……..

1. A small Heart etched on your thumb

Simple Heart tattoos on Women thumb

You may be surprised to see the placement of your cute heart tattoo. Thumb area really makes for the perfect placement, especially when it is about small tattoos for girls. A heart tattoo looks classic as it has just the outline of the heart in black. A heart tattoo is a great way to express your love for someone special. It simply signifies love, emotions, feelings, depth, etc. Besides thumb, you can even choose to get it on the neck, ankle, navel, etc.

2. A simple Star inked on your wrist

Beautiful Simple Star tattoos for women

The stars are a symbol of success and reaching for them simply signifies your efforts and hard work to achieve success and your goals. Stars really make for an inspirational and attractive body artwork. You can choose to get a star etched on your wrist. It not only looks simply, but also it looks amazingly stunning.

3. A simple Plane etched on your ankle

Cute and simple Plane tattoo for girl

Planes simply represent freedom, adventure, flight, and lightness. It is one of the most simple tattoo ideas for women. A plane etched either on your ankle or on your finger will look gorgeous and beautiful. If you are obsessed with flights and travel, then get a beautiful plane etched on your ankle.

4. A small Butterfly inked on foot

Simple Butterfly tattoo designs for girls

The butterfly, one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth – colorful, vibrant, and bright! Whether big or small, a butterfly represents growth and rebirth, a transition of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. And the same applies to a human life, transition of a human being to a higher level. Butterfly tattoos look graceful and elegant. Get a colorful butterfly etched on your foot. It will look marvelous!

5. A simple Dot Tattoo

Simple Dot Tattoo ideas for girls and Women

One of the best and simplest tattoo designs for women. No matter how simple a dot tattoo looks, it really makes for a mesmerizing tattoo design. You can simply get 6 – 7 colorful dots etched in series on your wrist. It will make for an outside the box tattoo design. Get it etched in the color of rainbow: VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

6. A small Paw inked on your wrist

Best simple tattoo ideas for girls on arm

It will simply represent your love for your pet. A dog’s Paw symbolizes tenacity, strength, and pride. While, a cat’s paws cutely signifies wit, intelligence, and playfulness. This is one of the best and simple tattoo ideas for women. Most women like paw tattoos because they look cute and intricate. The best thing is a paw can be etched either on your wrist, or side neck, ankle, cleavage, etc. You can get either an outline etched or black colored paw etched. Absolutely up to you!

7. Black flower 

black flower tattoo on girl forearm

We are blessed to have around thousands of flower varieties, and you can get your favorite flower in small size etched on your body. A black flower, be it a rose or a sunflower, it looks perfect when etched on your thumb. It is an excellent choice for women who are looking for a simple hand tattoo for women.

8. A small GIRL POWER tattoo etched on your elbow


Are you willing to flaunt the other side of your personality, i.e., STRONG and COURAGEOUS side, then get GIRL POWER etched on the front side of your elbow! Besides the elbow, you can also get it etched on your ankle, foot or arm. A lovely tattoo design for girls.

9. A simple Lotus Tattoos for Women

Tiny simple lotus tattoo ideas for women

A lotus, one of the most beautiful flowers looks perfect when etched on your finger. A small lotus flower will simply signify rebirth, resilience and your efforts – how have you dealt with your hardships. Most women like lotus tattoos because they look surreal and elegant. You can get a lotus tattoo etched on your finger. Besides, you can also get it on your foot, neck, near the ear, etc.

10. Three small overlapping Triangles etched on your arm

Simple Wrist tattoos designs for women

If you are looking for an abstract and simple hand tattoo for women, then get three small overlapping triangles etched on your wrist. Get all the three triangles in the same dimensions. The tattoo will have the top of the first triangle overlapping the second one and similarly, the top of the second overlapping the bottom of the third. Get it inked in black.

11. Simple ‘I AM’ etched on forearm

I AM Enough Tattoo on arm

If you are looking for very simple tattoo ideas for women, then this is one for you. ‘I AM’ etched on your wrist will look amazing. I AM represents positivity, happiness etc. Get I AM etched in bold letters on your wrist to make it impactful.

12. Simple “Soli Deo Glory’” etched on your arm

Simple tattoo on arm

Soli Deo Glory’, a Latin term which simply means Glory to GOD alone. It makes for very beautiful and simple tattoos for women. If you want a unique tattoo, then get this one etched on your arm or wrist.

13. A Mountain with three peaks Tattoos

Mountain with three peaks tattoo ideas on girl arm

Mountains for really great small tattoo designs for women. You can also get a mountain with three peaks etched on your foot. It will look classy and elegant. It will represent all the struggles that you have gone through to reach your destination. Besides your foot, you can also get it etched on your nape in black ink with some shade.

14. A small Pinwheel inked

Best tattoo for Female

Pinwheel tattoos make for the best tattoo designs, especially when it comes to small tattoo designs for women. Get it etched on your wrist or shoulder either in black colored ink. The tattoo will look perfect on your body.

15. A simple armband etched on your arm

Cool and Simple Armbad Tattoos for girls

A simple yet very elegant tattoo design for women. Get three simple line bands on your arm. You can get all the lines etched in different colors, like blue, red, green etc. You can choose the color of your choice.

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16. A small Dream Catcher etched on your Back

Best Dream Catcher tattoo for female

Dream catchers make for wonderful home décor items, but they can also adorn your skin. If you want to embellish your body with a unique tattoo design, then get a small dream catcher etched on your neck or on your wrist.

17. A small Red Heart inked

Red Heart tattoos for female

Hearts are symbols of love, and a heart etched in red color will simply display your love for your SPECIAL ONE! Heart tattoos make for perfect small tattoo designs. A great tattoo idea for those who do not want to overdo their tattoos. Get it etched on your pinky finger!!

18. A simple Black Swallow Tattoo

Black Swallow Tattoos on Women shoulder

An outside the box tattoo design, get this tattoo etched on the side of your wrist. This simple small black swallow tattoo will look amazing. A swallow will simply represent your aim to fly high in life, just as a swallow does throughout its span.

19. A small Anchor etched on your foot

Beautiful Simple Anchor tattoos for girl 2021

Anchor is a sailors’ thing but that doesn’t stop women to have it inked on their bodies. If you love sailing or are passionate about sailing, then anchor is for you. They simply represent stability. You can get etched on your foot, or even on your arm or ankle in a small size. It makes for wonderful small tattoos for girls.

20. A simple Love symbol etched on your wrist

Best simple Hearbeat Tattoos designs for womens

You can have a beautiful love symbol etched on your wrist. Love symbols really make for wonderful tattoo designs for women.

21. Simple LOVE Tattoo

Best and Simple LOVE Tattoo art for Female

If you believe it in love and believe that you will get your special one, then get simple LOVE etched on your neck. If you want you can get a small sized heart also etched along with this. This tattoo looks really cool and eye-catching.

22. A simple three Love symbols inked on your wrist

This makes for an unusual tattoo design for women. It looks very simple yet very elegant. This tattoo will have three love symbols that you can get etched on the inside of the wrist. The first two symbols will be of the same size, overlapping. One will be drawn with a complete line and the other would be drawn using a dotted line. The third or last symbol is smaller than the two, and will be drawn on the top right corner of the first two.

23. A small Feather tattooed on your nape

Small and Simple Feather tattooed on girl's nape

Feathers look marvelous both in real and tattooed. There are a wide range of feathers that you can get etched on your body. Get your favorite feather etched on your nape. Feathers simply represent freedom, and if you believe you like to be free, get it etched. You can get it etched either in black ink with grey shades or in colored ink as well.

24. A simple “Pinkie” swear tattoo etched on your arm

Matching Pinkie swear tattoo for female

Most girls believe in Pinkie Swears, and it also looks good when tattooed. This is an extremely beautiful tattoo. It has two hands locked in a “pinkie” swear. A great tattoo for people who believe in true friendship and want to make an amazing gesture about it. It can be a good matching tattoo for girls looking for the same design as their friends.

25. A small Leaf inked on your wrist

Beautiful Simple Leaf tattoos ideas for female

A simple yet elegant small tattoo for girls. Get it etched on your wrist, or you can even place it on your neck or ankle. If you want to you can make it look real by having it in 3D.

26. A simple BREATHE etched on your thumb

Simple Hand Tattoos for Women

A very simple tattoo design but it means a lot. After all, our lives depend on our breath. Well, it’s a wonderful choice for the ones looking for an abstract tattoo design. Get the word ‘BREATHE’ etched on your thumb. Besides, if you want a large sized tattoo, then get it etched on your arm or wrist.

27. A small crescent moon tattooed on your wrist

Crescent moon tattoo on hand

Crescent moon looks mesmerizing! This one makes for an abstract tattoo design for women. You can get a beautiful crescent moon on your wrist. If you want you can even have a Sun etched along with it or etched on your other hand. This design is a good couple design as well. Instead of adding Sun to your tattoo, your partner can have Sun etched on his arm.

28. A simple Bulb with Filament etched on your wrist

This is a very unique tattoo design. You may find it weird, but trust it looks stunning when etched on your arm or wrist. It will have a lit bulb and the filament inside that can be seen clearly. Just like music symbols are for passionate musicians or singers, this one is apt for the ones who love physics.

29. A small Linear Constellation etched on your wrist

Best Linear Constellation tattoos

A great tattoo design for the ones who love to have abstract tattoos.This tattoo will be made up of small sized star-like objects forming a linear constellation. Get it etched on the inside of the arm or your elbow joint or your wrist. It looks stunning.

30. A simple Infinity inked on your neck

Simple Infinity tattoos on women's neck

Infinity tattoos look infinitely gorgeous! You can get a small sized infinity symbol etched on the back of your neck or nape. The placement itself will be mesmerizing. You will surely love this simple tattoo design.

31. A small Angel Winged etched on your back

Beautiful Small Angel Winged tattoo designs on girl's Back

Wearers of Angel wings believe that they are being watched over. If you also think the same, then get Angel’s wings etched on your back or wrist. It will make for an eye-catching small tattoo design.

32. Two small Heart intertwined etched on your foot

Unique simple Heart tattoo ideas on foot

Heart tattoos already look gorgeous. This tattoo will have two small sized hearts intertwined together. This tattoo will look stunning when etched on your foot or ankle. It is actually a very beautiful and cute tattoo design for girls. If you want you can even get it etched just above the elbow joint.

33. A simple Bow-Tie etched on your wrist

Simple tattoos designs for womens and girls

Bow-tie tattoos make for really cute tattoo designs. Get it etched on your wrist. You can get it inked either in colored ink or simple black ink.

34. A small Crown inked on your nape

Cute and simple Crown tattoos for women

If you think you have the ability to win over the hearts of people by your impressive personality, then you are the queen of heart. Let everybody know this side of your personality, get a small sized crown etched on your nape. It really makes for a stunning tattoo design.

35. A simple Stars etched on your finger

Simple Tiny Stars ink on finger

Star tattoos look beautiful, especially when etched on small sizes. Get at least 5 tattoos in series etched on your finger. The placement itself will be really eye-catching.

36. A small Palm Tree tattooed on your Arm

Best Simple Tattoos designs for women and Girls

This is going to make for an eye-catching tattoo design. A palm tree etched in small size with shades of grey will look perfect on your wrist.

37. A small Dandelion Stem etched on your Wrist/Arm

Simple Dandelion Stem tattoos on girl arm

Dandelion looks beautiful. You can also get a small sized sole dandelion stem etched on the top of your foot. This design looks perfect on any woman, irrespective of their age. A great way to show off your feminine side.

38. A simple Wave etched on your foot/thumb

Amazing and Simple Wave Tattoo on foot

Wave tattoos make for really simple yet elegant tattoo designs. If you are also looking for a simple tattoo in 2023 that will simply help you flaunt your personality, get a wave tattoo etched on your foot or thumb.

39. A small Star tattoo inked on your collarbone

Simple Tiny Star Tattoos Ideas for girls

This small and beautiful star tattoo etched on your collarbone will look stunning. Get this one etched in simple black ink. Make sure you get it fully filled with black ink.

40. A small Panda etched on your ankle

Cute and Simple Small Panda tattoo on women ankle

Yes, a panda tattooed on your ankle will look perfect. It is very popular amongst girls, they love to get this cute creature etched on their bodies. If you also love a Panda, then think not, get it etched on your ankle.

41. A simple Portrait etched on your ribs

One of the bespoke tattoo designs. This one is not only simple, but also very beautiful tattoo design for the ones looking for unique tattoo design. The tattoo will have a simple portrait of a woman holding a rose up to her eye. Get this one etched on your ribs, it will look like a painting on your body.

42. A small Geometric Triangle inked on your wrist

Geometric Triangle tattoos

Get a small triangle etched on your wrist. This tattoo will have a black triangle outline with multiple colors filled inside the triangle. It looks unique and unusual, as the colors inside the triangle just add to the beauty of a simple triangle.

43. A small Camera etched on your Wrist

Ever Best Camera Tattoo Designs on Wrist for women

An appropriate tattoo design for passionate photographers or avid travelers. If you really love to do any of the things or you love cameras just like that, then get a small sized camera etched on your thumb or finger. A simple camera looks very beautiful and makes for an outside the box tattoo design.

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44. A simple “Miles to go” etched on your wrist

Miles to go Quote tattoos on wrist

If you have set some milestones for yourself and you are determined to achieve them all, then this tattoo is for you. Get “Miles to go” etched on your wrist, it will keep reminding you of your goals and encourage you to take steps to achieve them all. An interesting tattoo design that you would love all your life!

45. A small Balloon tied with an anchor etched on your Arm

Best and Simple Balloon tied with an anchor tattoos for women

A unique and beautiful tattoo design that will simply stand out. It looks perfect when etched on your ankle, a small heart shaped balloon tied with an anchor at the top etched on your ankle will look great.

46. A simple Angel Tattoo

Small angel tattoos designs

Most girls prefer to have Angel tattoos because they look cool, cute, and beautiful. An angel etched on your shoulder blade will also make for a beautiful placement. If you believe in angels and if you believe that they look on you, then an angel tattoo is perfect.

47. A simple Anklet inked around your ankle

Anklet tattoos for women

After having this tattoo you will not need to have a silver one. It is going to stay around your ankle forever. This thin string like tied etched your ankle will look stunning.

48. A simple Tea Cup etched on your ankle

Tea cup Ankle tattoo for female

An outside the box and simple tattoo design for all the tea/coffee lovers. It’s small in size, get it etched on your ankle, it will also have steam coming out of it making it look realistic.

49. A small Paper Airplane inked on your chest

Simple small Paper Airplane Tattoos on Women chest

Paper airplanes look beautiful already. And a paper airplane tattooed in 3D on your chest will make for a gorgeous tattoo design.

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