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35 Powerful Spiritual Tattoo Designs and their Deep Meaning

35 Powerful Spiritual Tattoo Designs and their Deep Meaning

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Tattoos are in the mainstream. People have been inking tattoos of various designs on their bodies for thousands of years, and the practice continues even today. There are thousands of tattoo designs, but the most popular include spiritual tattoo designs since ancient times.

Tattoos of a spiritual nature were once popular as a form of protection against evil forces throughout ancient times. A person may acquire a tattoo to express joy, love, healing, change, triumph, enjoyment, or anger. The sheer act of getting a spiritual tattoo on your body promotes emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical healing. The best thing is that there are a plethora of spiritual tattoo designs to choose from.

Powerful Spiritual Tattoo Designs

So, if you’re planning to get a spiritual tattoo design, this is the post for you. Here in this post, we’ll discuss everything about spiritual tattoo ideas. Take a look…

What are spiritual tattoos?

Tattooing has been used for spiritual, therapeutic, and decorative purposes for thousands of years. Ancient cultures such as India, Egypt, Japan, the Philippines, Samoa, Persia, and others have been inked to promote spiritual growth and healing.

Tattoos were employed in religious rites and therapeutic treatments and to display rank and accomplishments in many ancient cultures.

Many ancient societies believed tattoos had mystical abilities, and shamans and healers used to perform tattoos in ancient cultures.

Spiritual tattoo symbols are symbols that have a special meaning, and that represent a certain concept. Some of those symbols are really well-known, and everyone understands what they imply. Others may not be as well-known, but they can be easily identified by anyone who is interested in spiritual matters. However, it is vital to remember that each of them possesses a distinct amount of energy.

For those who believe in some type of higher power, getting a specific tattoo that represents something significant might be a major deal.

Getting a tattoo is a profoundly personal and spiritually cleansing process. One has to endure a lot of pain while getting a tattoo. However, people believe that the agony of getting a tattoo is not a punishment; it is part of the spiritual healing process. Accepting and overcoming discomfort can improve a scared tattoo’s outcome.

Many people get tattooed to represent victory over a challenging physical, emotional, or mental event. It could be a painful past, a physical trauma, the loss of a loved one, or anything else that has left a mental, emotional, or physical scar that the person wants to repair. A spiritual tattoo can help a person heal emotionally in such a situation.

Then there are those who want to reflect their spiritual side through a thoughtfully created tattoo design. The images chosen for application are spiritually meaningful and aid in a person’s spiritual growth.

Spiritual tattoos serve as a positive reinforcement of your growth and change. Whether you want your tattoo to help you heal from past trauma or bring you joy, a spiritual tattoo is your best bet.

Take a look at the top 15 spiritual tattoo designs compiled for you to get some inspo.

Top 15 Trendy Spiritual Tattoo Designs

1. Lotus Spiritual Tattoo

Lotus Spiritual Tattoo on Back for Women

At number one, we have a Lotus tattoo. In Hinduism, Lotus blossoms are referred to as the Padma and are believed to signify beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening.

The lotus flower is revered for its purity, which is why it is seen in many Hindu deities’ palms, including Vishnu.

Many people used to get the lotus tattoo design inscribed on their bodies as a symbol of spirituality in ancient times, and it is still popular today.

Lotus blossoms are symbolic of a variety of things, making them one-of-a-kind and incredibly personal tattoos. By and large, the flower is thought to symbolize overcoming temptation and becoming a better person.

2. Om Spiritual Tattoo

Om Spiritual Tattoo Ideas

The word “Om” is a sacred symbol in Hinduism. Numerous religions adhere to it. It is usually recited both before and after prayers and affirmations. This Sanskrit symbol can be a fantastic addition to your body when worn appropriately.

The Om Symbol is considered to be extremely auspicious. It is the most often used charm and the most popular indication of good fortune.

OM is a sign of tranquility and harmony. Therefore, if you’re seeking a simple yet attractive tattoo design, this is it.

Because OM is a sacred symbol, it should not be etched on foot or near intimate areas. It is deemed insulting in the Hindu faith to have it carved in certain spots. Therefore, you should be aware of the spiritual symbol’s cultural importance and power prior to getting it tattooed.

3. Geometric Spiritual Tattoos

.Geometric Spiritual Tattoo on Sleeve

Another type of spiritual tattoo includes geometric tattoo designs. These tattoos are made of geometric symbols, each of which has a distinct significance. Geometric tattoos are highly resilient due to their simple lines and shapes.

When it comes to deciphering the meaning of geometric tattoos, they were frequently associated with spiritual and religious acts in ancient times. They do, however, symbolize balance, symmetry, stability, wisdom, and mystery in today’s world.

4. Buddha Spiritual Tattoo

Buddha Spiritual Tattoo Design on Back

A Buddha tattoo is a symbol of love and devotion. Buddha simply signifies enlightenment. A Buddha tattoo is ideal as a symbol of protection and the ability to overcome your anxieties.

A sheer Buddha tattoo is enough to instill tranquility, mindfulness, and serenity. So if you are someone who does not place value on material possessions and enjoy nature, a Buddha tattoo may be the perfect choice for you!

5. Water Symbol Tattoo

Water Symbol Spiritual Tattoo Design

Water is seen as a fundamental and life-giving element in almost all of the world’s religious traditions. It is viewed as a source of life and sustenance. Throughout history, it has been utilized as a symbol of enlightenment, power, elegance, harmony, and the primordial chaos that gave origin to the material universe.

In Christianity, Holy water is used to cleanse the body and soul. Additionally, it is utilized in baptisms, prayers, healing, and to fend off evil spirits. Water tattoos symbolize protection, healing, purity, rebirth, and rejuvenation.

Water symbol tattoos are considered cool spiritual tattoos because they instil a sense of serenity and contentment in the wearer.

6. Lord Ganesh Spiritual Tattoo

Lord Ganesh Spiritual Tattoo on Arm

Ganesha often spelt Ganesh, is an elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings who is typically worshipped before any big venture and is the benefactor of academics, financiers, scribes, and authors.

Ganesha is also known as Ganapati in some parts.

The elephant head of Lord Ganesha represents wisdom, intelligence, and discriminating intellect, all of which are necessary for one to achieve perfection in one’s life. Lord Ganesha said to eliminate all impediments and bring good fortune. Get a Lord Ganesha tattoo etched on your body if you’re looking for a thoughtful tattoo design.

You can either get the whole body of Lord Ganesha etched or just the head; it makes for an excellent tattoo design.

7. Triquetra Spiritual Tattoo

Triquetra Spiritual Tattoo on Wrist

The triquetra is one of the most popular tattoo designs, and it is represented by three triangles. It is also referred to as a Trinity Knot, and it has a deep spiritual significance. It also represents the concept of eternity.

Triquetra symbolizes different things in different cultures. For example, the three loops of triquetra tattoos represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for Christians. Buddhists see the three loops as

Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma. While in Hinduism, the three loops represent heaven, earth, and hell. And in Wicca, they represent the Goddess’s three manifestations–crone, mother, and maiden.

8. Cross Spiritual Tattoo on Arm

Best Cross Spiritual Tattoo Design Ideas

Cross tattoo, sometimes referred to as the Christian tattoo, is quite popular among people. The cross is a major symbol in Christianity since it is where Jesus died to save humanity.

The cross tattoo serves as a reminder of God’s eternal love, redeeming power, saving grace, and mercy and forgiveness. Also, it represents unwavering love and self-sacrifice, as Jesus felt and demonstrated for the human race.

9. Dove Spiritual Tattoo

Dove Spiritual Tattoo Design

The dove is a small, endearing bird that is cherished by many. Dove tattoos are quite popular among people seeking enlightenment.

The dove is considered important in Christianity. Many dove tattoos are initially seen as emblems of a person’s religious views. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, the third component of the Christian trinity. It is frequently associated with triumph, God’s will, love, and peace.

As in the myth of Noah and the Arc, Doves signify new beginnings and fresh starts. As a result, dove tattoos frequently associated to a new beginning.

10. Tree of Life Tattoo

Spiritual Tree of Life Tattoo

Tattoos depicting the tree of life can have a variety of different meanings. It represents wisdom, strength, eternity, personal progress, power, and inner and outer beauty!
It might symbolize a variety of things to various individuals, but it is an absolutely stunning design that everyone can embrace.

Someone who is deeply entrenched and who is prepared to withstand any storms that may come his/her way is a good candidate for the tree of life tattoo design.

11. Tribal Spiritual Tattoo

Tribal Spiritual Tattoo

The significance of tribal tattoos differs from one culture to another. Many people associate tribal spiritual tattoo designs with their ancestors and their accomplishments. While for others, these tattoos serve as a protective, authoritative, and powerful emblem.

Tribal spiritual tattoo symbols can signify a variety of things such as love, peace, happiness, family, or just about anything.

Tribal spiritual symbols make for beautiful tattoo designs that can be worn on the body in tiny or large sizes. You can wear these designs on your hand or chest depending on your preference.

12. The Seven Chakras Tattoo

Seven Chakras Tattoo Design on Thigh

It is thought that the human body contains seven energy circles, generally referred to as chakras, that run down the spine and align with one another. Each of these chakras activates a unique type of energy within our bodies, and they all work in unison. These concentric circles are critical.

The chakra symbols symbolize the strong and profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit (soul). Chakra tattoos might assist you in achieving balance in your life. Your back is the ideal location for the seven chakra tattoo. This tattoo looks fantastic in colored ink because of the fact that each of the seven chakras is represented by a different color. You can also get this one in colored ink for a more vibrant design.

13. Spiritual Mandala Tattoo

Spiritual Mandala Tattoo on Forearm

Mandala tattoos are also spiritual in nature. They’re often referred to as Sanskrit tattoos. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make for beautiful spiritual tattoo designs.

Although diverse pictures can be used in mandalas, they’re often distinguished by the use of circular and geometrical lines to differentiate them.

Mandala tattoo represents equilibrium, eternity, and perfection. Many cultures have used the mandala symbol in their teachings to deepen their followers’ grasp of the concept of balance.

14. Mantra Tattoo

Mantra Tattoo Ideas

There are numerous mantras in Hinduism that can be etched on the body as a spiritual tattoo design. Mantra tattoos look awesome and make for unique tattoo designs.

Each mantra signifies a unique meaning; hence, it is critical to be aware of the specific meaning of the mantra before you get it etched on your body. A mantra can be small or bigger; hence choose its placement according to the length small.

15. Shanti Tattoo

Shanti Tattoo

Word “Shanti” is quite popular in the Hindu faith. Shanti stands for peace, and it makes for a beautiful tattoo design. Get this word etched in Sanskrit on your body. Sanskrit tattoos look awesome and make for great spiritual tattoo designs.

Where shall you get a spiritual tattoo etched on your body?

Keep in mind that spiritual tattoos should be reserved for the upper portion of the body, which includes the hands, chest, back, nape, neck, around the ear, shoulders, and forearms.

You should avoid getting these tattoos on your feet or in close proximity to your private regions. This is considered disrespectful to the culture to which a spiritual sign belongs. As a result, it is recommended that you gain complete knowledge about a symbol before having it tattooed on your body.

Best Spiritual Tattoo Designs

Peaceful Spiritual Tattoo

Spiritual Om Tattoo Design on Back

Spiritual Tattoo Design

Spiritual Tattoo Designs

Spiritual Hand Tattoo Design

Spiritual Tattoo on Thigh

Om Shanti Spiritual Tattoo on Back

Spiritual Hand Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoo on Back

.Spiritual Moon Tattoo

Back of Arm Spiritual Tattoo

Cross Spiritual Tattoo on Arm

Spiritual Tattoo on Leg Sleeve

Spiritual Tattoo Design on Arm

Chakra Spiritual Tattoo on Forearm

Mantra Spiritual Tattoo on Back

Buddha Spiritual Tattoo Design

Powerful Spiritual Tattoo Designs with Deep Meaning

Spiritual Tattoo on Shoulder

Om Spiritual Tattoo on Arm

Wrapping it up…

So there you have it, the top 35 spiritual tattoo designs along with their meanings. Spiritual tattoos have been quite popular since ancient times. These tattoos often have a very deep meaning to the person who has them, as all spiritual tattoos represent something or other.

If you’re looking for a stunning tattoo design, the spiritual tattoo is the best choice. These tattoos are meaningful tattoo designs.

Also, it is critical to get your tattoo done by a professional tattoo artist only. A tattoo is a permanent affair and only a professional can help you have a design that you will cherish all your life.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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