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35 Superb Small Cross Tattoo Designs

Couple Cross Tattoos

35 Superb Small Cross Tattoo Designs

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If elegance is what you are looking for in a tattoo, then a small cross tattoo is perfect for you. Small cross tattoos are easily recognizable and they look cute as well. Cross tattoos are amongst the highly popular tattoo designs that hold different meanings for different people.

Mainly Cross tattoos signify faith, but to some, a small cross tattoo serves as a cherished memory of loved one who is no more in the world. Cross tattoos are for all! Irrespective of your religion and belief system, a small cross tattoo can be acquired by you.

Here is a list of 35 best cross tattoo designs for you:

1. Christian or Catholic Cross Tattoo

Small Catholic Cross Tattoo Girl

It is one of the most popular small cross tattoo designs. It is a reminder of the triumph of Jesus over death.

2. Catholic Cross Tattoo with Rosary

Catholic Cross Tattoo with Rosary on Ankle

Get a rosary tattoo wrapped around your wrist with a tiny cross hanging.

3. Christian Cross Tattoo with Rose

Small Christian Cross Tattoo girl with Rose

Get small roses etched across the cross tattoo. A perfect cross tattoo for women.

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4. Catholic Cross Tattoo with the Image of Jesus Christ Nailed on it

Catholic Cross Tattoo with the Image of Jesus Christ Nailed on it (1) (1)

A tiny catholic cross tattoo with the image of Jesus Christ nailed on it will make for a perfect tattoo design.

5. Maltese Cross Tattoo

Small Maltese Cross Tattoo Designs

This small cross tattoo design is perfect for men, it signifies courage and sacrifice.

6. Cross Tattoo with Name

Cross Tattoo with Name on arm

You can get the name of your loved one etched on the horizontal part of the small cross.

7. Cross Tattoo with Name on Papyrus

Best Cross Tattoo with Name on Papyrus

Get a papyrus swirl surrounding the cross along with your loved one’s name etched on the papyrus.

8. Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas on Hand

Also known as the Irish Cross. It looks unique because of the circle that is located on the center of the cross.

9. Cross tattoo on Finger

Small Cross tattoo on Finger

For a small cross, a finger is the best placement. It looks cute here!

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10. Ankh Cross Tattoo

Best Small Ankh Cross Tattoo on Back

The Ankh Cross is particularly common in Egyptian hieroglyphics, it represents eternal life, rebirth and the union of male and female.

11. Pointed Ends Cross Tattoo

Small Pointed Ends Cross Tattoo ideas

A cross tattoo with sharp-pointed edges in black looks perfect on men.

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12. Pointed Ends Cross Tattoo with Wings

Pointed Ends Cross Tattoo with Wings on Back

Another cross tattoo design for men is this. Keep the cross white and wings filled and shaded with black ink.

13. Crisscross Small Cross

Crisscross Cross Tattoo

This tattoo has the cross arms overlapping each other. Get it in black.

14. Gothic Cross Tattoo

Best othic Cross Tattoo

This is one of the most popular cross tattoo designs for men. It looks intricate.

15. Small Black Cross on Forearm

Small Black Cross on Forearm

With a white border surrounding the black cross along with white shades inside this tattoo looks mesmerizing.

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16. Traditional Latin Cross Tattoo

Best Traditional Latin Cross Tattoo Designs

An elegant and very beautiful cross tattoo for women.

17. Spider Skull Cross Tattoo

Spider Skull Cross Tattoo Ideas

For the ones looking for a unique tattoo design.

18. Cross Tattoo with Skeleton

Cross Tattoo with Skeleton 18

Get an image of a skeleton etched on the inside of the cross tattoo.

19. Small Red Cross Tattoo

Small Red Cross Tattoo on wrist 19

Simple yet beautiful cross tattoo design for girls. Get it etched on your finger.

20. Red Medical Cross Tattoo

Red Medical Cross Tattoo

A red medical cross tattoo inked on your shoulder looks stunning.

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21. Wrist Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Wrist

Get a Celtic cross tattoo with 3 dimensional effect on your wrist.

22. Grandma Memory Cross Tattoo

Grandma Memory Cross Tattoo Designs (1) (1)

To cherish the memory of your grandma. Get a date and a few roses etched with the design.

23. Tiny Coptic Cross Tattoo

Tiny Coptic Cross Tattoo

It has diamond-shaped ends.

24. Tribal Cross Tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattoo

One of the most eye-catching tattoo designs for men and women. You can customize the design according to your needs.

25. Cross Tattoo on Hand

Best Cross Tattoo on Hand

Get any cross of your choice etched on your hand. You will love it.

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26. Cross Tattoos on Wrist

Cross Wrist tattoo girl

Get a dark black colored cross tattoo etched on your wrist in a small size.

27. Fiery Blue Cross Tattoo

Fiery Blue Cross Tattoo (1) (1)

This cross on fire tattoo simply reminds of the Christian martyrs of the old world.

28. Simple Cross Tattoo

Simple Cross Tattoo on Nakle

If you don’t not want to overdo your tattoo, then this simple cross tattoo is a perfect tattoo for you.

29. Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Small Cross Tattoo

One of the most beautiful simple cross tattoos. Get the center filled with red ink.

30. Locket Tattoo

Cross Locket Tattoo ideas 2021

Get a cross attached as a locket to a chain. Get it etched on your wrist or foot.

31. Cross Tattoos on Chest

Cross Tattoos on Chest

Cross looks stunning etched on chest.

32. Small Cross Judas Priest Tattoo

Small Cross Judas Priest Tattoo

Get it etched with a text above the cross that reads ‘Touch of Evil‘.

33. Blood Dripping

Blood Dripping Cross Tattoo

A unique tattoo design for men. It has blood dripping from the cross.

34. Angel Tattoo with Cross & Infinity Symbol

A unique tattoo design. All three elements are intertwined. Get just the outline etched!

35. In Memory of Grandma Cross Tattoo

Another tattoo for cherishing your grandma’s memories. Get ‘In Memory of Grandma’ etched on the cross.

36. Traditional Cross Tattoo

traditional cross tattoo

The Bottom Line….

So, these are some of the best Cross Tattoo ideas for you. You can get any small cross tattoo etched on your body. All these cross tattoo designs are unique, elegant, and beautiful!

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