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Where to get a Tattoo on your Body? Tattoo Placement areas

Where to get a tattoo on your Body Tattoo Placement areas

Where to get a Tattoo on your Body? Tattoo Placement areas

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Tattoos speak the language of heart, inclination and the way of living. It is slowly and gradually becoming an obsession amongst all the age-group people across the world. But the most important question faced by major ones when they go out for getting a tattoo is: Which body part should I consider for getting the tattoo? The young lads often tend to go with the trend setters for the placement forgetting their own priorities & profession and ends up with a mess.

Our suggestion: Instead of going with the trend, consider which body part is best to go ahead with the tattoo? Tattoos on which part of the body will be more painful & least painful? Which area of the body is more exposed causing the tattoo fade out soon? Which body part should be considered least for making the tattoo? To ease your search and end your confusion, we are here with our guide for you briefing you about the best & worst places to get the tattoo:

Best Tattoo Placement Ideas:

1. The Forearm:

Tattoo on forearm placement areas

This is an ideal place for carrying the tattoo as it gives complete visibility making the tattoo looks in its best aura.

2. Ankle:


It’s a beautiful place to wear the tattoo as it can be easily reflected. But you will have to choose the appropriate size & design that merges well with your personality.

3. back:

Back tattoo

Back tattoos add up to your personality and the best part is, they are longer-lasting ones since they are mostly covered with clothes and less exposed to the sun.

4. Wrist:


It is one of the , most common place considered for small tattoos as it offers good visibility to even the small size & delicate tattoo design and looks adorable too.

5. Shoulders:


Tattoos on the shoulders can be easily flaunted and along with it has a good lasting period since the skin of this body part has the least aging effects.

Worst Tattoo placements area:

1. Stomach/abdomen :

Tattoo on Stomach/abdomen

This body part is majorly affected with aging, weight gain, weight loss and pregnancy. In these cases, Stretching and contracting of the skin will affect the visibility of a tattoo to a greater extent.

2. Fingers/palms/hands

Fingers palms hands

The skin of hands and fingers is very thin and sensitive. Again, these areas are extensively used and also exposed throughout to the sun causing the worn-out of the tattoo.

3. Ear:


Ear has the most sensitive skin. The ear skin cannot hold the ink well resulting into blowout or fading. It constantly requires touch-ups.

4. Feet :

Tattoo placement area in feet

Just like fingers, feet too have very sensitive skin. Also it has constant friction of socks and shoes making it more prone for the worn out.

5. Crease lines:

Crease lines

Body area which has lot of movement and stretching makes it difficult to heal the tattoo. Crease lines on the knee joints, wrist, and area near elbow are in constant movement causing the breakage and damaging the lines of the tattoo.

Apart, also keep in mind,

  • The body parts which have least Age-effects are: Inner forearms, Chest (Upper & Outer part), Neck Back & Lower back Center.
  • The tattoos on body parts which are more likely to fade are: Inside palm, hand, feet, elbow & Armpit (Owing to sensitive skin & exposure to Sun)
  • Tattoo on the body part more likely to get Infection : Feet
  • The most dangerous part to get the tattoo: Eye Ball (Susceptible to infection & even Vision loss)


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